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!Free Pdf ♿ Angry White Pyjamas: A Scrawny Oxford Poet Takes Lessons From The Tokyo Riot Police ♜ Adrift In Tokyo, Translating Obscene Rap Lyrics For Giggling Japanese High School Girls, Thirtynothing Robert Twigger Comes To A Revelation About Himself He Has Never Been Fit Nor Brave Guided By His Roommates, Fat Frank And Chris, He Sets Out To Cleanse His Body And Mind Not Knowing His Fist From His Elbow, The Author Is Drawn Into The World Of Japanese Martial Arts, Joining The Tokyo Riot Police On Their Yearlong, Brutally Demanding Course Of Budo Training, Where Any Ascetic Motivation Soon Comes Up Against Bloodstained White Pyjamas And Fractured Collarbones In Angry White Pyjamas, Twigger Blends, The Ancient With The Modern The Ultratraditionalism, Ritual, And Violence Of The Dojo Training Academy With The Shopping Malls, Nightclubs, And Scenes Of Everyday Tokyo Life In The S To Provide A Brilliant, Bizarre Glimpse Of Life In Contemporary Japan This was everything I wanted Falling Hard A Judo Story to be Excellent insights and humor. One of the best martial arts books I ve read Funny, compelling, would read again. He starts out by pointing out the profusion of power lines in Japan On he continues with a humorous and interesting perspective of a white guy s experience living in Tokyo and taking the Riot Police course Very enjoyable for a fish out of water theme book. Twigger is an absolutely outstanding author I was given the book six years ago and since then I ve devoured every single word he s written I could not commend his books highly. I really enjoyed it Well written and entertaining Much to learn from a martial arts perspective but that s not the point. Reading other reviews I was ready for a sexist, racist drone Far from it I thought his cultural observations were sound and balanced I also thought his story of a foreigner deep in the world of budo and bushido rang true, based on my own martial arts experience I would never sign up for such a course, but I did find myself longing for the dojo while reading about his training Perhaps to someone without that experience the writing might see overly critical or whiny, as the other reviewers have mentioned, but to me it seemed about right I feel like Twigger would be someone who I might understand very well if we were to ever meet As a newer student of aikido after years of Okinawan karate, I especially appreciated the art being treated as a self defense intended to protect and to damage, if necessary , rather than a wishy washy, overly precious philosophy. I was recommended to read this book when I started Yoshinkan Aikido last year Regardless of how interested in aikido you might be, this is an amusing, at times fascinating, depiction of Japanese martial arts culture from the perspective of an outsider Yoshinkan Aikido is a pretty small world it seems, and some of the characters in this book, although sometimes given a kind of fear awe filled celebrity by Twigger, are likely to cross your path if you take up the art Robert Mustard in particular tours quite a lot and attends seminars internationally.I have read other reviewers say that the book is boring and repetitive, but I didn t think so The characters were quite funny especially Fat Frank the sports angle was well done not too much triumph over adversity, or at least it s not cheesy I suppose as a sports book, triumph over adversity is kind of the point of this Twigger begins the book describing how he is a soft, unfit, bookish type who wouldn t know what to do in a fight He then begins training at Yoshinkan style Aikido with his flatmates and they quickly become hooked on it Twigger decides to enrol on the gruelling senshusei course, and much of the book is concerned with his struggles The senshusei course is a one year intensive programme of ascetic aikido training taught to members of the Tokyo Riot Police who already hold black belts in, I think, kendo, Judo or karate Foreigners train separately After tolerating a year of daily humiliations, pain, bloody dogis and toilet cleaning, Twigger finally attains his shodan black belt.Even if you re don t care about sports or martial arts, give this a try You could ignore the stuff about flipfalls and learn something about Japanese culture and poetry I learned that Japanese food is apparently not very good I like sushi though. A truly entertaining account of one man s experience studying martial arts in Japan. Robert Twigger writes an entertaining story of his time in Japan not falling into what I would assume to be the all too easy form of technical jargon rather revealing the human side of what it takes to survive such a punishing course.It should be noted that this isn t a book aimed squarely at martial arts enthusiasts I would heartily recommend this book to anyone It was interesting to read his physcological journey of ups and downs being absolutely honest about his fears and character flaws A man writing a book such as this would be so easily tempted to right himself into infamy.I myself have never been involved with martial arts nor do I have a burning enthusiasm for it Never the less even I enjoyed this book A testament to its broad scope.I recommend this book.