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~Download ⚐ Captured (Vice, Virtue & Video, #2) ♷ Self Pub Version Lola Caraway Is An Intelligent But Inexperienced College Grad Living Two Doors Down From Her Long Time Best Friend, Porn Superstar James Laird, In California Though Their Worlds Are Different, The Two Lead Normal Lives Until A Sadistic Producer Sets Her Sights On Lola And James Learns The Difference Between Kinky Fun And Real Danger Before He S Forced To Face His True Feelings For His Best Friend WOW This was pretty freakin awesome I m not sure what I expected after reading the three short prequels to this full length book, but I was pretty blown away It was so sweet and touching how James and Lola came to realize their feelings for each other werethan platonic A very erotic and steamy story here Plus we get a side plot with a crazy ass dominatrix and big fu k up by James that make him do some major internal reflecting Throughout I kept thinking that I wanted the ending of this one to be pretty final so I wouldn t have to come back ifbooks were put out, but after finishing it I am so looking forward tofrom these two D D When I kissed you, that was the single most intimate thing I ve ever done in my life. James and Lola.they are so sweet But really not that innocent, well James anyway because he s still living life as a porn star Now our sweet Lola is still the innocent virgin best friend but for how long They ve been best friends since they were children and occasionally messed aroundvery innocently It started out with a kiss here a fondle there and maybe a littleonce they got older but never sex Things can change thoughright If someone had told me when I was younger that James would be the person I d fall in love with, I would have laughed and told them they were insane Friends to lovers..I m a sucker for these types of books There are 3 short books leading to this full length book and in them we get to watch these two grow upwhich I loved They are now both living permanently in California and beginning to realize how special they are to one another.However..there always has to be a howeverJames has got a monkey on his back and when it comes through poor little Lola suffers for it It was a great plot and both James and Lola had a hand in it, Lola trying to correct it properly and James, well not so much But when he thought he was going to lose Lola, well it was so sweet I ve never been in love before and I have no idea what you re supposed to do and how you re supposed to handle things This emotion has been a really weird one for me because I m used to getting physical, but I m not used to anything real anything that feels all intimate and deep like this Of course Lola loves him How couldn t she.a 6 something Adonis she would have to be a nun Anyway..the book was great I can t wait for the next installment..oh yes there sJames Laird is leaving the porn industry for the love of his life Too sweet I can t wait for the next book I m not sure this book would work for some but I loved it Give it try James and Lola may grow on you also I absolutely loved this series Who wouldn t want a hot boy next door that was your best friend and looked like Jason Mamoa Really Google him please I was hooked from the first short story Lola and James relationship was beautiful And they had no choice but to continue to fall in love with each other until they said it out loud This series is worth the read and it was nice to see the kids into adulthood without having to drudge through every waking moment of the 10 year span of the series Great job Ms Bianca I hope we are givenof their love story Oh and don t forget to go googleOk I thought y all would like immediate gratification image error Dear James,I don t know whether I want to punch you in the junk or kiss your face off.Love,MeSeriously, this is how I felt the entire book James dual natured persona is still very much present in Captured Captured begins with life after college for Lola She has moved to California with James and she is working at a job she particularly hates and for a boss who she d like to introduce to a shredderface first But, James is her constant and the bright light in her otherwise dreary day James is sweet, loving, and ever loyal to Lola He is a shoulder to cry on, lends an ear when she needs to vent, and cooks her the most awesomest yesawesomest smile meals Ohand he occasionally gives her screaming orgasms But, I digress James is also still very much the manwhore he was in Revealed, only a much bigger one because he is in high demand in the porn world That demand causes some serious contention between he and Lola in the story at point The story remains as it did in Revealed James protects Lola from men to the nth degree and, although she revels in his protectiveness, she wants to become a woman Especially when she becomes attracted to an man, her senior, who works in the same firm she does James is resistant to Lola dating anyone because she is his cupcake, his angel He values her and treasures her above anything else because she is the closest thing to family that he has.As James notoriety in the porn world grows, he is sought out by a pretty sadistic Domme What happens after their first encounter will break your heart There are so many dimensions to that storyline that I wanted to cry and beat a ho down all at the same moment Captured was intense I ain t gonna lie There were moments where I was biting my nails and and sobbing, too But, the story isn t sad It s actually very sweet with pockets of darkness I really enjoyed how Giovanni allowed the characters to grow up and grow together in this story Although James actions can be called into question see earlier comment about junk punching , he does the right thing in the end although it almost costs him dearly It was also nice to see Lola assert her femininity in this story, too She has a pretty hairy encounter that had me on pins and needles I mean seriously I actually had to put my Kindle down because I just didn t want to read what happened next But sniffle I m so glad I did This story and this series promises a roller coaster ride of emotions I was very happy with the end of the story but with three books remaining in the series I m almost a lot afraid of what will happen next for the couple The best kind of story Being busy, I don t usually write reviews I just give the stars that they deserve However with this series, I am taking a special time off to write a review Because, you dear Ms Giovanni, deserve this review.After reading this series, please listen to this song I don t know if this is the song that was on the author s mind, but I just think that it fits wellEd Sheeran Kiss MeSettle down with me And I ll be your safety You ll be my lady I was made to keep your body warm But I m cold as, the wind blows So hold me in your arms My heart s against your chest Your lips pressed to my neck I ve fallen for your eyes But they don t know me yet And the feeling I forget I m in love now Kiss me like you wanna be loved Wanna be loved Wanna be loved This feels like I ve fallen in love Fallen in love Fallen in loveHow can I start without fan girling I can t A BFF with Jason Momoa looks Come on ladies You ve gotta be living under a rock to NOT know this hunk But in case that you do live under a rock and have no access to the world wide web You are forgiven Google him, please THE HERO Oh James, how I wish to be your Lola How do I describe James without swooning Again, I can t He can be detached to the girls he sleeps with but never with Lola He is always honest with her, he loves her to death, considers her first in everything and is not afraid to show his adoration to his girl I love that James, though emotionally detached when it comes to his sexual relationships he values the girl s he sleeps with I guess growing up with Lola and becoming her friend has taught him to be a player without really abusing the game He is the epitome of no strings yet never with any complications THE HEROINE Lola, oh Lola You lucky, lucky girl At first, I thought Lola was lucky with James, however as the series progresses, I am finding that together they are both lucky to find one another I love this heroine The right amount of sass, innocence, intelligence and beauty Her innocence was not overly done, one of the reasons why I fell in love with this character Her partly naivety on things was made perfectly with the experience that James has, thus making their pair work together THE VILLAIN Ugh I want to whip this b tch to shreds Tie her up and leave her there Sorry, I just hate the character I must praise the author though, coz the dominant nature of the villain is very believable THE PLOT It s your normal friends to lovers story, however the dynamics between the H and H e gave this series the serious advantage to other friends to lovers story At first, I was thinking why put out 4 books when you can fit them on 2 books the other books are that short Ms Giovanni, now I know you are sneaky The progress of the book builds you up just like the relationship between characters The pauses between books builds up the curiosity and the wonder within the reader to further explore and before you know it, you are closing the last book with a sigh and a big smile plastered on your face THE VERDICT I love the series, and yes, I do hope there sWhen an author makes you fall in love with both the H and H e then that author is worth your time and praises Yes, Miss Giovanni, you now have my undying support and you have just earned a new fan.I still can t believe that this series is for free at Smashwords It is a VERY wonderful read Reading this book is time spent well.Download the books at Smashwords Here is the link 4.5 stars What a hot, crazy and wild ride James is HOT, as usual and Lola is innocent, pure and oh so sweet I loved that I hated the villain in this story and there were so many surprises and sexy moments This series came out of nowhere for me and totally CAPTURED my attention Can t wait to see where James and Lola go from here Definitely one click UPDATED REVIEW 5 Easily Satisfied StarsARC provided to G the Book Diva Blog in exchange for an honest review I will admit the premise kind of had me worried Does it make sense for a successful porn star and his sweet and innocent childhood BFF to fall in love So I half expected the major point of James being a successful pornstar to be minimized like Whatever, he s a pornstar, oh well and that true love would prevailblah blah I was bracing for Sleazeball City and what I got wasn t even close to that I was really impressed with James and the depth of his character The way he felt about what he did made me feel better about it too Plus, it didn t hurt that he was delicious and not in a cheesy porn guy way He became just a guy who fell into a world that allowed him to make a decent living, he was damn good at what he did so he stuck with it It s his life, right So you see what just happen there,Iended up making it less of a big deal by the end Lola was an amazing friend who supported his life choices and she accepted all of him I liked how he could still be himself with her and not the persona everyone expects But we know they secretly wantedthan friendship from each other and had accepted thatwasn t a good idea untilJames let his big mouth mess everything up or did it I really liked this story I must confess that I didn t read book 1 see my original post below I started Captured book 2 thinking it was the first book It was so well written that I never felt like I was missing anything I know I would have equally enjoyed following their journey from the beginning but going backwards seems too painful and unnecessary now that I know how James and Lola end up But my fellow diva girl MissyDevoursDelishReadsdid write a review for book 1 if that helps at all Post April 27th Wow I feel like such a dumby I went to update my status and found out I just read book 2 and totally skipped book 1 Crap For what it s worth I didn t feel like I was missing anything so the writing was that good Oh well, on to book 1 frickinidiot 4.5 Stars I ve never needed love before in my life, just a good time, but I need her to love me because I m so fuckin crazy in love with her. This was such a impromptu read I was surfing Smashwords, looking for some good freebies to feed my Kindle when I come across this series Before reading this, you must read the three previous short stories first I downloaded all three, plus this one, for free and I m so happy I did The short stories, though enjoyable and very fast reads, was nothing compared to this I felt like I got to know the characters first and was able to connect with them better By the time I got to this full novel, I was primed and ready for these two to finally hook up My whole persona is being stripped away and I feel totally raw and exposed standing here in front of her and praying that she really does love meJames is a famous porn actor and his best friend, Lola, is as innocent as they come They ve been best friends since they were little, but never pursued anythingat risk of ruining their friendship Nothing was ever going to come in between them, not even after some of their lustful moments James was always a ladies man, while at the same time, always threatened any guy who came after Lola He s very protective of her and feels like no man will ever deserve her, least of all himself His career never bothered him or Lola after all they re just friends and have been supportive of one another from day one Their friendship means everything to them, but they ve been denying their true feelings for a long time How much longer can they resistI ve never been in love before and I have no idea what you re supposed to do and how you re supposed to handle things This emotion has been a really weird one for me because I m used to getting physical, but I m not used to anything real anything that feels all intimate and deep like this I need you so bad, Lo Not having you around, not being able to see your faceit s been like torture for me You re like the air in my lungs and I need you to survive JamesI really enjoyed this story It was so sweet I loved reading about their long term friendship blooming intoThey tip toed around and experimented enough with each other to know they had chemistry and when they finallygot together the world seemed so much better I still can t believe this was free read I love that feeling of picking up a new and unknown book and find something totally awesome I really hope the author decides to writeabout these two. Example FIRSTThe Dungeon Set Bound Babes 8 I believe everyone has a visual for this set up BDSM baby Spankings, nipple clamps, fucking, and last but not least a hummer OOk, that s a wrap Just for a bit I still have a scene with a brunette where we ll be using a butt plug and a riding crop this MORNING, and LATER this AFTERNOON I m doing a regular scene with a blonde who s going to be suspended from the ceiling and flogged before we fuckIt s just another day for James the cocksman Ironically I wonder if I ll be too tired to stop by the grocery store and pick up tilapia for fish tacos tonight. I have a damn love hate with this asshole But as usual, Lola just giggles at everything Ya know, I got to know these two extremely well The entire book 1 was all about who they were and how deep the caring was So damn well written Thing is, it was clear the two should have been together Absolutely perfect except I still for the life of me can not comprehend how anyone could look over what he does I hate how she really starts to notice just how much she loves him yet doesn t shut him the fuck up with all his details Don t give a fuck We finally get to the point when they realize there sbetween them And I m frickin estatic but no JAMES LANGDON has to rain on my fucking parade The idiot I swear this is a real case of using the wrong head no cheating He still used the wrong headI didn t think, baby I say, clearing my throat as I try to will my tears to stop Lola, I can t live without you I love you I really love you with every fuckin shred of my being I swear to, I will never hurt you again for the rest of my life I fuckin hate myself for being the one who made you cry, baby, for cutting you deep like that, and I swear on my fuckin life I will never, ever, ever do anything to make you cry againYou know what I loved himthan hated him at this moment He in the end did the right thing to correct the mistake This has been my main problem with James The hate part He is so damn loveable but literally just doesn t notice what he s saying or doing It s like he doesn t have common sense He breaks my heart over and overthan he does Lola up to this point I know he meant well with this and forgiveness was due.I want to mention two other characters Chad Rockwell Alejandro Carrera The two men who took James under their wing when he moved to Cali and entered the porn industry I loved them They happen to be lovers but both of them are gay porn naturally and were having sex with others of course but if it were me instead of Lola, hell no could they put things in perspective for me LOVE THIS SERIES