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Apollo is visiting his commander s home after a victory in war His comrades leave him to go seek pleasure elsewhere Kitty, the commander s wife finds Apollo in her bed When she tries to take off his boots, he ceases her and seeks to pleasure her and himself although drunk he thinks she is someone else Read and see how this continues. Nachdem ich versuche meinen SUB oder eher meinem RUB Regal ungelesener B cher zu reduzieren, geht es auch den Liebesschnulzen, die ich anno Schnee g nstig bei Ebay ersteigert habe, an den Kragen.Susan Johnsons S er Kuss der Leidenschaft war f r mich aber alles andere als s Generell ist das Russland Setting nicht so meines Und nach der ersten Liebesszene bei dem sich der Protagonist Apollo Kuzan der Gattin seines Generals, der Gr fin Kitty Radachek aufdr ngt, habe ich den Rest eigentlich gro teils berflogen Nein hei t f r mich nein, auch wenn er betrunken war Auch wenn die Autorin vielleicht den GEf hlszwiespalt der Gr fin, die ja ungl cklich verheiratet ist, aufzeigen wollte und sich ihm aber dann doch hingibt weil er so toll ist, hat sie die Szene einfach nicht gut geschrieben Wenn eine Frau mehrmals nein sagt, ist das f r mich auch eine Vergewaltigung, auch wenn es ihr im Endeffekt gefiel Also ging der Beginn schon mal gar nicht und brachte dem Helden alles andere als Sympathiepunkte.Leider bleib es nicht nur bei der einen Vergewaltigungsszene, so ger t die Gr fin in die H nde eines feindlichen gewaltt tigen Generals Nat rlich wird sie dann von Apollo gerettet und tadada er ist ein Prinz Mehr zu erz hlen habe ich jetzt gar keine Lust.In meiner damaligen Liebesromanphase ist mir schon mal Buch der Autorin in die H nde geraten, dass mich auch weder inhaltlich noch von der Schreibweise her berzeugen konnte.F r mich bestand dieses Buch nur aus schlecht geschriebene erotischen Szenen, einer schwache Protagonisten und einem vergewaltigenden sexistischen Held zwischen denen es null Chemie gibt und uninteressantem Kriegsgeschwafel, wer mit wem k mpft.FAZIT Absolut nicht lesenswert und leider genau der Grund warum Liebesromane oft so verschrien sind Weg mit dem Schund SUB RUB 1 weniger UGHHHH ANOTHER ONE Why are all of Susan Johnson s heroines so pathetic and weak in character I DON T UNDERSTAND DOES SHE WANT US TO HATE HER BOOKS THAT MUCH I have no respect for a woman who cheats and acts like she s innocent, I never do this I don t know what came over me Oh my goodness YEAH, BITCH OKAY ACT LIKE YOU RE AS PURE AS FRESH FALLEN SNOW WHEN WE ALL KNOW YOU RE DIRTIER THAN THE SNOWBANKS OF JERSEY Also, how am I supposed to respect a hero who has no self discipline He didn t often sleep with his superior officer s wives BUT WHEN HE DOES, WHOOOOEYY, HE MAKES SURE TO DO IT 5 TIMES IN A ROW.Why, why, why am I forced to read such drivel My heart, my headugh ocd gottafinishbookseries evenwhentheySUCK good Excellent. One of my favorites A definite recommend The Russian Kuzan Family, book 3 of 4 Captain Apollo Kuzan falls for the wife of his general in dangerous war timesUK EDITION SERIES INFO REVIEWRussian Kuzan Family seriesBook 3Formats Kindle paperback in both US UKThe Russian Kuzan Family series takes us to a less used setting, the Russian Empire following three generations of alpha males with amber eyes The Kuzan family is Russian Royalty, wealthy beyond belief, entitled, worldly and sophisticated Their stories will sweep you off your feet with the glittering ballrooms of St Petersburg and Moscow, hunting lodges in the country, private railroad cars, European shopping excursions and much Susan Johnson aka C.C Gibbs, is published by different publishers in the US and UK, hence the different titles and covers.These are stand alones, but most enjoyed if read in order Book 1 Year 1874 Seized By Love US At Your Mercy UK Book 2 Year 1899 Love Storm US A Storm Of Desire UK Book 3 Year 1919 Sweet Love Survive US Surrender To You UK Book 4 Year 1877 Golden Paradise USCAPTAIN APOLLO KUZAN 20 years Royalty Prince army captain gold blond hair amber eyes KITTY RADACHEK 25 years married gold hair green eyes Captain Apollo Kuzan son of book 2 is a rich, sexy handsome prince and army captain who has triumphed on the battlefields as well as in bedrooms all across Russia He knows that Kitty Radachek, the wife of his General, is very much off limits Besides but this is not the time for romance It s 1919 and Europe has been wrecked by WWI and Russia is in turmoil.Yet their attraction is electric and instantaneous Their story is charged with danger and suspense It was interesting to read a book from this era Of all the books I read I can only recall 7 books from the early part of the 20th century, but none from Russia Though I did not rate this book and hero as high as its predecessors it s still a 4 star book and an excellent read If nothing else read it for the legacy of the Kuzan family that Apollo represents Hero rating 4 stars Heroine rating 3.5 starsSex scenes rating 4.5 starsSex scenes frequency 4 starsStoryline concept rating 4 starsStorytelling skills rating 5 starsStory ending rating 4.5 stars Overall rating 4 starsWould I recommend this series Yes.Would I re read this series Yes.Would I read future books by this author Yes Be sure to join CCGibbsFANS here on GR for the latest news Public group for members 18 years and older ^FREE ↰ Sweet Love, Survive ☝ Kitty Radachek Played To Perfection Her Role As The Demure Wife Of A Powerful Army Commander She Could Never Love Until A Stolen Kiss From A Daring Cavalry Captain Awoke In The Countess A Flaring Passion Devastating Than The Fires Of War That Raged Around Them Captain Apollo Kuzan Was A Gloriously Handsome Prince Who D Triumphed On The Battlefields And In Bedrooms All Across Russia He Knew Kitty Had No Business Being In His Arms, Yet Beneath Her Cool Exterior Lay A Woman Of Fierce Sensuality He Couldn T Resist And In The Midst Of A Nation S Upheaval, Their Reckless Liaison Would Hold Two Hearts Captive As The Hungry Flames Of Passion Threatened To Burn Out Of Control