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Excommunication is given as a message that proclaims there will be nomessages Three intertwined essays on how communication systems annul communication systems Galloway takes us all the way back to the Greeks kneeling in the dust to conjure Hermes, Iris, and the Furies as a means to establish a middle communication Galloway is the most accessible of the three essays, only because he maintains a clear vocabulary rooted in the familiar and the distant By plunging into the ancient, he allows himself room for clarity Galloway s excommunication middle is embodies by the sensual violence of Aphrodite, a figure that synthesizes the other three into a perfect whole Thacker s poses the idea of dark media Using japanese horror films as par excellence of his new term, Thacker asserts that technology serves as the object a thing can invade While much his essay sags under the weight of trying to complicate this assertion, the basic idea remains that when a cell phone serves as a conduit of a supernatural or other worldly communication everything gets super strange As the other worldly presence attempts to communicate they are limited by the object media they are forced to utilize In addition, the other worldly s vocabulary is weird, beyond normal experience thus creating a source of excommunication or dark media.Wark basically summarizes the other two, while unpacking Vaneigem s later essays on the Free Spirit Movement and other christian heresies Oh, and he tacks on something about Laruelle s non philosophy as a continuation of heretical storytelling, but this feels added to remain relevant to the arguments of the other two theorists Overall, this book becomes an shakingly unbalanced wedge in communication theory The sun shines on men and women and all their desires and nothing is owed in return. settle down [ Download Ebook ] ⚖ Excommunication ⚉ Always Connect That Is The Imperative Of Today S Media But What About Those Moments When Media Cease To Function Properly, When Messages Go Beyond The Sender And Receiver To Become Excluded From The World Of Communication Itself Those Messages That State There Will Be No Messages In This Book, Alexander R Galloway, Eugene Thacker, And McKenzie Wark Turn Our Usual Understanding Of Media And Mediation On Its Head By Arguing That These Moments Reveal The Ways The Impossibility Of Communication Is Integral To Communication Itself Instances They Call Excommunication In Three Linked Essays, Excommunication Pursues This Elusive Topic By Looking At Mediation In The Face Of Banishment, Exclusion, And Heresy, And By Contemplating The Possibilities Of Communication With The Great Beyond First, Galloway Proposes An Original Theory Of Mediation Based On Classical Literature And Philosophy, Using Hermes, Iris, And The Furies To Map Out Three Of The Most Prevalent Modes Of Mediation Today Mediation As Exchange, As Illumination, And As Network Then, Thacker Goes Boldly Beyond Galloway S Classification Scheme By Examining The Concept Of Excommunication Through The Secret Link Between The Modern Horror Genre And Medieval Mysticism Charting A Trajectory Of Examples From H P Lovecraft To Meister Eckhart, Thacker Explores Those Instances When One Communicates Or Connects With The Inaccessible, Dubbing Such Modes Of Mediation Haunted Or Weird To Underscore Their Inaccessibility Finally, Wark Evokes The Poetics Of The Infuriated Swarm As A Queer Politics Of Heresy That Deviates From Both Media Theory And The Traditional Left He Posits A Critical Theory That Celebrates Heresy And That Is Distinct From Those That Now Venerate Saint Paul Reexamining Commonplace Definitions Of Media, Mediation, And Communication, Excommunication Offers A Glimpse Into The Realm Of The Nonhuman To Find A Theory Of Mediation Adequate To Our Present Condition