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The main purpose of a fiction book is to entertain In that respect the book filled its role I enjoyed reading it It is fast with lots of twists This is my 1st book from J Robert Kennedy and its main Hero Dylan Kane I was surprised to learn that throughout the book he the main hero doesn t do much He is mainly following others.150 reviewers and only 5 written ones should tell you something Good author and this book kept me intrigued A virus is unleashed at the Superdome and possible the extinctiom of man Excellent adventure and some humor. I have really enjoyed all the books I have read so far by this author but I particularly enjoyed this one I think the reality of the quarantine really hits home and makes this storyline believable in this day and age I would thoroughly recommend this book although you should read book one first even though you each book can be read as a standalone for an action paced thriller. Book 1 was the best so far 2 was very good also.there were some boring parts, the back and forths I like sex as much as the next guy but get tired of reading about encounters Will pass on Kane stories for a while and will take a look at other Kennedy works. Fun, if implausible Badly in need of editing. So good Reading this book gave me high blood pressure It s non stop excitement. |Kindle ☪ Containment Failure (Dylan Kane #2) ⚇ THE BLACK DEATH KILLED ALMOST HALF OF EUROPE S POPULATION THIS TIME IT WILL BE BILLIONS New Orleans Has Been Quarantined, An Unknown Virus Sweeping The City, Killing One Hundred Percent Of Those Infected The Centers For Disease Control, Desperate To Find A Cure, Is Approached By BioDyne Pharma Who Reveal A Former Employee Has Turned A Cutting Edge Medical Treatment Capable Of Targeting Specific Genetic Sequences Into A Weapon, And Released It CIA Special Agent Dylan Kane Has Been Given One Guideline From His Boss Consider Yourself Unleashed, Leaving Kane And New Orleans Police Detective Isabelle Laprise Battling To Stay Alive As An Insidious Disease And Terrified Mobs Spread Through The City While They Desperately Seek Those Behind The Greatest Crime Ever Perpetrated The Stakes Have Never Been Higher As Kane Battles To Save Not Only His Friends And The Country He Loves, But All Of Mankind In Containment Failure, Eleven Times Internationally Bestselling Author J Robert Kennedy Delivers A Terrifying Tale Of What Could Happen When Science Goes Mad, With Enough Sorrow, Heartbreak, Laughs And Passion To Keep Readers On The Edge Of Their Seats Until The Chilling Conclusion Another great protagonist Dylan Kane It Can t Be Stopped But They Must A terrible death spreads faster and rapidly than any seen before.It consumes the frenzied population of New Orleans All usual legal process is discarded citizens are shot with scant mercy for breaking Presidentially imposed isolation international travel is denied a frightened world in panic This thriller unfolds at warp speed, and never throttles back I will surely hunt hungrily for this author s writings in my future forays into the world of action fiction. Excellent This was an excellent novel, well written, fast paced and designed to hold the reader s attention The author provides realistic and feasible action sequences I look forward the the next book in this series and to reading all the series by this author.