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Sweet Romantic Heartwarming.I enjoyed every second of this fast paced, feel good book Ahhhh What a wonderful book This is the kind of novel that gives you just a pinch of fairy tale romance, a dab of sexiness, a twist of angst and a whole lot of heart warming moments to leave you reveling in a feel good high It was a quick read I devoured in a single sitting, reading through it with a smile plastered on my face And it all starts with one sexy rocker seducing the crowd with warm hazel eyes and beautiful lyrics that hit you square in your chest If you took one smidgeon of allure, mixed it with two dashes of handsome, tossed in a devilish grin and eyes that could stop wars, you d have Walker Rhodes When Madison Myers gets coaxed into attending a concert with her best friend and roommate she didn t put up too much of a fight She loved Walker Rhodes and seats in row three were difficult to resist Little did she know however, that she would catch his much sought after gaze from atop the stage She was used to being around celebrities and as a talent agent, she knew how to keep her cool, but something about Walker s focused gaze unsettled her pierced right through her Then the world truly tilted on its axis when he brought her on stage and melted her to goo when he sung his lyrics directly to her But it wasn t until he whispered in her ear and asked for her number that reality slammed into her chest No way Her stupor shattered She was not about to get in line behind a long list of women at Walker s side, night after night Despite seeing stars when their eyes collided, she wasn t blind to what was happening Walker was the kind of guy who went out with a different girl every night And those were not merely rumors I d seen the pictures Plus guys like him were on my Do Not Date list At the very top Madison, however, didn t get much of a chance to process what happened and lock those entrancing moments away inside to forget, because Walker found her quickly and wasn t about to let her go Despite the feelings that surged inside of Madison a mixture of confusion and desire and familiarity and excitement she s intent on standing her ground But when a situation forces her to see him once , she can t help but turn to mush yet again I need to kiss you Not want Need And I m going to do it again, right now So don t stop me What ensues is a lovely, heartfelt story about your past colliding with your future About embracing the serendipitous moments that fate unexpectedly throws our way If you re looking for a fast paced read that will literally leave you feeling happy and warm, pick this book up without a second s thought This is the first book in the Celebrity series, the second book, Catching Stars, will feature a supporting character in this book, celebrity Paige Lockwood. I didn t actually liked this very much, I can t even tell why it was exactly..Even though it was quite a good and special story, but still maybe the writing I m sorry for the sh tty review but I have a bad day and so is my review apparently.. @DOWNLOAD BOOK ã Seeing Stars (The Celebrity, #1) â Walker Rhodes Is A Hot Singing Sensation Who Never Settles Down, Spends Too Much Money Gambling And Gets In Trouble On The Daily At Least If You Believe All The Tabloids Madison Myers Is A Hard Working Talent Agent Assistant Thrust Into The Spotlight One Day After Walker Pulls Her On Stage During One Of His Concerts She Tries To Stay Away From Him, But He Keeps Chasing Her She Is Strong In Her Resolve And He Is Relentless In His Pursuit The Question Is WHY Tabloid Headline Reads Walker Rhodes Pulls Woman On Stage During LA Concert And Serenades Her With Stars In His Eyes And We Watched As The Sparks Flew But Just Who Is This Mystery Woman Who Has Stolen Walker S Heart And Will She Be The One To Finally Tie Down Our Favorite Womanizing Gambler Our Readers Poll % Say No Way The Other % Wish They Were Her Read Inside 2.5 3 meh stars Short, cute and predictable read Nothing shocking or thought provoking, 100% safe, 70% boring and 30% toothachingly sweet. I love romance I read the whole spectrum of the genre from YA to erotica I love dark, angsty, dramatic reads that take me out of my comfort zone But there are times when the old ticker just needs to feel the love with some low level drama and lots of sweet That s exactly what this book was for me and it was absolutely perfect It was such an easy read I almost finished it in one setting It was so yummy sweet I thought I should schedule a dentist appoint just to check for cavities And I loved every delicious minute of it When you re reading a book with a goofy grin on your face from 12 30 2 30AM something has got to be right Walker and Madison s story just flows off the pages and to not fall head over heals for Walker Rhodes the instant you meet him is an absolute sin The swoon just oozes from him with every gesture and every word spoken Seriously, smitten within minutes And Madison is such a lovable female character not something we can say about many heroines that your heart just melts when her and Walker find there way to one another So if you are looking for that perfect book to piece your heart back together and ease your anxiety level and make reading a book relaxing again then search noGrab this little slice of heaven and enjoy This is the type of story that I refer to as a quick lazy fun to read filler There s not much depth to either the characters or story Here we get the second chance at love trope but it s not really even that because these two meet when they were 14 and 15 on a beach in Malibu and, if you believe the storyline, they fell madly in love Summer ends and they part ways promising to stay in touch Because you need a little angst and misery to keep moving forward so throw in the fact that things happen and it s ten years later before they meet up again Now he s a major league rock star and she s working for a talent agency The whole book seemed to be one insta love magic show It s cute, the character are among the beautiful people, and readers get a happily ever after This is a new series but each book ends with a complete storyline. 3 Seeing Stars for this one.I loved The Perfect Game Series, so when J Sterling said she was writing a book about a rock star I jumped up and down.This is an adorable story Simple No drama Just the kind of story you read at the beach with a nice pi a colada I like Madison I Love Walker What I didn t like was that the story was short and some things could have been managed and explained much better with a long story. 2.5 This book was just too unbelievable The writing wasgood, but I CAN T believe this is the same author that wroteabout Jack Carter The story was too short and I had no connectionto any of the characters. Last night, I felt like picking a random book and just doing a quick in between, easy read Something I didn t have to think too hard about, take notes on, or analyze Musician books are one of my favorite tropes, so I gave this a shot Frankly, this was seriously OTT cheese for me, and I found myself rolling my eyes too many times to count Maybe I would have appreciated this book in my teens, but it appears I am too cynical for something like this now The twist towards the end was supposed to be angsty, and that arrow flew way over the target and disappeared view spoiler The hero is shockingly gasp her first love whom she separated from and never heard from again Their original relationship had teenage puppy love written all over it, with nothing substantial to make me feel as if their years apart yearning for the love they lost were remotely warranted Through a couple of short, meaningless flashbacks, we see the two of them flirting together and then saying goodbye for the last time This did absolutely nothing for me And the fact that she had been so desperately in love should have clued her in that Walker was her first love But apparently, her memories were foggy, because even though he recognized her in the concert crowd immediately, she had no clue who he was hide spoiler Short sweet read I would have loved for it to be a bit longer That s just a personal preference of mine I always say this after reading a novella type book I feel we never get the whole depth of their characters in a short book Over all it was pretty good and I ll continue the series, but I wish they were full books that didn t feel rushed.