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If you are looking for a clean, sweet read similar to Elle Kennedy s Jen Fredericks The writing erotic duo behind Erin watt s name When it s real butappropiate for readers under 18 look no further Kennedy and Frederick write New adult but this book Catch a Falling star is for Young adult reader and it s quite sweet I wont re read but I enjoyed it It s far from being a perfect book or original but it s the perfect beach read.This book is indeed cute, clean young adult contemporary romance Although I prefer some smut in my reads from time to time I need books like this one. #Free Pdf Ø Catch a Falling Star ñ A Deliciously Charming Novel About Finding True Love And YourselfNothing Ever Happens In Little, CA Which Is Just The Way Carter Moon Likes It But When Hollywood Arrives To Film A Movie Starring Former Child Star Turned PR Mess Adam Jakes, Everything Changes Carter S Town Becomes A Giant Glittery Set And, Much To Her Annoyance, Everyone Is Starry Eyed For Adam Carter Seems To Be The Only Girl Not Falling All Over Herself To Get A Glimpse Of Him Which Apparently Makes Her Perfect For The Secret Offer Of A Lifetime Playing The Role Of Adam S Girlfriend While He S In Town, To Improve His Public Image, In Exchange For A Hefty Paycheck Her Family Really Needs The Money And So Carters Agrees But It Turns Out Adam Isn T At All Who She Thought He Was As They Grow Closer, Their Relationship Walks A Blurry Line Between What S Real And What S Fake, And Carter Must Open Her Eyes To The Scariest Of Unexplored Worlds Her Future Can Carter Figure Out What She Wants Out Of Life AND Get The Guy Or Are There No Hollywood Endings In Real Life Surprisingly cute with a good audiobook too I particularly enjoyed the way this book talked about future plans and figuring out what you want to do in life Good parent interactions Good exploration of the images we see in Hollywood or post online vs ourprivate selves.The only thing that felt out of place were the blog posts that came between chapters every once in a while I feel like these were added in to flesh out Carter s hobbies, but she wasn t very involved in the blog or her hobby anyway They were from the POV of a secondary character who didn t have a big role in the story and I feel like we could have done without the blog posts and not missed them at all Tabloid snippets would have madesense.tw addiction A sweet Y.A romance with an interesting twist Not every girl in Little, California has the chance to be the girlfriend of movie star Adam Jakes when he comes to town for filming Supposedly it will improve his public image, and Carter will be able to help her family s business with the money she ll receive for her acting role As Adam and Carter date for the cameras, their relationship begins to take a different turn. This was far too plain for me No plot depth, no character depth, slower than a snail pace and just too bland.This had so much of potential That s the sad part. More Reviews At Boricuan Bookworms This book was just what I needed If you want Young Adult stories to read this summer, this is the book for you.I loved Carter Moon You know how there s always a small town character that dreams big and wants to leave to some big city to start living Carter is the complete opposite She s happy living in her small town of Little, CA She lives in the now and doesn t think much of her future And if she has to, her plans are pretty simple She ll graduate high school, workhours at her dad s cafe, go to the elderly center, back home, stargaze, repeat Yet as the story goes on she discovers that while some people have trouble filling their minds with too many dreams and not live in the now, she s been living for too long in the now and not taken that much care to the tomorrow Her voice was simple and interesting to read from She put people before her and preferred to keep things as uncomplicated as possible She talked instead of fight, and couldn t stand to lie to those she cares about Which crashes a bit with what she s asked to do once a Hollywood Star comes to her Little town.The story was sweet, funny, swoony, all things I imagine a YA book to be Even with all the growing romance between the two characters of Carter and Adam, the book also dealt with things really common in our lives We often prejudice people by what we see, specially superstars like singers and actors actresses Not everything is how it seems and not everyone is how they make you think they are There sto people but we prefer to be lead by false things like social media and gossip rather than know the person and judge them through our own eyes and acquired knowledge We create our own definition of success or failure You can t hold yourself up to other people s versions of things Not society s idea of things, and not other people s Your own But regret well, that s a real thing Take it from me You should try things on, see if they fit you If they don t, it s not failure It s a choice I loved how in this book, the author speaks about following your dreams, any dreams To try something even if we won t be that for all our lives We can t lose the opportunity when we have it thinking we ll fail or it s selfish No one can decide for you what to do or not do But if you don t do it, the small wonder of things will only grow in time to become regret and think all those What If s at night.There were also those random astronomy moments, I loved those I love everything related to stars and the universe that I couldn t help but squeal whenever the characters stargazed and said astronomy facts, plus the cool blog entries they did occasionally 3It was really good to be honest I loved every moment of this book, how relatable and real the characters were From Carter s parents, her brother, friends, to Adam Jakes and the whole Hollywood movie crew It was fun, fluffy, and inspiring Another great thing was that the main character wasn t stupid and didn t do slut shamming I loved every single simple and unique thing about her Definitely a worthy pick.Rating 4 stars This book mainly got my attention because every time I read the title I would start singing that song from the movie Princess Diaries So I read the blurb and it sounded like a cute light read And I guess it kind of was, but not good enough.I just didn t connect with Carter At all She actually frustrated me to no end She tried coming off as this totally mellow, well adjusted teen who had all her shit together but instead she was just so into the self denial that I just wasn t buying any of the crap she spouted I m not saying she was a horrible, unrelatable character I just didn t like her, personally She was so close minded about almost everything She, again, tried coming off as this totally great, forward moving person, but she just wasn t She was trying too hard As for Adam, I couldn t really get a reading on him At first he was a grade A jerk Which didn t feel right to me It actually felt like Culbertson was pushing him into this role because that s what was expected Then they share one laugh together and suddenly he just isn t a jerk any It was too much of an abrupt face.The romance went along with the voice and atmosphere of the book itself Slow, mellow, and a bit stunted I just felt NO spark, no chemistry between them What I got out of it was a nice start to a solid friendship, not a romance.And that ending It came out of left field Again, it was like Culbertson was forcing it because the reader just expects that kind of ending, but I was honestly all for how things would have ended right before that last chapter It would have felt muchreal to me.It wasn t a bad read, but it also didn t do anything for me. 3.5 STARSEven Hobbits have to take adventures That s how they bring back stories to the Shire I am flummoxed Baffled.Bewitched, bothered and bewildered how this book managed to pull something off of me, a plot twist of sorts in my reading habits We often get disappointed and underwhelmed but it s quite a rarity to start off with notes snarking on the cringe inducing cliches only to end up halfway through not making notes at all and just paying attention You start to take it seriously You realize hey, this book has something to say outside the stale and recycled premise The message was hardly original but I was taken aback that there was a message at all One that came across with heartfelt sincerity despite the cheesy and unpolished delivery methods.The small town of Little, California has been chosen as the location for the comeback propaganda movie the ridiculously premised A Christmas Cheryl of troubled young star Adam Jakes In his efforts to charm the public and improve his image, he hires the plain and provincial Carter Moon to portray the real life small town girl he supposedly falls for while filming In her desire to help her brother from the financial snaggles of his gambling problem, Carter agrees And what follows is the extremely predictable trope of Adam being charmed by the simplicity of the small town and Carter discovering the real person behind the entitled, troubled boy.Except, despite that predictability, Culbertson did a brilliant job in communicating the depth of both Carter and Adam s characters.The effort to paint Adam as a big star fell flat, coming across as a B movie star filming a direct to DVD film instead of the blockbuster this story was trying to sell He started off like a Reid Alexander esque character who transitioned awkwardly into a somewhat bad boy gone good, misunderstood hero who just happens to understand his job a little too well For me, this could have been done in aseamless manner or not done at all, actually but the end product did deserve some merit, even if I m not particularly a Frankie Muniz fan In terms of the romantic chemistry between him and Carter, it was either too reined in or it really just was close to nil making me hanker for abelievable ending than what this disappointingly dished I find theminteresting as two young people trying to make sense of life in the context of their contrasting realities.Surprisingly, my favorite aspect in this book is its Pollyanna heroine, Carter She s seventeen going on forty, a self confessed hick who gave up a dance scholarship in New York because she wants to stay in Little helping out in her family s diner, holding dance classes for octogenarians and keeping a stargazing blog She doesn t have a facebook or know how movies are made It really REALLY was so easy to hate herDancing was hard work But hard work was not ambition Ambition was something else And I didn t have it It s a tricky age, seventeen You have the whole world at your feet, people urging you to follow your dreams, to take life by the balls Not having an ambition will probably send your parents into an apoplexy But the hardest thing, harder than making it out on your own, is distinguishing between what makes you happy and the people around you happy And that s what made me fall in love with Carter, she portrays that conflict brilliantly She s a girl next door caricature and it s a bit of a stretch to believe that her thought process as reflective of her age and upbringing but there s this exchange between her and her dad that reveals an unexpected layer in her character.The writing felt a little off at certain points, sometimes it felt like characters were breaking the fourth wall getting carried away with the soapboxing about bigger issues Those self serving, pretentious kids posting photos in Facebook are doing the devil s work, yes but can we not thump the podium too often too hard This also read a little too young for me It s not one of those young adult books targeting an adult audience But at the same time, I can imagine, with some effort, any person at any crossroad in their life connecting to the themes this was trying to drive across In a poignant reminder sort of way rather than as a cautionary guide on navigating adulthoodHere s the thing you need to know Here s a hint from Grown Up World There s no right way Not really Just perspective We choose whether we succeed or fail We do It s all our own spin on it We create our own definition of success or failure You can t hold yourself up to other people s versions of things Not society s idea of things and not other people s Your ownUncorrected proof provided by the publishers in exchange for an honest review Quotes may not appear in the final edition.Also on BookLikes. 3 StarsOk so here s the thing, this book has a super cute plot famous actor comes to a small town and hires a good girl to be his fake girlfriend only to have them end up falling for each other but that storyline was the highlight of the book, and I mean it was seriously the only thing that brought this book out of DNF land and into I m Trying Not To Skim land The summary of this book sounds so sweet and fun, but it s like I ordered a banana split with gummy bears, sprinkles and a cherry on top and ended up getting a scoop of vanilla with a couple random reese s pieces thrown on It was just so light on everything, and I don t mean that as a happy, cute type of adjective, I mean it was lacking on all the good stuff First off the characters had no personalities They all got one or two adjectives, Carter is nice and confused about her future, Adam is hot and secretly nice sometimes , Chloe is dramatic, Alien Drake is always relaxed I need some depth I couldn t connect with any of the characters so right off the bat I wasn t very engaged in the story.Also the plot in this book is light We have a nice storyline but everything that actually happens in the book is just so uneventful and uninteresting Then there s the writing Usually when two characters kiss, especially in a book with this type of storyline, there s fireworks or tingles or something But nope, not this time It s just a simple he kissed me and thats it No feelings, no descriptions, nada So overall this book was just too light on all the main ingredients I wanted my banana splitI received an ARC of this book in exchange for an honest review