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Wow That hit me harder then I expected I was a little uncomfortable at the beginning of the story I ve read a few of the teacher student love stories but none of them had this kind of age gap and it took me a while to work past it That said, I think it actually added a lot to the story It allowed me to feel just a little bit of the strain that Kevin and Nina felt I loved Nina Without a doubt she was far mature than her years Half the time I felt like she was handling everything with grace than Kevin That said, Roth did a good job with making you understand why Kevin might be behind the times as far as his love life was concerned I loved that Kevin and Nina were so real There were no cliched or recycled characters here and I felt like I really knew them by the time the book closed Their story was hear wrenching without any manufactured drama, or extended and frustrating waffling It was all very organic I really really enjoyed it from start to if finish I m really looking forward to reading of Kate Roth s work. OMG, I absolutely ADORED this book Nina and Kevin are my newest favorite couple I m really hoping the author will continue on with their story There s so much to be written Highly HIGHLY recommend #EPUB ⚷ The Low Notes (Wexley Falls, #1) õ When A Chance Meeting Between High School Teacher Kevin Reed And Singer Nina Jordan Ignites An Instant Spark, They Must Decide If It S Important To Follow Your Heart Or Follow The RulesAfter Caring For His Dying Father, Kevin Reed, Returns To His Hometown Of Wexley Falls, Bereaved, Unemployed And Exhausted At The Thought Of Starting A New Life Kevin Meets Young Singer, Nina Jordan, Who Takes His Breath Away With The Sound Of Her Voice The Connection Is Instantaneous And Mutual On Their First Date, But Both Are Crestfallen When They Discover Days Later, To Their Horror, Nina Is Kevin S Student At The Local High SchoolDeciphering Between Notions Of Love And Lust, Fate And Coincidence, Kevin And Nina Find Themselves Unable To Turn Their Backs On What They Can T Deny Is A Once In A Lifetime Feeling It took me a while to review this book, I have finished since Sunday but the fear of me writing a wrong review is what has kept it on my currently reading shelf for so long.First off, I just have to say that the cover got to me, I am really a cover person and I thought it was so simple yet so elegant, blew me away.The story itself was breath taking the concept of Forbidden Love is so attractive to me as I always want to imagine myself in their shoes and try to imagine how on Earth I would react, and this book was no different I thought it was quite unpredictable because both Nina and Kevin had really bad mood swings in a good way so I never knew if the relationship would move forward or backwards so this kept me on my toes a bit.I thought the story was very fast paced, especially in the beginning because in the first few chapters we already knew pot loads about Kevin, and had already begun to really love him as well as empathise with his situation and that was great Towards the middle he annoyed me a bit because of the decisions he was making that was not just affecting him, and through he was showing signs of guilt and remorse, he was doing them anyway.I adored Nina her maturity, her confidence, I had to keep reminding myself how old she was She really is an amazing character Also James, I like how there is no stereotypical overweight best friend who has to always be a cheerleader for the main character, instead we have James, who is so adorable and he is so damn harsh, but let s face it, what s a best friend if they can t tell you the truth.I really enjoyed this book it was an honour to review it, and I really hope that I have done it justice. You know the best thing about not knowing anything about a book before you actually start reading it The utter joy when it s not what you thought it would be because it s so much better.When Kevin and Nina first meet, I was reminded of when Allie and Noah first met in The Notebook I know it s a pretty bold statement, but it s the way it came across to me It might have been Nina s original nonchalant demeanor, or Kevin s eager text message, but something about these two characters together had me holding out hope for a great love story.Fast forward a couple of chapters, and I was knocked down a few pegs because as their circumstances unfold, I realized that this book had serious potential to bruise my HEA seeking heart What made this book really REALLY good for me was the sheer desperation of Nina and Kevin wanting to be together Their reality was the constant obstacle, but the intensity of what they felt for each other never seemed to waver Even in those moments where I thought this is it they re done , I could literally feel their heartbreak as they tried to put some distance between themselves.I think that some readers might initially be skittish about this type of forbidden romance and the subsequent age gap But I found that Nina was written like an old soul , so any grimacing moments I thought I might have never materialized Had she been nonsensical and flippant, I would have despised this story.Though I love a happily ever after like it s no one s business, I don t like it when it comes on a silver platter Having had the ending draw out the way it did just solidified to me that what Kevin and Nina had was not a you want it because you can t have it type of affair It was grounded in something deeper that, even with a valiant effort on both parts, neither could live without.The beginning captured me, the middle gutted me, and the end mended my heart This is one of those stories that I need in paperback And if you know anything about me, you know that s saying a lot. I just couldn t get into it Couldn t relate to any of the characters It was too slow Read about 15 chapters and then gave up Sorry. It was everything it should ve beenEverything it would ve beenHad we met another dayYou re so charming and amusing, seeBlinding me with fantasyNow the cruelest joke s on meCan I waitCan I be strongCan I change your mindWith a song Now it s nothing like it could ve beenWe are nothing like we should ve beenBut I m glad we met that dayWhen it s meant to be,it s meant to be.It feels right and easy.Don t let me go,just say you ll stay, all I need is one day.Can I wait,can I be strong,can I change your mind with a song I know you re scared,but you ve got to choose.Baby we ve got nothing left to lose.Let s be everything we could ve been,everything we should ve been,had we met another day. These are the lyrics Nina wrote for her relationship with Kevin.The first parts are also written in her creative writing essay,a class where Kevin teaches.Nina and Kevin met an August night.Nina was singing at the place where Kevin went for a blind date.The moment he heard her sing he forgot about his date and focused on her.They go on a date and everything is fine.Then the school year starts and Kevin discovers that Nina is 17 years old and his student.From that point their relationship have many ups and downs.The end was good and I can tell the same for the book.It had 73 chapters not that it matters but still 73 are a lot chapters for a book.I finished the book with the feeling that I saw Kevin and Nina s story and don t need to read another book because this one left me unsatisfied. OMG I LOVED this book It reminded me a little of Slammed which I also love just without the really sad parts Basically, this book was pure perfection Kevin moves into his old family home after his father dies One night he goes to a local bar where Nina happens to be performing He falls in love instantly Completely head over heels love at first sight, etc He picks her up and pretty soon they go on an amazingly perfect first date After that first date Nina is totally smitten as well Monday rolls around and it s the first day of Nina s senior year Low and behold she walks into first period and her creative writing teacher is Kevin, the new hire I m sure you can imagine how shocked they both are The romance, flirting, struggling, and debating ensue It s a roller coaster of emotions as you fall in love with them falling in love You can t help but want them to work out in the end And the ending does not disappoint either This is such a fun and romantic book with amazing characters, great alternating points of view, and one of the best love stories ever I m already looking forward to re reading One of the sweetest romances I have ever read.A story so beautifully written A man and a woman unable to contain the love they have for each other The absolute pain of the forced separation A trick of destiny submitting them to constant torture but nonetheless bringing them together Nina and Kevin A love so heartfelt stripped of annoying situations usually encountered elsewhere Her voice brought them together And her voice reunited them once.BeautifulShe moved in close to him, sliding her hands in his thick dark hair, keeping his face inches from hers.He tried to avoid her gaze, looking anywhere but her eyes, tears streaming down her cheeks silently Butas Nina held onto him he was forced to look at her For an instant he took in her beauty, her dark hair,porcelain skin, heather gray eyes and perfectly pink lips Her face mesmerized him from afar once then bypure luck, she d become his for a time He knew he d never find anyone quite like her and maybe he dnever even try But he had to say goodbye He refused to keep her from being happy His shoulders slacked and he melted in her arms,relieved he hadn t yet had his last kiss from Nina.Their mouths separated again and Kevin felt a horrible tension in his chest Once she told him sheloved him and his mouth went dry His stomach was twisting in knots and he wanted to scream.Instead his voice came out a soft, sweet whisper, his breath warm against her cheek I love you, too,Nina I ll love you the rest of my life Not caring who saw, knowing there were no repercussions, Kevin and Nina each leaned closer to eachother and shared a tender kiss much like their first, back when they were just two people who d foundeach other After all of the months of fighting and yearning, hiding and denying, loving then leaving, theywere just two people in the end Two people at the beginning Ya le tres libros m s sobre EXACTAMENTE la misma historia