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Although I didn t really plan it that way, I read Beck Weather s book Left for Dead right after I read Lincoln Hall s book, Dead Lucky The two books have some obvious and uncanny similarities Both Beck Weathers and Lincoln Hall were left for dead just below the summit of Mount Everest, thought to be beyond all hope of rescue Both were believed to have died on the mountain, and both of their families were told that Both were apparent victims of particularly lethal years on Mount Everest, which occurred exactly 10 years apart And both books describe, as best as the authors are able to recollect and piece together, what it s like to die on Mount Everest and then get a second chance at life.That having been said, I liked Weathers book a lot better than Hall s Some reviewers have complained that Weathers included too much information about his personal and family life, regarding this as filler and wishing he had just stuck, Dragnet like, to the facts This, I think, misses the whole point of Weathers book He himself has said that Jon Krakauer s book, Into Thin Air, gives a far detailed and better factual account of the deadly 1996 season on Everest Where Weathers book excells is in its examination of the forces and sometimes the demons that drive climbers to risk life and limb, and how those risks impact both the climbers and their families.As is well known, although Weathers survived, he did not survive intact He suffered major amputations of his hands, as well as his nose, and underwent multiple surgeries Still, Weathers writes that if he had it to do all over again, knowing what the outcome would be, he would do so Some might think he is saying that the climb was worth his hands, that it provided a unique sort of self validation or a challenge that made him feel fully alive But that isn t what he means at all Beck Weathers reasons for climbing were not well understood, even to himself, and even less so to his wife and children Weathers book is unusual in describing his climbs as unpleasant, basically not fun, but something he felt driven to do, perhaps in an effort to lessen his chronic depression His description of climbing is gritty, realistic and not at all romanticized When he went to Mount Everest, Weathers was on the brink of a divorce from his wife and complete alienation from his children Had he successfully climbed Mount Everest, he would no doubt have proceeded to again attempt to climb Mount McKinley, part of his quest to climb the highest peaks on all seven continents As the material which he includes from his wife and children makes clear, that would no doubt have meant the end of his marriage Instead, Weathers near death experience caused or forced him to reflect on what was important in life In doing so, Weathers realized that his family was the most important thing in his life, important that climbing So, when Weathers says he would do it all over again, he means that he would be wiling to sacrifice his hands to get back his family Others may regard everything except the story of Weathers few fateful hours near the summit of Mount Everest as filler I cannot Left for Dead is the story of one person s journey of self exploration Just as Everest tested Weather s physical limits, it also helped him to find his emotional identity In that sense, it was indeed the challenge of a lifetime. [[ KINDLE ]] ⇞ Left for Dead: My Journey Home from Everest ☞ I Am Neither Churchly Nor A Particularly Spiritual Person, But I Can Tell You That Some Force Within Me Rejected Death At The Last Moment And Then Guided Me, Blind And Stumbling Quite Literally A Dead Man Walking Into Camp And The Shaky Start Of My Return To Life On May Nine Climbers Perished In A Blizzard High On Mount Everest, The Single Deadliest Day Ever On The Peak The Following Day, One Of Those Victims Was Given A Second Chance His Name Was Beck WeathersThe Tale Of Dr Seaborn Beck Weathers S Miraculous Awakening From A Deep Hypothermic Coma Was Widely Reported But The Hidden Story Of What Led The Pathologist To Everest In The First Place, And His Painful Recovery After His Dramatic Rescue, Has Not Been Told Until Now Brilliant And Gregarious, Weathers Discovered In His Thirties That Mountain Climbing Helped Him Cope With The Black Dog Of Depression That Had Shadowed Him Since College But The Self Prescribed Therapy Came At A Steep Cost Estrangement From His Wife, Peach, And Their Two Children By The Time He Embarked For Everest, His Home Life Had All But Disintegrated Yet When He Was Reported Dead After Lying Exposed On The Mountain For Eighteen Hours In Subzero Weather, It Was Peach Who Orchestrated The Daring Rescue That Brought Her Husband Home Only Then, Facing Months Of Surgery And The Loss Of His Hands, Did Beck Weathers Also Begin To Face Himself, His Family, His Past And Uncertain Future Told In Beck Weathers S Inimitably Direct And Engaging Voice With Frequent Commentary From Peach, Their Family, Their Friends And Others Involved In This Unique Journey Left For Dead Shows How One Man S Drive To Conquer The Most Daunting Physical Challenges Ultimately Forced Him To Confront Greater Challenges Within Himself Framed By Breathtaking Accounts Of His Near Death And Resurrection, And Of His Slow And Agonizing Physical And Emotional Recovery, Left For Dead Offers A Fascinating Look At The Seductive Danger Of Extreme Sports, As In Rapid Succession A Seemingly Unstoppable Weathers Attacks McKinley, Elbrus, Aconcagua, Kilimanjaro Before Fate Stops Him Cold, High In The Death Zone Of The World S Tallest Peak Full Of Deep Insight And Warm Humor, Left For Dead Tells The Story Of A Man, A Marriage And A Family That Survived The Unsurvivable Candid And Uncompromising, It Is A Deeply Compelling Saga Of Crisis And Change, And Of The Abiding Power Of Love And Family A Story Few Readers Will Soon Forget I can t get enough of climbing memoirs, but Beck Weathers book Left for Dead is not really that kind of book It is, in part at least, the story of his remarkable survival in the deadly 1996 season on Mount Everest, where he was left for dead but survived.In his opening chapter, he describes himself as an amateur climber, in my opinion someone who had not business being on Everest, and his book reads that way It annoyed me the first time he described his crampons essentially cleats that you attach to your boots to provide traction on ice as knives The fact he continued to call them knives rather than crampons thereafter drove me nuts.I ve read several other books on the Everest tragedy including Krakauer s, Boukreeve s and Breashear s I had been avoiding Weathers book for no particular reason perhaps it was instinct that I wouldn t like it Although he had the most dramatic story of all, Weathers book was the worst of the lot Only a small portion of the book is about the expedition itself Perhaps my intense dislike for this book is that I expected to be a climber s book and it is a story about depression I found it hard to swallow the redemption story and mostly just felt sorry for Weathers family. I was disappointed in this book Don t get me wrong, I love to read books and watch TV program about Everest and the amazing people that decide to challenge the mountain, but this book just wasn t what I was expecting If you are looking for a book that talks a lot about mountain climbing or his experience on Everest, this isn t the book for you While he does talk about these things briefly, most of the book details Beck Weathers life all the way from a child up to present day It is narrated by different individuals throughout which makes it difficult to read It was also difficult to read because in my opinion Beck Weathers was a jerk I was angry at him for the way he treated his family, and I was angry at his family for tolerating it I ve read books before about people that I didn t like, but at the end, I ve been content with the way things played out With this book, I don t feel that way. Admittedly, I am a bit bias in my appreciation of this book Meg, Beck s youngest child, was a classmate of mine and, at various points throughout my 8 years at Hockaday, a friend When Beck came to speak to us at a school assembly, I remember crying and being in awe of his courage.Surprisingly, this book has only strengthened those initial responses This is not the story of a hero This is not the story of a family man This is a story of each of us when we feel alone and misunderstood and the stupid decisions we can make when acting on those emotions This is a story of perseverance and love in its true nature calm, complicated and, at times, painful.The book is simply honest and, in that, inspiring. This book is a hot mess Is it his journey home from Everest or his autobiography I sincerely do not care about his growing up years in Japan I thought maybe by starting off with the Everest tragedy it would play out the book in a unusual, enticing way, but not true And the excerpts of conversations with his wife Peach about their dating years had to do with Everest how I mean I understand people may have wanted to learn about the person behind this obsessive desire of mountaineering, but not me I think this title is a misnomer It should have been My Journey Prior to Everest and Everything Else You Didn t Want to Know About Me A waste of a great story. Plusy emocje widoczne zar wno w wypowiedziach samego autora, jak i jego ony, cz onk w rodziny czy znajomych r ne punkty widzenia widzimy reakcje w adz, innych alpinist w, bliskich, itd opisy m.in tego, co dzia o si podczas wspinaczki z cia em cz owieka prawdziwo autor nie pr bowa si wybiela i otwarcie m wi o tym, jak traktowa rodzin przed i po wypadku, widzimy jasne i ciemne strony pasji Minusy kilka nieciekawych w tk w moim zdaniem niepotrzebnie znalaz y si one w tej ksi ce, poniewa i tak nie wnosi y nic do fabu y chaotyczno i wynikaj ce z tego k opoty z czytaniem w mojej wersji e booka brakowa o na przyk ad przerw pomi dzy poszczeg lnymi kwestiami lub akapitami, przez co nie wiedzia am czy to wci wypowied autora, czy ju innego bohatera tej ksi ki niewyszukany styl pisania cho to mo e by tak e plusem, zale y jak na to patrze Wiem, e ta ksi ka ma wielu przeciwnik w, ale mnie si spodoba a Ca a pierwsza cz trzyma a mnie w napi ciu i gra a na moich emocjach Co prawda, nie rozumia am post powania g wnego bohatera, ale stara am si go nie ocenia jak zawsze w przypadku ksi ek opartych na faktach Druga cz to taka bardziej autobiografia babki, wujka, dziadka, ony i pi tej wody po kisielu, dlatego troch si wynudzi am Warto by o jednak dotrwa do ko ca Polecam dla samej historii bookiswiata Things I liked about this book That it didn t try to be Into Thin Air Many mountain climbing books spend a lot of time on the preparation, the carries between camps, etc., which I very much enjoy reading However, in this instance, all those logistics from the May 1996 disaster have already been covered in multiple books, most notably Into This Air We know the outline of what happened Lets be honest, the only reason I read this book was to hear Beck Weathers talk about what happened between Summit Day and being airlifted off the mountain The medical information post expedition I was glad he included information about what had happened to his hands, how they regrew his nose, the surgeries, etc.Things I hated about this book Peach Weathers First of all, I can totally sympathize that she felt abandoned for years by a man that was emotionally unavailable, that wasn t present in her or their children s lives There really isn t an excuse for the way Beck handled that However, any time Beck tried to make a point That wasn t related to my depression though , Peach contradicted him Of course that was related to the depression It was like reading 200 pages of bickering between a husband and wife, which got tedious and annoying Even though I m sure that Peach was a strong woman through all of those years, I came away feeling like she was selfish, annoying, and nagging, which I think was largely due to the back and forth nature of the writing But my biggest problem with Peach s behavior and like I said, I don t excuse Beck s part in their marital problems was what happened on Beck s return from Everest Peach, here comes your husband who you thought was dead, who is suffering, who is saying he loves you, and who has the change of heart that you have been hoping for all these years, and your response upon seeing him is I was going to divorce you when you got back Um.wrong answer Try again She basically told him that she was going to leave him but now that he was injured to the point that he couldn t go mountain climbing, she guessed she would give him probation Probably not what he needs at that exact moment, even though the conversation needed to happen sometime Also, she was upset that his change of heart came about through this experience I felt like the point was that he got there If it was too late, why was she still married to him I always enjoy reading Everest books, especially while under the warmth of my covers in bed I really enjoyed how the author, Beck Weathers, injected his humor throughout the book, I found myself snickering which I rarely do while reading a bookI enjoyed reading the perspective from his wife Peach as well.it s amazing that she stayed with him I also enjoyed the layout of the book..starting with the 1996 account, then going back in time to how he got to that point, then wrapping it all up with how it all ended. If you already collect 1996 Everest stories, you may read the whole thing But if you don t, you ll probably want just Part One, which satisfies The rest of the book becomes too much detail too late, and reads like filler.PS to the audio reader we don t need you to do voices for the same reason we don t need dialogue printed in different fonts and colors It s annoying, and we get it that different people are talking.