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A beautiful inspirational book Tobit is a righteous man who fears God and obeys His commandments He is rewarded richly for his good deeds The story shows that living by faith is a journey full of hardship and challenges however, Tobit s living faith brings him consolation despite every temptation, insult or mockery he receives from non believers Tobia his son is also a man of God, who listens to advice and respects God s law the book of Tobit shows that God never forsakes those who persevere in their faith In this story, God intervenes, takes action and reveals himself to Tobit and Tobia through His messenger angel Raphael Rapheal serves Tobia, heals his future wife Sarah and his dad Tobit This book not only names Raphael an angel of God but also names an evil spirit or demon Asmodeus. Interesting read As a Protestant, though I haven t studied the apocrypha and why it isn t considered scripture, I thought I d give it a read It feels different from much of the Old Testament It reads much like Ruth or Esther of a novelized story It seems like it could have happened, I believe God certainly could and may have worked in this way in these people s lives The teaching, living righteously, giving to the poor, etc, was sound and not unbiblical. I thought that it was an interesting story that showed that those who tried their best to do good would one day be rewarded To me it seems to emphasize the importance of trying to live a life of righteousness trying to steer away from the temptations of sin not being filled with greed being generous filled with respect for others And, I don t know if anyone else but me saw this, Trust was also a Subject that seemed to pop up every now and then Most importantly, I feel that it teaches to Love, Fear, Praise God all at the same time, but so, to simply be grateful for His Mercy On a side note, I m really glad to see Archangel Raphael the Angel of Healing in this Story, for He is My Favorite Archangel 3 Tobit is a apocryphal deuterocanonical scripture that is not included in all versions of the Christian Bible Like the books of Esther and Songs, Tobit seems to be like a novel from which we re supposed to receive wisdom I guess that this book agrees with biblical doctrine it talks about piety, almsgiving, intercession, honoring one s parents and marriage but the tone and the style of Tobit is different than the rest of the Old Testament books I can see why it s not included in the Protestant Bibles. This is the first apocryphal book that I have read It was alright, full of instructions for righteous living etc,, but I felt that the author had an inflated view of his righteousness, seemed a little full of himself with little compassion or concern for others. (Free Kindle) ⚨ Book of Tobit -NJB ï Read Here Book Of Tobit Is A Book Of Scripture That Is Considered Canon By Catholics Orthodox Christians, But Is Considered To Be Apocryphal By Most Protestants Those Of The Jewish FaithThe Book Is A Story Of Wisdom Healing That Focuses On An Honourable Man Named Tobit And His Son, Tobias