KINDLE ⚉ G-Men Holiday Wrap (G-Man, #3.5) ⚐

OMG short and sweet but was great to reconnect to some fave characters Absolute killer was the FAKE chapter Glad it was FAKE Andrea else I would have had to hunt you down Super fun wrap up The extra chapters at the end were my favorite Can t wait for from Andrea Smith KINDLE ♴ G-Men Holiday Wrap (G-Man, #3.5) ⚑ Spend The Holidays With The G Men, Their Women And Extended Family As They Cruise The Caribbean In First Class Accommodations Compliments Of Easton Matthews This Novella Takes Place Months After The Conclusion Of Night Moves Darcy Was Promised A Lavish Ball To Celebrate Her Elopement With Easton Matthews Once She Felt Up To It Darcy Has Decided She Would Much Prefer A Day Cruise On The Caribbean, With Friends And Family As Their Guests Even The Best Laid Plans Can Go Awry When You Have The G Men And Their Women Aboard The Lust Boat This Book Playfully Wraps Up The G Man Series, With The Usual Unpredictable Circumstances, Along With Misunderstandings, Love And Lots Of Humor You Will Read Chapters From Each Character S Point Of View, And Learn A Few Things About Some Of The Characters You Didn T Know There Will Be A Surprise Visit From Someone You Would Least Expect To Drop By During This Holiday Vacay Along With That, There Are Bonus Chapters At The End That Will Satisfy Readers Of The Previous Book As To What Happened Right After That Horrific Incident In New York City With Sammie And Slate, And Lindsey And Taz As A Reader, You Will Be A Voyeur Into Their Private And Intimate Moments Right After The Shooting In Mullaly Park As A Special Bonus, A Never Seen, Never Meant To Be Seen Secret Chapter From Love Plus One Will Be Included For Entertainment And Shock Purposes Only I love this little novella because it s a quick, light and fun read You will see the G Men and their women, along with their extended family at their finest and funniest on this cruise This novella was written to show the characters in a somewhat quirky setting, giving us insight in some of the secondary characters as well There are a couple of Oh crap moments, but for the most part, it s supposed to be fun I truly hope fans of the G Men will love seeing this side of them This novella was sexy, witty, sassy, fun After everything these characters have been through they deserved that hot vacation but of course there had to be drama Andrea you definitely ended the series well but that doesn t change the fact that I m going to miss these characters, oh I would love to see what would have happened between Eli, Cain, Paige just saying I m a huge fan I can t wait to read your future books Holy sh t THAT FAKE CHAPTER Don t do that to us ever again, okay I almost had a heart attack I still have the chills after that. G Men Holiday Wrap is a neat little Christmas surprise from author Andrea Smith This wraps this series up perfectly and we get to spend Christmas with our beloved G men Win This short novella takes place about 14 months from where we left off in Night Moves and instead of a lavish party, Darcy and Easton decide to take all of their friends on a cruise Sounds great right Well, a lot can happen and plans doesn t always go accordingly to the said plan as these couples will experience It s quite a ride and if you re a fan, this is something you don t want to miss.My two favorite s for G Men Holiday Wrap Perfect goodbyeI truly think this was a perfect goodbye to this series I love how all the characters we have followed through this series was put together on a cruise Everyone got their own voice in this wrap up and I enjoyed spending time in all of their minds They still face troubles, but the love shines through and the making up part is epic KO surpriseOh My God I can t even describe how much I loved and hated that surprise chapter in the end I loved it because it was a perfect prank, but I would hate it big time if it was real Haha I swear, my eyes were so wide while reading this Very well delivered. Very cute wrap up to the G Man series The last section of the book though the chapter that never happened from Love Plus One HOLY COW WAS THAT HOT but i would have been sooooo upset had that actually happened Lol I m sad this is the last book of the series but i look forward to from Andrea Smith. OMG This little surprise visit with my G Men and their amazing women was EFFING FANTASTIC I loved every second of this story We get to spend the holidays with Sammie Slate, Lindsay Taz, Darcy Easy E, Colin Ronnie and Eli Cain as they all take a holiday cruise to the Caribbean together Of course with this group there is drama, hot sex and many times I laughed right out loud as we spend the twelve days of Christmas G Men style This was a great little holiday gift and I want to thank Andrea Smith and plead that this isn t the last time I get to visit with my G Men and there amazing women.For anyone who loves the G Man series this is a must read It even includes bonus chapters, QA with the characters these made me totally crack up and a very sadistic FAKE chapter Enjoy y all and Happy Holidays Talk about the BEST wrap up novella I ve read, hands down Not only do we get a peek into the lives of our favorite G men and their ladiesEACH of them get their own short story, and we also get some of the supporting characters continuing romances The group gets to go on a twelve day cruise and boy, a lot happens on this trip How did Smith pack such a crazy amount of information and movement into this story, I ll never know.Breakups, LOTS of makeups, tons of sexy times and a few heart to heart talks along with some gasp worthy moments make this 100 page novella well worth the time And not only do we get a wrap up of the fantastic G Man series, but we get an epilogue of epic proportions, not one but TWO follow up chapters that were requested enough by readers that I suppose Smith felt like they needed to be told, ANDa fake Chapter thatOMG, I m so glad that it was NOT real, but alsoOMG, that was SO HOT and naughty and I m so glad you fake wrote that Andrea, I d never have thought you had that in you Bravo, woman I flipping LOVED this story I ve never read anything like it, and I really wish authors would follow suit, because these are characters that were so loved my so many, and it s always a huge bonus to get to see the aftermath of their crazy couplings We know lasting relationships aren t always smooth sailing, but it s the effort and the devotion that truly makes it work Bravo again, Andrea Very well done. ANDREA, For a moment, I definitely felt like kicking Lindsey for saying that last line HOW I LOVED FAKE CHAPTER That was such a thrill but you know how much I love TAZ 3 3 Way too much TAZ MY DARLING ALWAYS This G Men Holiday Wrap was such short, sweet, sexy read with all our favourite couple in it The story told from each and everyone s POV which makes it even enjoyable What I say , just pick it read this perfect wrap up of G MAN series I am so so gonna miss TAZ and I am gonna try to plot with Andrea to bring her and Taz to London Ooo, that definitely gonna happen 3Until then, I am gonna hide around TAZ Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas, readers