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I hated the ending Why is it always the first and last books of a series that quicken my heart rate I totally cried when my favourite character jumped into the well instead of Elian Elian is such a scaredy cat Even Nolita can do that which she did I LOVED THE STORY that s all. Dragon Orb is a lovable fantasy adventure series I read the entire series in my late teenage years, it is unforgettable All protagonists, including the dragons, are just lovable I highly recommend this series. This was an enjoyable series I love that Robson tied things up, but at the same time left things open if he wanted to continue this storyline. It lost two stars because Nolita dies and we never hear from Pell again I liked it very much and although I wish no one had to be the sacrifice at the end I m glad that Elian and Aurora didn t have to be the sacrifice I can t say I m happy Nolita and Firestorm died but at least they re happy with their decision and the Oracle was reborn. .DOWNLOAD KINDLE ♷ Dragon Orb ⚉ Four Dragonriders On A Mission To Save Their WorldElian And His Dawn Dragon, Aurora, Lead The Search For The Fourth And Final Orb Pursued By Night Dragons And Helped By A WWI Airman, The Four Dragonriders Are Drawn Into A Huge Aerial Battle Between All The Dragon Enclaves The Ultimate Fate Of Dragonkind Hangs By A Thread To Restore Order, A Terrible Price Must Be Paid