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#E-PUB ë Give Your Elevator Speech a Lift!! ë Whether You Are At A Business Event Or A Social Funtion, What The Most Common Question Asked By Someone You Ve Just Met What Do You Do Those Four Word Represent A Golden Opportunity For You To Market Yourself But Here S The Catch In Most Cases You Have Just A Few Seconds To Get Your Message Across And Engage Your Listener S InterestHow Do You Do That With An Elevator Speech In Give Your Elevator Speech A Lift , Media Specialist Lorraine Howell Guides You Step By Step Through Her Proven Unique Process For Creating A Winning Elevator Speech By Using Lorraine S Method, You Can Explain What You Do In Thirty Seconds Or Less As Well As Determine Your Listener S Interest, Making Your Elevator Speech One Of Your Most Compelling, And Time Efficient, Marketing Tools For Generating New Business Or Employment ReferralsIn This Age Of Sound Bites, Channel Surfing, And Information Overload, Getting Your Message Out Quickly And Effectively Is Essential Give Your Elevator Speech A Lift Will Show You How To Ride The Express Elevator To The Penthouse Of Professional Success