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This is a fun romp of a paranormal romance with lost of magical beings and creatures and a fast paced plot.I liked the hero and the heroine Opposites attract are always fun This is a light enjoyable read. Equal parts sweet, hot and funny Swept away by this read Loved Nell Who thinks she s average and the nice girl yet the story proves she s capable, determined and kind of kick ass for a healer.And Drum, our H, sigh, big, stoic, death glare at the ready Over protective Yes But he just needs Nell to teach him to trust.Loved mean girl Devon, and the setting Seriously, when s the last time a PNR was set on a tropical island Loved it The secondaries added so much Darcy, that girl is awesome, can t wait for her story The world building is sucking me in big time, as the author drops all these little clues and hints about other characters along the way.This series is proving to be highly addictive Yeah. Sigh, this was pretty much perfect There was action, a sense of pervasive fun, lots of snappy dialogue that had me smiling and often laughing and most of all it had a hot, hot romance, that also has some surprisingly sweet elements.Drum, our H, a hulking warrior, was just great Alpha, protective, slyly funny and downright dreamy.Nell, our h, was a delight And far from the vanilla sweet persona she thinks she is Smart, capable, funny and with some mad skills, that she just has to be angry enough to use.We catch glimpses of awesome characters we ve already met from book one Darcy I so need her story now Loved that the location was a tropical island, such a refreshing change from some grim dark urban city set up.The romance was great a match up of two strong willed people who come to realise quickly that they are perfect for one another.Sweet, really funny and pretty darn awesome Loved it. Funny and hot My favourite combination.Fell in love with the studly stoic H Drum was way hot, he was sizzling and somehow managed to be both alpha male and still sweet The h was also great She considered herself plain and too nice, but circumstances proved her to be confident, strong willed and than a match for the H It was wonderful how the author show cased how perfect the H h were for one another Action A great setting Lots of witty dialogue Tremendous secondary characters added lots of depth to story and this world the author has created Loved Darcy she s snarky and deadly Can t wait to read her story.Don t know how the author managed to created a sizzling hot romance, that was at the same time kind of sweet loaded with a surprising number of LOL moments Loved this couple Loving this author Am diving into book 3 right now. There is nothing I love in a book than an h that dishes out the schooling Especially when it s to an over protective, over bearing, smug, full of his own I am male see me pound my chest alpha male Don t get me wrong I adore the above mentioned H especially when it s mixed with a sweet gooey soft inside under all the posturing, those are the very best kind of Alpha H, and Jane Cousins seems to be gifted in writing them perfectly This book will go to the top of my favorite list, along with such magnificent authors as Shelly Laurenston, G.A Aiken and Thea Harrison, to be read over and over and loved every time I highly recommend this story. Drum, the H, is just so darn yummy Macho, yet kind, gruff but with a sly sense of humor The h, Nell, really was his perfect match She was feisty, independent and smart Fun circumstances throw these two together loving the match maker manipulations again and again Sparks fly Lots of humour and witty dialogue There was action, bad guys, layered fun interesting secondary characters and a hot romance that the author did a really nice job of leading up to, so that it had depth it was sweet, funny, sexy and hot all at the same time Seriously, what a great world And I love, love, love Darcy When is she getting her own book |READ DOWNLOAD ⚇ To Trap A Temptress (Southern Sanctuary, #2) ⚕ What Nell Needs Is A Man A Completely Shocking, Ridiculously Inappropriate, Insanely Unsuitable, Ludicrously Improper ManConsidered Too Vanilla In A World Full Of Flavours, Doctor Nell Montgomery S Dating Life Is A Barren Waste Land With Few Prospects On The Horizon Tired Of Being Labelled The Nice Girl, She S Decided She Needs A Life Make Over Stat With That In Mind She Instigates A Bold Plan To Shatter Her Nice Girl Image Irretrievably All She Needs Is One Shockingly Inappropriate Man When She Does Find Him She Intends To Seduce The Heck Out Of Him And Bury Her Goody Two Shoes Reputation Once And For AllThere S Only One Seven Foot Tall Problem Standing In Her Way His Name Is Drum, An Elite Warrior In The Goddess Maat S Guard He S Spent Over A Hundred Years Killing Magical Nasties In The Most Vile, Bloodiest Manner Possible And Quite Frankly Enjoying The Hell Out Of Himself With A Reputation As The Big Bad, Drum Is Used To Dangerous Women Throwing Themselves At Him What He Isn T Prepared For Is One Gorgeous Doctor Who Challenges And Tempts Him At Every TurnWhen The Baddest Of The Bad And The Sweetest Of The Sweet Are Thrown Together On A Tropical Island With A Nameless, Faceless Danger Stalking Nell, It S Up To Drum To Protect Her And At The Same Time Prove To His Little Temptress That She S The Perfect Not So Nice Woman For Him Funny, sweet, witty and steamy with just enough action to keep me glued to my kindle Loved the two main characters, from the moment they meet you know they are meant to be together Both have image problems but can see the other for who they truly are Loved the tropical island setting, not the usual for a pnr Laughed out loud in places and loved the way the romance blossomed An uncomplicated easy escapist read, can t wait for the next book. This was somehow both sweet and sizzling And at the same time nothing but pure escapist fun Lots of witty dialogue The heroine, Nell, is a healer, capable and smart The Hero, Drum, looks like the grim reaper, but is really an incredibly nice guy These two made me laugh, and made me sigh Oh, my, is it getting hot in here Totally.Cute, amusing read, with some action and a villain who appears to be after Nell And it is up to Drum to protect her Great world Loved all the secondary characters and the glimpses of the southern sanctuary Sweetie of a read. Now Dr Nell Montgomery really believes you ll never overhear anything good about yourself after she heard her friends declare her the most boring of their classmates as they plan a reunion then her cackling matchmaking aunt and the Goddess Maat decided she was too nice for a warrior mating and needed a stuttering accountant that lived with mom Fed up, Nell proceeds to make over her image At Hadleigh and Vaughn s melding ceremony, Nell sets her sights on the most inappropriate looking elite warrior Drum s shocked that Nell chose him and finding hers is the scent that has haunted him for months but he walks away when he realizes her motive Both Nell and Drum regret their parting but Nell goes to her reunion while Maat tries to convince Drum Nell was a bad match Preparing for a business meeting, Drum is mysteriously transported to Nell s reunion and wastes no time staking his claim to Nell much to the envy of both men and women Sensing magic near Nell s cottage, Drum insists on staying for the reunion and the two laugh over shedding her good girl image until Nell finds a sticky situation or two Rating 4.25stars