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She sees ghosts And touches them What a cool concept A spooky ghost town from the old West and a tragic event that is doomed to repeat itself every year She s a historian, studying a town that ceased to be over one hundred years ago He s the ghost of a gunslinger who died on that sad day so long ago They might be able to fall in love, but they couldn t possibly get their own happily ever after, right But with every turn of the page, I got drawn and into Rayanne and Wyatt s story I loved her fiery, independent nature and the way she truly cared for her Uncle Ray And I loved Wyatt s complicated layers and all he d been through over and over for decades on end I took this book with me on vacation and it really added to my enjoyment of the trip I ll always associate Hawaii with old West ghost towns now. I really enjoyed it It was not your typical day paranormal romance. #Free Pdf ⚠ Immortal Cowboy ⚸ Haunted By DesireWhen Rayanne S Favourite Uncle Leaves Her A Secluded Mountain Cabin In His Will, She Feels An Instinctive Pull To The Place And To The Ghost Town Nearby But Is She Drawn There By Her Love Of History Or By The Memory Of The Mysterious Stranger Whose Ice Blue Eyes Have Haunted Her Dreams Since She Was A Girl She Soon Discovers That Her Destiny And The Brooding Gunslinger S Are Intertwined Wyatt Carries The Burden Of A Dark Past, And Rayanne Is The Only Woman Who Can Bring Him Peace But To Give Him The Release He Needs, She May Need To Sacrifice The Most Powerful Love She S Ever Known Amazing This book tugged at my heart, choked me up at most points and literally left me hungover I have read many romance books but Immortal Cowboy will always be among the top few that stays in my heart Beautifully written, emotion filled and took my breathe away I actually sighed heavily as soon as I completed reading it Definitely a good read I haven t read a ghost romance in ages Alexis Morgan has me wondering why not This story has a ruggedly handsome tortured ghost gunslinger who is forced into stepping out onto the street of Blessing only to get shot to death year after year after year It s a torture he s come to accept and feels he deserves since he caused the death of someone he held dear.Many years later, a young girl named Rayanne happens to be visiting her uncle who lives up on the mountain close to Blessing One day, while exploring Blessing, she witnesses the ghost town come alive and while hiding in the bell tower, also witnesses Wyatt s death After that day, she doesn t return for years Her uncle passes away and leaves her his cabin and the mountain along with the ghost town Rayanne returns to fulfill the stipulations of her uncle s will and she and Wyatt form a connection where he is able to take on a living, breathing form Even though they both know a relationship between them will never work, they give and take all the pleasure they can before the anniversary of Wyatt s death comes around again Even though Rayanne knows that breaking the curse that has Wyatt doomed to repeat his death for all time will take him from her, she does everything she can to release this man she s come to love I really enjoyed this short story Alexis is such a wonderful writer and, just like with her vampire stories, she has a way of sucking you right in at the very beginning. I think my standards might have lowered But I actually liked this book I really loved this story I loved Wyatt and Rayanne I spent my time wishing that they would get their happily ever after This story is about Rayanne Allen a history professor and Wyatt McCain the ghost of a gunslinger Rayanne saw Wyatt get shot when she was thirteen years old Wyatt was gunned down in Blessing a hundred years in the past while trying to protect the town from some bad men Every year he walks around as a ghost until that fateful day when history is repeated and he dies Rayanne s family owns the mountain and the ghost town that comes with it Her family has a gift for sensing ghosts and seeing the history repeating itself Rayanne inherits the mountain and Blessing when her uncle dies However, to claim her inheritance she has to live on the mountain over the summer Ever since that fateful day when she saw him get shot, Wyatt McCain has haunted her dreams She can t get the blue eyed stranger out of her mind While living in her uncles house, she sees Wyatt again and they develop a friendship Wyatt and Rayanne are very attracted to each other and are falling in love Will these star crossed lovers get the chance to be together Will Rayanne be able to save Wyatt from having to face getting shot another year Read to find out I tried this book on a whim, mostly because I giggled at the cover and title It was OK for me, not bad but not my usual fare Kind of a paranormal Western, a ghost story set in present day but involving an old wild west mining town from years before I liked how the story began with Rayanne as a child and continued to the present I got why Wyatt was still haunting the town, but never really understood why all the other ghosts were still around The reasons for why he was sometimes visible and corporal and other times not was shaky I liked that Rayanne was smart, and open to accepting strange things like seeing ghosts I did not like her interactions with her shrill mother and sort of boyfriend Those scenes were uncomfortable and didn t add anything for me The ending seemed forced and didn t wrap up the mythology at all Overall it was pleasant but lacked depth. I have loved quirky paranormal books and this one was wonderful I loved the conversations with the ghost and the heroine s determination. This is not really part of Alex Morgan s vampire series, but I read it as if it was and glad I did It s a lot longer and of a western ghost town ghost story But very interesting and even quirky With a beautiful happy ever after.Rayanne is a wonderful character She s smart, quirky, brave, and determined And Wyatt is just mysterious, tragic and courteous enough to be a true western hero and lover, even though he s a Fave scenes the repaired steps, looking at Rayanne s drawings, the dream and sending mother packing.