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This is one of my favorite books of all time It is a true story about the struggles of a young boy as he is sent to various foster homes, boys homes, and other awful places He strength is inspirational I like this book because it is a true story Have some tissues ready, this book will make you cry It s a true story thats really shocking,The book They Cage The Animal At Night is a very sad and depressing book I cried It talks about a little boy named Jennings Michael Burch He is a little boy who was left by his mother at an orphanage He is 8 years old, curly red hair, white with freckles Also while he was their at the orphanage he was being teased and laughed at by all the other boys in their It took place mostly in a small room in the orphanage, very plain gloomy feeling , cramped with other kids He never spends enough time at any one of them to make a friend but clings to a stuffed animal which is his only reminder of love in the world It is one and only book I ever read that I actually read cause of its interesting true features it had of a kid surviving on its own The central conflict is, I am amusing its man vs society because he was being thrown from foster homes to foster homes and nobody ever wanted him The theme of the story is just pretty much depressing over all and somewhat is a cold gloomy feeling in some parts of the story I would recommend this book to first time advanced readers because it gives them the true feeling of being a surviver at such a young age I give it 3 thumbs ways up So all you readers out their read this book I guarantee you will like it. @READ E-PUB Ò They Cage the Animals at Night ⛓ Popular E Book, They Cage The Animals At Night Author Jennings Michael Burch This Is Very Good And Becomes The Main Topic To Read, The Readers Are Very Takjup And Always Take Inspiration From The Contents Of The Book They Cage The Animals At Night, Essay By Jennings Michael Burch Is Now On Our Website And You Can Download It By Register What Are You Waiting For Please Read And Make A Refission For You They Cage the Animals at Night is the inspiring story of a young boy s childhood life The boys name is Jennings Michael Burch His mother gets very sick and sends Jennings and his 4 brothers into foster homes and orphanages Follow Jennings through his childhood as he deals with poverty, sickness, and unfairness Two of his brothers are drunks, Larry and George His other brother, Walter, is too busy studying and doing school work, he cannot take care of Jennings And his final brother, Jerome, is very ill and is in the hospital Jennings has no one to take care of him So he goes in and out of orphanages and foster homes I would recommend this book to anyone who likes a good, inspiring, sad story but that also one has many upsides to it I read this story because I found it interesting and I think you will too I found this book to be a page turner, I always wanted to find out what happened next This story made me realize how lucky I was to have a real family, it also made me realize that I don t really live a tough life at all That s why I gave this book 5 stars out of 5 It changed the way I thought of life. They Cage the Animals at Night, written by Jennings Michael Burch, is one of the many abuse related books that I have read, and this one, like the Dave Pelzer series, is one of my favorites The first time I read this book, I was still a tween, and rereading the book now, five years later, I understand it deeply By understanding the main points of the book, I paid attention to other aspects of this heart throbbing book For example, I explored the emotions that the protagonist, little Jennings M Burch, has as he moves around from foster care to foster care Little 8 years old Jennings Michael Burch is always facing separation, which is traumatic for him since the main reason he is in foster care is due to the abandonment of his mother, Rita Catherine Hogan Burch on a rainy day in 1949 It soon becomes hard for him to Stability is a word Burch is far away from, because as a child, he never received it As the plot drives forward, you will soon see that there is always hope, and that hope was given to Jennings from Sal This book consists of 300 pages, and in these pages, each consists of different mood changes that we feel along with the protagonist himself from lonesomeness to separation and at times the urge to fly into the book and just save him from all the hurt he is going through Throughout the book, we feel close to Jennings, being able to picture him in the dark and organized beds of the orphanage and the only company he has is his blanket This book would definitely become a favorite to those that take the time to read it It is a book that I would read over countless of times, and rarely do I like to reread books This one is worth analyzing. I have just remembered this book right now I remember that it was a really great inspiring book and it was just when he was a little boy I know that I cried in this book I remember reading this book in either 8th grade or 7th and the whole grade got to meet Jennings He looked really old with blondish grayish hair, I think, I don t remember much details but we got to ask questions and he first told us his life story when he was little The little boy on the cover isn t him, they used a different boy cause Jennings wasn t little at the time he was writing the book But pretty much, the whole events in the book happened to Jennings, which I thought was very terrible and sad for someone to go through all that I ll admit, I was happy, I got to meet Jennings, because about 7 people were picked to actually go up to him and talk before it all started, which I thought was cool, kind of like a V.I.P kind of thing But at the same time, I was feeling sad and terrible for him because they all the other kids mentioned in the book , didn t deserve it Life is really not fair oh yea, and he had his teddy bear with him and all 7 of us got to touch it and see it, I couldn t believe it, he had the teddy bear all these years The teddy bear wasn t in good condition of course Jennings showed the teddy bear to the crowd, but they didn t get to look at it closely or feel it, like we did, which I thought was cool, like an insider thing, cause we were the only ones that actually got to feel it It was a really cool and sad experience If I didn t move, I probably would have went to Dolan, and never would have went to TOR Turn of River , read the book and meet Jennings I have to give it 5 stars A touching, heartbreaking story that captivated me from start to finish I could not stop thinking about the cast of characters that walked into and out of and often, back into Jennings life, especially his five brothers, his sixth brother Mark, Sal, Martha, and Stacy This book definitely made me feel a whirlwind of emotions it s one I m sure I won t be able to get out of my head for a long time and made me realize how many children are so alone and desperately in need of love in this world Doesn t everyone who has something to give owe a little to those in need He just needs a little time, and I have it. I wish I could tell you why They Cage The Animals At Night popped into my head tonight, of all nights I read this book probably 20 years ago, when I was a small child myself I feel that I need to read this book again to perhaps gain insight than I did as a child But from what I do remember of the book, it s this Jennings was bounced in and out of orphanages homes At one orphanage, they had stuffed animals, but they were taken away caged each night Doggie was his companion who was caged each night Doggie came with him everywhere afterwards the only one who could and did.I remember there was sadness, darkness, and yet light at the end I d like to reread this book and give a truer, clearer review opinion If nothing else, I can offer this This book was able to climb out of my memories and touch me, 20 years later, and make me want to read it again Can you honestly give a better review than that I can t, with this book I literally can t.The writing isn t perfect, and the character s voice wavers between an innocent, naive 9 year old and someone who is much, much older It works sometimes, because someone who s been through his experiences will be older beyond his years It just seemed at times the author was trying to include that out of the mouth of babes, incredibly insightful voice However, I did appreciate that no one was really cast as the bad guy, because everyone in his family was just trying to survive Whether he recognized that on some level during his childhood or realized it later in life, it was nice to include here That being said, those flaws don t take away from the amazing story this book tells It is heartbreaking to read of Jenning s history, and all you want to do is take him home and protect him Sadly enough, although this book describes the foster system over 60 years ago, not much has changed Children are still abandoned and crowded into institutions, and adults still take children for no other reason than the money the state offers This story is sad, and pathetic, and makes me wonder how we can claim to live in a civilized, advanced society when we still have children who are terrified, abused, and starving every day Luckily, the book also shows how much of a difference a single person can be in a kid s life That person doesn t have to have any sort of special training or knowledge, they just have to be caring and open and willing to step up and take responsibility The world needs Sals Aside from the basics of life, kids need love and safety than anything else My heart breaks for the millions of children who don t have that Good on Jennings for overcoming an impossible situation and having the courage to talk about it. Insightful, Touching, Eye Opening, Heartbreaking Mesmerizing A Courageous Read I Loved It