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Vengeance is mine, saith the Lord but these seven ladies has taken it into their own hands The first story in the series was great but this one seems to put them into a fantasy status I don t know how I would react if my husband did something that deadly to me but the steps they took for payback is beyond measure If they are truly going for payback, denigrating them is okay but to hypnotize and make them slaves in another country is truly unbelievable Another issue is the ADA, Jack Emery He s suspicious of their activities and is willing to risk his job to catch them Now he s been attacked by the President of the United States goon squad to the near point of death The president has a gang Oh my.A fun read but highly unbelievable..why it s called fiction While the Sisterhood series by Fern Michaels is in my opinion, simple beach read material, nonetheless the stories of revenge are quite satisfying I will probably work my way through the entire series, and enjoy them The plots are sometimes quite implausible but still it makes the reader wish for a group like this who can help exact revenge.I recommend this series for light, enjoyable reading. Payback by Fern Michaels is a 2005 Zebra publication Years ago, It was suggested to me that I might like this series But, I was skeptical because at that time I was into really dark, gritty novels and looking at the book covers, this one as an example, with a white picket fence and red roses on it, I was sure it was too syrupy for me But, when I received a copy of one the sisterhood novels as a gift a while back I thought Why not As it turns out I really liked the book, and wanted to read the series from the beginning, but I doubt that will ever happen, so I will try to read one here and there where I can and as close to being in order as possible Payback reunites the ladies, and Charles, onceas they gather to help one of their own with a little payback In this case, Julia, a doctor and the wife of a prominent senator, discovers her husband is a philanderer and has given her HIV So, she wants to be sure he pays for cutting her life short and she will start by casting doubts on his political future by making sure the press discovers his infidelity, but that s just for startersThe story also continues the saga between Nikki and Jack as they begin living separate lives, despite still being in love, but Jack finds his prying into the sisterhood s activities has dire consequences Still, Jack is a very stubborn man, so I doubt he has fully learned his lesson I enjoyed this one well enough, but certain parts of the plot puzzled me, like Julia insisting on keeping her diagnosis a secret from her husband It seems to me that the longer she waited, thelikely he could infect someone else The plot against the senator was vague and things moved too slowly for my taste, and there wasn t a lot of action or build up of suspense What sold this one for me was the drama between Nikki and Jack and his obsession with finding out what the ladies were up to, which led him into territory he never dreamed of I know there are books in this series that were a lot stronger than this one But, it was nice to go back and read one of the older titles and get a littlebackground on the long running series Overall 3 stars I don t read fiction, and I picked this up on 50 cent table at the library I couldn t put it down I like that it is suspenseful and an easy read. Payback continues the story of The Sisterhood, a group of women that seek revenge on people that have wronged them so far it seems to be all men.In my review of Weekend Warriors, the first book, I mentioned that the suspension of belief for a contemporary was a bit of a stretch in this series I think it s similar to thinking that a businessman could create things like Batman and go solve crimes without anyone realizing who he really was While fun, it s not very believable.The second book throws a ghost into the mix that speaks to two of the women, basically encouraging them to continue seeking revenge on people who have wronged them and escaped traditional justice.Once again, the person they hunt deserves to have something happen to them But again, the punishment really turned my stomach I think these stories would be so much better if instead of a physical revenge, they found a way for the real justice system to get these guys.In the background you have the added drama of Jack, an attorney that used to be engaged to one of the women, catching on and trying to prove they are doing things Jack is a good guy, and he gets swept up in the revenge, and it just makes me like the main group of characters even less.Still, there is something about this series that I can t look away from Even with the typos, plot contradictions, errors, and awful acts the Sisterhood take part in, I somehow need to keep going to see what s next. Understand I don t like profanity in books I ve chosen to make an exception with this series which is why it s rated a 4 instead of a 5 I enjoy my clean, Christian books so muchThe characters are remarkable and endearing The mission of the sisterhood and how it is accomplished is always intriguing I do plan to read the entire series. For some reason GRs is being weird and keeps setting the finish date as 8 11 17 actual finish date is 8 10 17 For the second installment of the Sisterhood series, it s Julia s turn for vengeance On her request the sisterhood takes on a two part mission one Julia s cheating husband from whom she contracted HIV AIDS, and two the Monarch family and their HMO health insurance scam The plot was interesting, and intertwined well with the subplot regarding the evertroublesome Jack Emery, Nikki s ex fian ee The characters are empathetic and relatableI mean who wouldn t want to have the money and resources to get away with getting back at someone who grievously wronged them However, the plan for Julia s husband lacked closure The man whose unfaithfulness condemned Julia to an incurable disease and extremely shortened life expectancy as well as killing her career as a plastic surgeon seems to fall to the wayside in favor of the Monarch family. This was a fun easy read I enjoyed the characters and the plot The story at times was extremely far fetched but that adds to the fun I do like how each book takes on another of the ladies cases and together they seek vigilante justice on their wrong doers I m excited to read the next one. (DOWNLOAD PDF) ì Payback (Sisterhood, #2) ò Some Women Get Angry The Sisterhood Gets Even Meet The Sisterhood Seven Very Different Women Who Found One Another In Their Darkest Days And Formed An Indelible Friendship, Strong Enough To Heal Their Pasts And Bring Laughter And Joy Back Into Their Lives In Myra Rutledge S Beautiful, Virginia Home, Amid Hugs And Fresh Iced Tea, Shrimp Fritters And Shell Pink Tulips, The Friends Have Gathered To Embark On Their Second Mission Of Sweet Revenge For One Of Their Own Julia Webster S Husband, A US Senator, Has Used His Wife S Graciousness And Elegance To Advance His Career Even As He S Abused Her Trust At Every Turn And Left Her Dreams For The Future In Tatters Now, On The Eve Of His Greatest Political Victory, He S About To Learn A Serious Lesson In Payback Because The Senator Crossed The Wrong Womand There Are Six Where She Came From I don t know about this series, yet here I am reading book two