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I liked this book well enough There wasn t anything in it that would cause me to recommend that another person spend time on it, however I had 2 main complaints 1 the love interests, Jim and Mark, both had a habit of flying into a temper for little or no reason that I could see.2 at the end Ginny and Mark both declare an all consuming love for each other..but then Ginny forsakes him and deserts him Unlike a normal romance, they don t end up happily ever after with each other She goes back, presumably, to her first lesser love with Jim It struck me as an odd way to end the novel. #Free Ebook í The Tilsit Inheritance Í THEY HAD ALL COME FOR THE TILSIT INHERITANCE When Virginia Left For England, She Did Not Know Then That She Had Become The New Tilsit Heiress Nor Did She Know That This New Found Life Of Wealth And Luxury Would Turn Instead Into An Awesome And Terrifying Burden Lawrence Had Once Dreamed Of The Inheritance A Man Hungry And Ambitious For Success A Man Who Found Only Mockery And Ruin At The Tilsit House And There Was The Beautiful And Sensuous Vanessa, Whose Life Of Worldly Pleasure Came Crashing Down When She, Too, Entered The Ancestral Home Finally There Was Mark The Man Virginia Loved And Wanted But Could Not Have For He Was Already Possessed By Tilsit THE TILSIT INHERITANCE A Story Of A House And Its Family, Both Cursed By A Mysterious And Dark Secret A Secret That Would Destroy Everything And Everyone If It Were Not Destroyed First When I first found this book about thirty years ago, I read it and loved it One of my book clubs likes to do old classic books, so I recommended this one It was hard to find copies Luckily, I had some to loan out If you can find it, it s a good read.Catherine Gaskin explores the china industry and the sugar cane business in this book So I read other books by her In one, she explored grape growing and wine making In another she did glassware and crystal In another, the growing of hops and the making of whiskey Each book she wrote taught me things as it entertained me Maybe it will be the same for you. Classified as romantic suspense but I didn t feel there was much suspense in it Lots of puzzles but no breathtaking moments Still in all a good satisfying story of a young woman from a Caribbean island who travels to England to receive and inheritance from her aunt, an English pottery. This was the first book I had read by Catherine Gaskin The cover subtitle called it a romantic novel of suspense, but I did not find it particularly suspenseful it was a coming of age story of a young woman, born on a Caribbean Island, convent educated, and transported to the confining environs of a centuries old English mansion where everything revolves around the Tilsit Potteries and the china that has created the family wealth Generally, I enjoy the mysterious atmosphere created by semi Gothic mansion settings, but I actually enjoyed the first volume of the book than the second The sunny island, with its gentle, less driven inhabitants seemed far real than the dark and gloomy world of the Tilsits Unlike Gaskin s historical novels, this book is set in the late fifties and early sixties, and epitomizes the attitudes of that era, which may be why I couldn t quite buy into the heroine s romance with the brooding artist that came right out of the blue in the second volume However, in spite of a sense of artificiality in the second half which, to be fair, the author may well have intended the novel was an absorbing read The descriptions of the various settings were vivid and evocative, and the background information about the sugar cane and china industries was fascinating. I have turned to some old books that I found in a used bookstore This is one of them I must have read it four or five times because it is that good Gaskin is an excellent writer The book is about a young woman who has grown up innocently on a Caribbean island Her father is English and her mother is Dutch Her mother s family has a long history on the island Her father s past life is been much of a mystery to her It is almost as if she lives in a dream world An older man moves next door and begins the process of building a resort Her small quiet life is going to change forever He is a widower and very much still in mourning She in her innocence falls for him but he keeps her at arms length She finds out that there is a big mystery to her father back in England When he receives a cable it kills him and she has to leave for England to find out why The story of her growing up and maturing is done with such skill She leaves her innocents behind while in England and falls in love with a man who is involved in her family s business The man she left behind on the island has realized he loves her It all works out in the end I highly recommend this book.