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The hardest reviews to write are for those so so books, ones that aren t shout out able, or easy to poke fun of This is one of those books What do you say about a book about a 16 year old who thinks he s a siren and the Girl Who Loves Him Who Has to Save Him Exactly Nothing. READ EBOOK ♛ Fathom Five ⚖ On The Surface, Peter McAllister Has A Good Life A Good School, Good Friends, Good Times So What If His Best Friend Is A Girl And Sort Of A Geek And So What If She Might Be Than A FriendUnderneath, It S A Different Story It S Been Years Since The Death Of His Parents Landed Him In This Small Town With His Hardly There Uncle, But He Still Feels As If His Life In Clarksbury Is Just An Inch Deep Does He Really Belong Only Rosemary Seems Real But That Reality Comes Crashing Down The First Time He Kisses Her And She Rejects HimThen A Mysterious Woman Named Fiona Appears She Tells Him He S A Changeling A Fairy Child Left To Live In The Human World And That It S Time To Come Home Can Rosemary Convince Him That Fiona Is Lying Or Is It Possible That Fiona Is Telling The Truth Fathom Five is an exciting book and a quick read The teen relationship issues feel real, and the story is well paced This isn t just a relationship book, however There s plenty of action, and a theme of belonging and finding your place in the world I highly recommend this book for teens who like fast paced fantasy with realistic teen characters dealing with coming of age issues.Read my entire review. It was Ok I guess Not one that kept me up reading Kind of has that Narnia feel. Is it a dark, gothic romance adventure novel Let s stick with that labelbecause it s also quite well done. Peter MacAllister is alone Sure he has friends and he has Rosemary but none of them are who he really needs He needs a family His uncle is the only relative he has left and most of the time he isn t even there Ever since his parents died, it has seemed like nobody cared about him.That is, except Rosemary Peter really thought he and Rosemary had something and that she wanted to take it to the next level Boy was he wrong When he kisses her everything seems fine until she pulls away and tells him that she doesn t want to ruin theie friendship After that Peter realizes that nobody actually loves him.Peter has almost given up hope when Fiona shows up Fiona was his old babysitter before his parents died and she has some shokcing news for him He s not human and he has a family waiting for him in another world Peter finally thinks things will work out but then something happens Rosemary gets pulled into the other world with him, a world where she doesn t belong.Will Rosemary be able to save Peter and bring him back home Will she finally discover her real feelings for him or will it be too late In this sequel to The Unwritten Girl, James Bow brings back his two wondeful characters, older and wiser Three years after their first adventure, Rosemary and Peter are still best friends but they aren t alone any Rosemary is no longer the nerd who gets picked on and Peter is no longer the new kid They have new friends, including some of the bullies that used to pick on Rosemary and led to her and Peter s introduction.The story in Fathom Five was amazing It was something so original and unlike anything I have read before I thought that the first book was very unique and that James Bow would not be able to top that but he has with Fathom Five Full of sirens, mermaids and mermen, and of course, humans.I thought that at first I wasn t going to get a ton of background on the other characters but James Bow did not leave me hanging All my questions about the characters were answered without being written too plainly The details in the book were wonderful and I absolutely loved how vivid the characters were, even the bad ones.Fathom Five could be a stand alone book There is no need to read The Unwritten Girl to understand what is going on in this one I m not saying you shouldn t read it but if this one appeals to you , there is no reason to read the first.So far I have loved both of The Unwritten Books and I am just now starting the third and final book, at least for now If you are interested in romance and the paranormal, see if you can find a copy of Fathom Five. I really enjoyed this book It was fast paced no lagging moments It had me guessing along the whole way I wish I had read book 1 but I don t think it was necessary Good read.