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#FREE EPUB ¹ Halloween Hooker Costume - Taken by the Frat Boys ô , Words, Female Point Of View Adults Only Veronica Spends Her Days Fantasizing About The Local College Studs She Knows They Re Looking At Herbut She S Far Too Shy To Do Anything About ItWhen Her Halloween Costume Leads To A Group Of Them Mistaking Her For A Hooker, She Gets The Opportunity To Live Out Every Dark Fantasy She S Ever Had Dare She Accept Their Offerand If She Does, Can She Maintain The Deception This One Has It All A Shy Librarian Who Finally Gives In To Her Desires, Three Gorgeous, Muscled Men, Hot Sex, A Little Romance And A Happy Ending This was pretty damn sexy A shy girl agood girl an understated and seemingly prudish librarian with the classic glasses and hair in a bun look a sexy 26 year old who has no idea how attractive he is3 frat boys, popular good looking have and have all had than a little infatuation with her for quite some timebeing horny boys, they fantasized about corrupting her in very naughty waysshe quietly lusted after them too, but didn t dare act on itit could mean her jobuntil she was invited to a Halloween party where the costume theme was pimps and hookerswith the other party goers being her age, she decided to take her pent up lust and act on itletting her hair down and donning a slutty outfit as well piling on slutty make up, she was virtually unrecognizableon her way ro the party, who should mistake her for a real hooker and proposition her for a night of dirty group sex The three gorgeous and horny frat boys, of course Will she use her convincing disguse to have a very naughty evening with all three of them I think you already know the answer I really enjoy Victoria Wessex s work The ending with her trade mark triple penetration is good The follow on which promises is even better.