*Ebook ⇲ The Claiming of Rouge in the Deep Woods (Twisted Fairy Tales for the Sexually Adventurous, #1) ⇝ Ebook or Kindle ePUB free

What an exciting adaptation of the Little Red Riding Hood story Red s name is modified to the sultry Rouge, and we join her on a quest through the dark, dirty woods And, my how dirty those woods turn out to be Rouge is very determined to complete her journey, despite a pixie giving her a thorough preview of what to expect with a heavy warning Rouge s trip through the woods provided Bella with the opportunity to include many different paranormal creatures in her story an opportunity which clearly Bella seized and fully explored This is one of the few paranormal erotic stories I ve read that features than one creature, which makes The Claiming of Rouge in the Deep Woods stand out in this genre Add to all this the taboo of turning a children s story completely raunchy, and Bella has written a story of great intrigue. Enjoyable read. This is a very erotic novella Rouge aka Red as in a very adult Red Riding Hood goes off into the sexually dangerous deep, dark woods She has to pay a sexual forfeit to a very horny pixie think Lord of the Rings type warrior elf and not Tinker Bell in order to get access to some very juicy berries Later, the horny Red has an unexpectedly erotic encounter with these berries Then, she encounters the Big, Bad Wolf and later the Huntsman Trust me, this is a very different fairy tale than the one you remember This story will probably appeal to readers of Virginia Wade, Tori Westwood, Pandora Box, and Coyote Rose. The Claiming of Rouge is an erotic rework of the Little Red Riding hood fairy tale The unsuspecting Rouge, a succulent and juicy redhead, wanders into the forest to pick berries She is so hot and delicious that no one would ever blame the big bad wolf for wanting to devour her Rouge finds herself deep in the woods, surrounded by horny male creatures that cannot resist her female allure One by one, they track her and find her alone, barely clothed, and free for the taking To her dismay, she falls under their enchantment and she cannot resist them They take her over and over and she is undone by the excitement of being ravaged by these wild, hungry creatures The Claiming of Rouge is very visual with vibrant, sexy detail I am somewhat new to erotica, but I look forward to reading the rest of this series. *Ebook ⇥ The Claiming of Rouge in the Deep Woods (Twisted Fairy Tales for the Sexually Adventurous, #1) ⇶ Very Erotic Interpretation Of The Classic Fairy Tale Of Little Red Riding Hood Watch A Grown Up Rouge Go For A Stroll In The Deep, Dark Woods And Encounter A Very Horny Male Pixie, Wolf, And HuntsmanWarning This Is A Work Of Erotic Fiction And Contains Material Meant For Those Over The Age Of , With Elements Of Dubious Consent, Hypnosis Trance, Sleep Sex, Monster Sex, Dominant Male, Submissive Female, Lactation, And BDSM