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So, I read this series when it was all shiny and new, self published by the author Then I heard she had sold the book to Omnific Publishing and I was evenexcited because it meanJames and Lola I also found out this book would close of the gap between books one and two insert my eye twitch Now, I love James I do Honestly, I think he was just seriously emotionally stunted for 80% of the series and just always thought he would have Lola all safe and sound tucked up next to him and she would never go off and be her own person Well, he pushed enough to make that possible I think that is the great part about the series James made realistic mistakes and Lola had very real responses and that was to shut down all feeling for him and try to pretend she didn t care They story takes you on a roller coaster that pretty much makes you want to poke your eyeballs out a few times because you are frustrated with James 99.9% of the time before the light bulb clicks on and he s like wait a minute LOLA But I m getting ahead of myself In this installment we see James and Lola growing up James a porn star and Lola is his bestie and what the best way to describe this tension In short, James and Lola are totally in love but both of them are to blame for denying it I think Jamesthan Lola, because Lola is willing But James is too wrapped up in being a pornstar and being THE porn star and getting laid to block out the fact he s in love with Lola that she shuts it off because she can t cope with all the feels I can t either honey, I can t either Now, the new added scenes I didn t need them I m honestly not saying them to be mean, because I LOVED Lola s new scenes But James s new scenes made me cry and get really angry I skipped them when I realized they would include Tara Morgan and that other porn chick See, we were glossed over all this in book two It was mentioned but now show I had to see it and I wasn t prepared and I skipped through it on my nook really fast and pretended it didn t happen Because I caught glimpses of his inner dialogue while he was doing it, and I started to cry Yeah, yeah, yeah its fiction, shut up I m invested I had to instantly read book three of the original versions I had to make myself feel better because that brings everything together See, Tara causes a problem in book four so there is a seething hate I have for this woman Book four as the most FEELS and yeah So, on the plus side, I still heart James and Lola On the down side my FEELS are a shattered pool of broken promises until the rest of the series is released and I can feel better about the whole thing Because for people that HAVEN T read this series, that will, will have no clue what I know The story is daring, edgy, and makes your feels vomit all over the room I highly recommend this series if you didn t read it when it was originally self published I received a copy of this via Omnific Publishing in exchange for an honest review I m so in love with these characters and this story So far this is must read for me I have two books left from this author so saving full review, but I believe this will end up my favorites shelf. It seriously only took me a few minutes to fall in love with James Now really, James is the ultimate book boyfriend, in that I mean a bit too good to be true We are talkin 6 5 hot, sexy, porn star who is amazingly attentive, a fabulous cook and cares about nothingthan Lola s happiness and dotes on her every move Oh, and did I forget to mention INCREDIBLY WELL endowed I know, I told ya right, total fantasy Except, he is not Lola s boyfriend, he is her best friend..For nowabout that in a minute I have to share how I see them in my head, and James is even described as closely resembling my actual fantasy man, Jason Momoa This will give you a mental pic to work with yeah, you re welcome I read these books when they were a series of small novellas This book is a combination of the first three original novellas with quite a few additional scenes.James and Lola have been best friends since they were children but NEVERthan friends Though James is crazy protective and Lola measures every guy up to James James has worked his way sexually through the female population and now finds himself in the porn industry as the newest up and coming star Don t get me wrong, James could not be a sweeter guy, he is kind, sensitive and never cruel, he simply loves women All the while Lola has remained a virgin and could never quite understand why she couldn t find a man she loved as much as James Now they are both starting to discover that they are developingthat friendly feelings for the other but are too afraid to act on them, aside from a little fooling around.Although when the messing around goes a little far and gets a little intense they have to decide if the attraction is worth the possible fall of the great friendship they have So we end this first installment with both James and Lola deciding that just friends is how they need to stay and Lola heading back to school and James continuing to rise in the porn industry If you were lucky enough to have read these books when they were out as novellas, then you know how this ends for them, provided the lovely Ms Giovanni doesn t throw us a curveball However, if you haven t read them, please stay tuned for the next installment in the life of James and Lola I promise you won t be disappointed, I love these characters and their journey is a wonderful ride Wow What a great surprise this was Got it based on a friend s recommendation and was so happy I did It was hot, angsty and just what I needed Even though James drove me crazy at times and could be completely clueless, I really enjoyed this one All his crazy experiences and his relationship with Lola were great Can t wait to continue the series Ok, I just finished Revealed and I m still at a loss about how I exactly feel about it The story was extremely complex and actually left me feeling emotionally barraged at the end Lola and James s story was sweet and sexy I d probably classify it as a new adult erotic romance But not a traditional one Lola and James have been best friends since they were younger The story opens with Lola being on the brink of her high school gradation and James returns from California to his childhood home to visit her and his family James absolutely adores Lola He places her on a pedestal and warns her away from would be courters and them from her James recognizes that his best friend is no longer a little girl She is all woman with a gorgeous body to prove it And, his feelings for her gradually begin to change His body wants her but his head respects the boundaries of their friendship Lola and James spend every waking moment with one another and they talk about Lola s preparation for college and her impending graduation and they talk about James s rather interesting job as a porn star James is a big porn star in California but his family has no idea he has an alter ego Even in his youth, James was a ladies man so he definitely kicked that up a thousand notches as an adult.I say the story is complex because it chronicles James and Lola s relationship that began as friendship but sweetly burgeons intoThey are attracted to one another but their strong friendship keeps them from crossing into the point of no return Wellsort of Sorry, you ll have to read the book to discover the details for yourself.James had a duality that was often times at complete odds with one another He was completely sweet and respectful of Lola but was an absolute manwhore in his life away from her He Was Nasty Yes, he was always respectful to the women he starred with but they were all definitely disposable.Toward the end of the story there is an even greater change in the friends relationship Sweet in many respects but very sad in others The story just left me feeling a but raw because it took me from a sexy high to a depressing low as Lola walked away from James to return to her life as a college student Although the story ending on an even note, things felt very much in the air between the couple It didn t end in a happily ever after but it wasn t a cliffhanger either I wantedI wanted different I hope the next book in the series puts the friends closer together I m such a greedy reader LOL This series has grabbed me Fantastic Thanks Dr Shelly.. .Free Book ⚕ Vice & Virtue (Exposed/Diving In) ⚔ James Laird And Lola Caraway Have Been Next Door Neighbors And Best Friends Since Elementary School James Was Always The Ultimate Player, And After Graduation Moves To LA And Finds His Place As A Rising Star In The Porn Industry Lola, Three Years Younger, Is A Studious Overachiever And On Track For Graduation And Success In College Lola Knows About And Accepts James And His Debauchery It S Never Been A Secret Between The Two Friends However, A Hometown Visit Prompts James To Face His Evolving Feelings For Her, Especially After His Conservative Family Discovers His True Profession And She Comes To His Rescue Not Wanting To Seduce The Innocent Lola, He Returns To California, Where He Sets His Sights On Becoming A Superstar In The Industry While Lola Is Visiting James From College, They Dance Around Their Attraction To Each Other After Lola Admits She S Never Had An Orgasm, James Offers To Be Her Hands On Teacher A Lifetime Of Friendship With A Manwhore Tells Lola That She Should Not Get Attached To James As A Lover, As Tempting As His Offer May Be Can She Please Her Body While Still Protecting Her Heart From The Author Of Some Of The Highest Rated Erotic Romance On Smashwords Comes This First Look Into A World Of Love, Friendshipand Porn In Vice, Virtue, Video Revealed the author, Bianca Giovanni, gives you a storyline with sweet and salty, raw and cherished, and filth and virginal And I love it The emotions in this story are so breathtaking James and Lola, have this wonderful relationship that stands against all odds They are fated to be together, but I am not sure if this togetherness is about a loving relationship dating, marriage and 2.5 kids, lol , or if it is a love and a mutual respect for one another.It is powerful to see a strong female lead Lola and how mature and realist she is at such a young age She is a child from a one parent home and even though her dad is an ass in this book, it does not bash the idea of him as a person, it only reflects how a relationship could be strain with a father who was never there and is some how obligated, in his mind, to be a part of her life.The porn side is hot James is a beautiful beast He is magnificent at making women feel satiated and gorgeous at the same time with his Frenching, Fingering, Cunninglingus, and Coitus He is every girls dream in the bedroom and to you re your friends jealous James is also every fathers fear at Thanksgiving dinner, Daughter Hi daddy, this is James He is my boyfriend and I love him Father Honey, he looks so familiar Is he famous or something He looks so familiar Me Oh my This book has romance, drama with a stellar climax, and an ending that completes the beginning.I see the there are so many roads this author has made available for this story and I am beyond excited for part two of this story.Happy reading This is book 3 in James and Lola s on going story..it s not a love affair YET and they are still growing up Beginning to test that line between friendship and lovers..oh la la.I like that part winks In this book the lovely Lola is in college and our fabulous bad boy James is in California doing his thing..that s right.he s slinging it in the porn business.This was a short story so I m going to make this a short review Basically this is what happens.Lola goes to California image error James and Lola These two have to the be the cutest people on the face of the planet they exist out there somewhere or I m just giving up If you are just discovering this story I would recommend reading First Dance as it is a cute little story that starts before this one, and the one that got me hooked Exposed and Diving In are rolled into this book withdetails I still love all of them and will re read themhowever if anyone who has read Man of the Year already knowsthe wait foris killing me