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4 stars Seth and Olivia fell in love in book 1, this sequel we read how their relationship progresses What makes this couple work is how they talk and communicate with each other Cant fault the storyline No over the top drama No silly misunderstandings This was a really good sequel compared to many others I ve read Personally I found it a bit draggy And I wanted the story to move along quicker Im not sure whether 3 books on the same couple might be too much But if you are looking for a steamy mma fighter with great characters, a good book to pick up X you sure didn t disappoint Skyla, there s just 2 words for this book f cking epic @Free Kindle á Too Consumed (Consumed, #2) ô Mature Content Warning Recommended For Ages Due To Language And Sexual Content Olivia Did The Impossible She Tamed The Over Confident Casanova, Seth Marc, Turning Him Into A One Woman Romeo With Seth S First Professional Fight Coming Up, She Does Her Best To Keep Him Focused And Driveneven If That Means Withholding Sex From Him As Sexual Tensions Rise, So Do Past Discrepancies The Couple Thought Buried, Putting Extra Stress On Both Their Romantic And Professional Lives Stuck In The Center Of The Action, Olivia And Seth Fight For Air As They Collide Face First With The Tough World Of Professional MMA 4.5 consumed stars I was generously provided an ARC by the author for an honest review Thank you With D Day quickly approaching for his first professional fight, Seth Marc, now has everything he s ever dreamed of a budding career and the previously unthinkable girl of his dreams Only with new trysts, new challenges, an old enemy, as well as insecurities and old flames trying to work themselves into the picture how will it all turn out Will Seth get to hold onto what he s fought so hard to quench What about Olivia s dreams With her life just revolving around Seth and his gym will it be enough And will these lovers get their HEA Read and you will find outToo Consumed, was a lovely read and did not disappoint me in any way I liked how both Seth and Olivia are flawed in their own way and yet they are what each other needs in their lives.Both characters have their own set of issues and uncertainties that they battle throughout the course of the story and it s interesting to see how it all turns out I m not saying that it s all hearts and rainbows throughout this because it s not Often at times, when these obstacles did happen, I wanted to slam both of their heads together because they were so stubborn Seth is very aggressive and head on whereas Olivia could be the same when provoked but is naturally timid and reserved Very interesting combination wouldn t you sayEspecially, when you see how they work things out and confront things of past and present.An exemplary and steamy read Pheew fans self Definitely worth waiting for I now can t wait for Forever Consumed which looks like to be the final installment in their story Yikes, review to come, took me twice as long to read this as it normally would, so I need to get my thoughts straight.So, looking back through my review of the first book, Consumed, it appears I rated it 3 to 3.5 stars, and I cannot for the life of me figure out how that could be after reading book two To say I am frustrated would be putting it mildly It took me forever to read this book The writing was ok, what I was reading was just boring and not very interesting, honestly Olivia was still annoying and not a very likable character with all her self righteousness If she were a real person I would probably want to punch her in her smug face I really cannot get a grasp on why I am supposed to care about the person she was on the pages of this book She gives her friend, Selena crap about the sexual adventures between Selena and Jackson, then turns around and enjoys the same type of things here and there,with Seth What makes it wrong when others do it, but okay when she does I thought her actions after Don paid a surprise visit to Seth was ridiculously stupid The fact that Jackson went along with it was idiotic I do not blame Seth for being upset with her, and was glad when other characters were telling her she was in the wrong Yet she still tried to maintain an air of righteousness about the situation, it was maddening Also, what is the deal with moving in with her mom after being so adamant about NOT moving back in book one Yes, I know her dad dies in book one, and I get maybe staying with her temporarily, but moving in completely is nutty considering the fight it had been I don t like her I mean, thoughout the book she is such a snooty witch It was present through the entire book After Seth s first fight in Vegas, she declines going out with everyone, says she is going to stay at home and read What a bitchy thing to do Go out with everyone, jeez I don t care if going out ends up being a debacle, this is a time you suck it up and just go If you are worried about being selfish, well, sister, this is you being selfish by not going this particular time.Seth, well, he started reminding me of Nico in Worth the Fight and I honestly was getting the backstory of Seth and Olivia mixed up with Nico and Elle I read Consumed in November 2013 and Worth the Fight in February 2014, and I have to say I really think they were quite similar, and I could have interchanged characters very easily There was also the ending with the fight with Don that reminded me of another MMA book, but dont know which one, I think it was Remy All of these MMA books are really similar and starting to get confused in my mind, I don t think a whole lot of new scenarios are coming up in these books to make them unique I like Seth, he seems to really love Olivia and be amazed at the amount of love he has for her and how much she seems to center him, he welcomes that But I felt his character sounded soft and gooey one minute, then was overly cocky the next It got to be quite obnoxious, and the demands he was making to his new employer was way over the top Who is he that he is be the newest member of this pro fighting league and tell them what is going to happen I was actually glad to see the organization standing up to him So, he demands certain things with his new employer, yet he cannot ask Olivia to marry him What If he is as cocky as he is portrayed to be, this should not be an issue Yes, I get Olivia kind of unravels his tough guy facade a bit, but whatever, it makes no sense There was a common theme for both Olivia and Seth for awhile They both kept asking themselves if they were selfish or selfless Who the hell cares, you were both annoying the hell out of me There was soooooo much internal rambling by both characters I thought I was going to go mad It took forever to get to Vegas, I think it was 6 days until Vegas when the book starts, and that timeframe took like 65% of the book and the 4 WEEKS they were actually in Vegas took like 30% of the book Just what we were supposed to get out of those 6 days, I am not certain I thought this was a book about an MMA fighter and other than a few training scenes, we had 2 fights shoved in the last 10% of the book BTW, the way Seth proposed HORRIBLE I though it was extremely degrading, and I was actually waiting for it to have been recorded and used by Don in some way Maybe it will in the next book I mean, didn t Seth say he did not enjoy or think about doing the things Jackson does, but then he does the night he proposes Justno.To stop my rambling, I am going to say that this book felt different than the first, it felt disjointed and I have no idea what the purpose of this book really was other than to get our characters married The past flings that randomly popped up, the angry spells, the no having sex rule, all of it was silly and used as an excuse to make this into a 3 book series I am going to make a guess and say this story, which has ultimately become as much about Seth and Don s rivalry as Seth and Olivia s relationship, could have been told in 2 books easily I am pretty sure I am not going to read the next book I don t care enough about any of this to go on Sorry, I was hoping to like this, even pushed it up on my TBR list to read it, but I barely made it through. 5 freaking amazing starsI will write down my thoughts after I ve had a wet dream replaying the scenes in this booksince it is 2 amthat is the smartest thing I could think of doing right know before I get crazed over SethlolBloody hellthe FOLLOW UPHere it is, plain and simple this was so EVEN BETTER than the first book and book 1 was a hit I absolutely LOVED the characters again, they didn t let me down in any moment given in the book and I was actually surprised by the maturity of their actions and reactions, yes they were impulsive and had outbursts but those were a part of their characterization and it was very well developedBoth of them, Seth and Olivia, grow and work on themselves in their relationship while they get to know each other and and very well beyond physical encounters in which they absolutely mastered the magic of carnal interaction or in other words the sex was fucking scorching hot and those scenes left me panting almost every timeSo my Seth and yes, you ve read it correctly MY Seth looks like thisand thisand thisknowing all of the above, you actually can t blame me for looking like while reading and imaginingso yeah, Seth is a sex on a stick and he s a badass fighter who entered the MMAC circuit and started fighting pro, life takes a whole new level of intensity and hardship with constant joggling with inner emotions and outside professional risksOlivia is by his side all the way, she supports him, although she is not immune to the whole flesh on flesh impacts and she doesn t like it BUT she sticks it up and supports her manOlivia grows quickly, in the first book she s had it rough and has lived through it and is still dealing with the aftermath while she takes over the strings of her life.She s sweet and softyet strong, determined, stubborn, assure of herself both physicaly and mentaly especially when Seth s shadows from the past are constantly coming back to bite them in the assand old insecurities are lurking around the corner BUT they deal with it, they fight, they talk it through, they interact, they face it together, they take it as it comes the good and the bad, the right and the wrong and they stick the finger to them allwhile they take one step furtherthere s drama, there are problems popping up on their journey and they are phenomenally described as humanly vivid and imperfectly perfectheading towards the final book 5 Never Want this Series to End Stars I m not going to write a long review about this book because I m too impatient to read the next book in this series But I will say that this series has made me so happy and put me in a really good mood So that s saying something right there I am truly in love with Seth even though he is a truly cocky bastard He s unapologetic but has a vulnerable side to him that is so endearing His love for Olivia is so passionate and pure she s transformed him yet also allowed him to be true to himself Olivia s not judgmental of his past and isn t consumed by insecurity and jealousness, which is so refreshing I actually think this is the first book where the two MC s are so confident in each others love and dedication to each other That in itself has made this an incredibly enjoyable book for me There s still angst and some drama, it s just not surrounding their relationship She s my idea of a perfect heroine caring, strong, confident, and selfless.Most of the angst in this book surrounds Seth s rival Don He is such a total, complete dick I hate him He s sketchy, cheap, and dishonorable That fight scene in the end perfectly captures what a sleaze ball Don is And what kind of name is Don for a bad ass lame is what In some ways I love their rivalry because I root for Seth to kick Don s ass and it creates some really enjoyable drama and angst.Even though I m not a big fan of violence, I couldn t help but grip the edge of my seat during the fight matches in this book Now, I m not saying I dislike MMA books because I love them, I just usually cringe during the fight scenes But I got so anxious during Seth s matches I had to see if he won Luckily he s quite bad ass so there wasn t a lot to worry about, but I got way too invested in his success and wanting him to be unbeatable.Okay so I wrote a longer review than I was planning, but I got too caught up in the greatness of this book Side note Although I m not a huge fan of rap music, I will admit I ve become addicted to Seth s fight song, We Own It by 2 Chainz and Wiz Khalifa. 4 StarsOnly she has the power to consume me, to eradicate all train of rational thinking More interesting and definitely hotter than the first book Olivia and Seth overcame many challenges in the first book but now there are facing some new ones like the reality of professional MMA and the problems couples are usually having This is all new to them so of course there will be some lets say problematic situations Seth is jealous even from Olivia s shadow It s just seriously annoying but also a little endearing This is the first relationship in his life and I really enjoyed reading about his struggles I find some of his actions quite funnyI told you when we met that I m fucking selfish and spoiled, and I wasn t kidding I want every one of your smiles, every laugh, every tear, every fucking thing all of it I want it and I want it all to myself Olivia on the other hand is struggling with Seth s past It is definitely not easy to be with a guy with a past like his Threesomes, alcohol, aggression But she is determined not to let this ruin her happiness She understands he is not perfect and she doesn t want to change him So she tries to adaptHe s only human, and being human means you re vulnerable, that you have weaknesses and imperfections That s the beauty of it Being human is about making mistakes and learning from them or not, if you don t want to There s too much pressure to be perfect these days, and guess what People are imperfect People are annoying, stupid, and rude at times, but it s okay Fights, drama, sexual tension It s a great read I can t wait for the next one Dear Skyla Madi,for a Writing a sequel that wasn t filled with unnecessary drama.The drama that was there wasn t juvenile, it wasn t dragged out for half of the book There weren t a bunch of break ups and fights b Not having the heroine have a personality transplant from book 1 to book 2.Olivia was still funny, feisty, strong willed and independent c Seth I loved all of Seth s caveman ways How willing he was to admit his love for Olivia, without shame Seth and Olivia together were fun, they were HOT, they wereAnd most importantly d No pregnancies Now.just a word about Serena.Based on her personality in Consumed and Too Consumed.not a fan I hope she s just been mis represented and we see a new, improved likable Serena in Relinquishing Control.Sincerely,J I did it all for the nookie The book nookie I couldn t wait to write my review because I knew how nervous Skyla was about this book She had zero reason to be Authors, take note THIS is how you write a second book There was no needless drama No stupid actions Just 2 people in a relationship making it work It was also HOT as HELL I loved every minute I know some people love Remy From this moment forward my 1 MMA guy will always be Seth I m looking forward to the next book