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!Download Book ☧ Giving Thanks for Baby ♿ To RossFrom Trista Re Soul MatesYou And Kelly Share Something Special I D Like To Find My Soul Mate, Too Starting Over In Chestnut Grove With An Infant Was Such A Major Life Change At First, I Wasn T Sure If I Was Ready To Move On, But It Was Time To Stop Dwelling On The Past, So I Took Kelly S Advice And Registered With A Singles Web Site I Met The Nicest E Mail Buddy, But I Also Like Your New Assistant Pastor, Scott Crosby So, Big Brother, Maybe This Thanksgiving We Can All Give Thanks For Our Blessings Large And Small Kelly has moved to Chestnut Grove with her son after her divorce Scott is an assistant pastor and feels he should reconcile Kelly and her former husband Can a life of family teasing be a blessing or curse as Scott explores his feeling for Kelly. This was a sweet little story I liked that Trista and Scott were able to help each other come to a place of understanding with their respective parents I also liked the bit of mystery that was added to the book Since the next book is the last in the series, I look forward to finding out if I m right about who has been wreaking havoc upon the Tiny Blessings Adoption agency. 4 out of 5 stars This novel wasdramatic than I expected it to be with its many plots and intriguing characters Readof this review and a teaser here Another book in the Tiny Blessings Tale series that deals with domestic violence A nice read Trista and Scott are very enjoyable characters, and the way in which they both change and grow during the course of the book is wonderful In addition to a sweet romance, other issues tackled in the book are abuse, custody battles, Alzheimer s, and family relationships and traditions. Give thanks for this book It was worth the read for me Easy story, easy to read and fun too Wish I had readin the series because a lot of things were left hanging. ok, this was another difficult book for me to get thru, altho, not quite as bad as Healing Touch my ex husband is was a combination of 2 of the semi main characters in this book, and worse like the wife of one of one of those characters, i stayed in the marriage WAY too long partially because i didn t have much self worth of my own, and partially because i had a priest tell me i had to that whole til death do you part thing anyway my current husband is on his way home right now after having been gone on a mission trip for 6 days w 2 of our daughters i think i m going to appreciate him upon his return eventhan i originally anticipated, after having read this book amazing what a simple little story can do for a soul, huh good, quick, uplifting there IS a happy ending to the story the book s AND mine book the 5th book in Tiny Blessings Tales.Trista and Scott s story.It had alot going on in the lives of the Chestnut Grove residents.Great story.