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( Read Epub ) À Bear à Popular Book, Bear By Marian Engel This Is Very Good And Becomes The Main Topic To Read, The Readers Are Very Takjup And Always Take Inspiration From The Contents Of The Book Bear, Essay By Marian Engel Is Now On Our Website And You Can Download It By Register What Are You Waiting For Please Read And Make A Refission For You She f cked a bear.She literally f cked a bear.No This isn t some euphemism for a beefy gay man She motherf ckingliterally f cked a literal bearWhat The HellOkay So I m not acultured reader I read mostly YA andwellthat s about it BUT, I am a reader A layman reader. So, here is the review from a casual just for fun reader She f cked a bear.For the record did I pick up this book knowing there will be bear f ckery No I picked it because I wanted for once to read a novel I wanted one of those fancy English students read this sort of novels I found this 120ish page book on the suggested reads table of my local library Here s the blurb from the back Marian Engel, one of Canada s most celebrated and provocative novelest, diedThe short and controversal novel Bear, her last and best known work It sounded good it had all the hallmarks for cultured reading, right It won prizes, it s by a treasured national author, it was controversial I was pumped watch out world, I m gonna get cultured.The book started off okay It s a bit pretentious but it was manageable There s an isolated, island house donated to a historical society and it s filled with old books For once, instead of Sunday school attendance certificates, old emigration documents, envelopes of unidentified farmer s Sunday photographs and withered love letters, something of read value had been left to them. A librarian Lou is sent there for the summer to categorize and catalog the collection There s an old bear chained up that was the family pet that our Lou needs to care for At this point, the book wasn t too bad It wasn t particularly gripping but hey Not bad Then we get to the First Look As she sat down, she realized the bear was standing in his doorway staring at her.Bear There Staring.She stared back. Again, not bad She starts to befriend the bear, bringing him food, petting his fur, giving him anthropomorphic characteristics.essentially all the things that even a five year old knows NOT to do with a wild animal.At one point Lou walks the bear on his chain to the island s edge and as the bear swims, she jumps in naked Yes, it was a bit odd it was odd that she thinks of the bear with so many human emotions, that she goes skinny dipping with him, that she notices his very male ness when she first meets him.but I maintain that at this point, there wasn t any indication that things were going to go so far south I remember thinking, Oh jeez That s those fancy novels Free spirits Wouldn t it be funny if Turns out, that was not funny.To summarize the rest of the book And note, I m summarizing this in the blandest way possible but I m still putting it as a spoiler so you have been warned view spoiler She lets the bear start to roam her house He visits her at night She initiates, luring him to certain areas of her body with sweet smells.There are many couplings oral She goes on long walks dates with the bear There s menstruation involved at one of their couplings It was a huge turn on for the bear.She tries to initiate further via stimulation and guiding himbut learns that there s mechanical differences between the two species hide spoiler floating because the comments in this thread are killing me ded.first of all, i want to thank bill thompson, for sending me this book from canada i also want to thank him specifically for sending me this cover, because it is totally hot and i got to upload it onto goodreads.com myself i am now prepared for the customer patron question do y all have any books where a bear goes down on a lady yes yes i do but that s pretty reductive, even though the book is only 167 pages long it is on my icky sex shelf only because that is my catch all shelf for incest, necrophilia, pedophilia, and bestiality guess which one this book has the bear turns out to actually be her brother oh, taboo no, but, i m not censuring the way she writes the sex scenes by calling them icky, is the point she writes a sex scene better than stephen king, and better than most of the romance novels i had to read for school she writes better than a lot of authors in general Yet, when the weather turned and the sun filtered into even her basement windows, when the sunbeams were laden with spring dust and the old tin ashtrays began to stink of a winter of nicotine and contemplation, the flaws in her plodding private world were made public, even to her, for although she loved old shabby things, things that already had a past, when she saw that her arms were slug pale and her fingerprints grained with old, old ink, that the detritus with which she bedizened her bulletin boards was curled and valueless, when she found that her eyes would no longer focus in the light, she was always ashamed, for the image of the Good Life long ago stamped on her soul was quite different from this, and she suffered in contrast.such marvelous yearning and shame such a wonderfully long sentence so even if, at its core, it is a novel about a woman s love for a bear, and the fulfillment she finds from their union, there is still some killer writing in here, because the canadians find it very difficult to write poorly come for the animal sex scenes, stay for the commentary on loneliness and communication i have very little else to say about this book because it is so short it is lovely writing, and while the character isn t someone you are going to fall in love with, she is at least not ever boring to fill our time together, here is a series of images of my earliest crushes, which is relevant because some of them are not human enjoy come to my blog Hmmm what happens in Canada stays in Canada, eh What is it with you guys up there Is it the solitude The aurora borealis The cold If I were to take Margaret Atwood seriously and I do, oh, I do, I do, I do , y all are transmuting into amoebas up there, giving birth in lakes to half formed human beavers.And now there s this Lou in my life Lou, the world s most boring librarian, sent up to a place called Cary s Island in Canada, to catalogue a library for her Institute.In case it s unclear, Lou s a lady, and in case you re worried about a spoiler here, the back of the book reads, By page twenty, our librarian had met the bear and wondered if the bear would be good company The bear is indeed good company Intimate company Shocking company AND the cover of the book depicts a bear, a naked arm wrapped intimately around it.So, let s get this out of the way Lou takes up with a chained bear that s become a pet on the island and appears to have been pleasing men and women for years But, before Lou takes up with the bear she has the most boring job EVER in the history of jobs, and, in contrast to other readers who have reviewed this before me I was so bored, I was like.WHEN IS SHE GOING TO FUCK THE GODDAMNED BEAR My God, I ve almost never been so bored by a narrative I don t want to do MY paperwork, let alone read about LOU S paperwork for her boring ass job Or the most boring rendition EVER of Canadian lake history.And, I don t get this part either she s stuck on an island near a chained, filthy bear and a boring married man with nine children and she chooses the bear.Granted, the bear has a tongue that was muscular but also capable of lengthening itself like an eel finding all her secret places All men reading this review, take heed This is IMPORTANT information.But, the man, Homer, has a good long prick and he used it Not to be discounted, big picture.And, CLEARLY, Lou s not one for clever conversation either giving it or taking it , so why does she choose the bear that smells like shit and musk its hindquarters matted with dirt The man at least bathes Well, occasionally.Also, to take a moment to connect text to self, I d like to point out here that I was disturbed by the fact that the bear was filthy than that the bear was becoming her sexual partner I ll explore this disturbing notion by myself later.To be honest if someone wants to sell this to me as a feminist manifesto I d like to argue feminist How so Fuck a bear and girl power Fuck a Homer and what a prick Fuck your Director and quit your job It s all a bunch of bullshit There s no feminist ANYTHING as far as I can see, and I thought Lou was a boring nut job.I do have one takeaway here, though That tongue That bear s tongue Three stars for the bear s tongue.