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This is yet another good, fun and action filled book in The Frontiers Saga The adventure continues from the last book and this time it is finally time for some Jung ass kicking.The book is true to the tradition of most books in this series in that there is plenty of action going on Both on the ground and in space Unfortunately being true to tradition also means that the Aurora is being shot to pieces again The author definitely has some Star Trek Voyager syndrome I think this is the part that I like the least with these books Either the author cripples the ship already at the start so that they can do nothing but sneak around trying to hide or he shoots it up completely.Apart from that small gripe it was a very fun book to read As stated before, this time the Jung is getting their behinds whooped although the price for this is rather high and at the end of the book we are far from the end game The Ghatazhak are playing a not insignificant role in this book and I do like the Ghatazhak lieutenant quite a lot.When not flying around whooping Jung behinds a lot of time is of course spent on trying to recover the Celestia and get her in a flyable state Whether or not they succeed, well you just have to read the book if you want to know that.As I wrote, we are far from any end game at the end of the book The book does not end in a cliffhanger though The events in the book come to a nice conclusion but you know how it is, winning one battle is not the same as winning the war.Again I am looking forward to the next instalment in this series of good, simple and fun adventure books Given the state of things on Aurora and on Earth at the end of the book I am quite interested to see where the story goes from here. Still a very good seriesLots of character and action The lapse in FTL scanning and communications continuity with deployed units that began after book 4 seems to have been given careful treatment after the first 3rd of this book No laser rigs calling 32 light years without a FTL relay ship No active AM scans can get instant results on targets light months away So with blunders like that under control, the plausibility of action in the future setting is fairly high Far better physics and military science than your average Sci fi novel If only the author would stop endorsing oil companies by continuing the idea that propellant for nuclear engines must be flammable explosive liquid when in fact all the energy comes from your fusion anti matter engines Propellant is broken down ideally to subatomic plasma accelerated to near light speed Thus propellant can be anything that can be fed in controlled flow the engines including melted gold the denser the better although fissionable might cause complications with controlled rates Guess the author is looking forward to movie deal where Hollywood says every act of destruction must burn so that they can get that investment and free auto service from oil and car companies seeking a plug in every movie. Wow, my favourite of the series so far Don t Plan on Breathing or Sleeping While You Read This What did Major Waddell do That s just the beginning This book goes at warp speed except warp speed is too slow for the action in this series continuation I get worn out every time I read one of these books but I can t put them down The main characters don t ever sit still except when in a command chair or while piloting a space fighter Man, these books are exciting If you re debating whether to read this book or this series, stop debating and start reading You ve got a lot of catching up to do and these books are leaving you behind The action is so intense and exciting that I can t wait for the next book Excellent writing, great story line and I can t imagine where it s going to lead ( Free Epub ) ☦ Liberation (The Frontiers Saga, #10) ♗ Episode Heartfelt Reunions With Friends Desperate Plans To Gain Advantage Opportunities That Cannot Be Ignored Discovery Of Family Once Thought Lost The Time Has Come For Captain Scott To Fight For That Which Was Taken The Very Freedom Of The World He Was Sworn To Protect Liberation Is A , Word Novel, And Is The Th Episode In The Frontiers Saga Episode Is Coming Soon To start, this book is 10 in the series it s not a standalone novel, and you will be lost if you just pick up and try to read this one If you enjoy a good space opera saga, you need to start with Ep 1 Aurora CV 01 The Frontiers Saga.The author picks up right where he left off, the series is pretty good, and the action picks up quite a bit with some payback against the Jung in this next installment of the series this one appears tighter and has really kicked it up a notch in comparison to 9 You had your usual abrupt ending with a to be continued at the end, and I hope Mr Brown continues his prolific writing pace as I am certainly ready for Fighting sequences are riveting We all knew the Aurora would get back to Earth No surprise A conquered Earth was a surprise It s a bit of a stretch to imagine the number of battles won and other warships destroyed but, as I ve said before, One must be flexible to enjoy science fiction Brown may be right Ten episodes and it s time for a break from Nathan an his escapades. Liberation The Frontiers Saga, 10 the final battle for the liberation of Earth I loved this story Brown gives the Jung commander a voice The betrayal of Earth is finally explained The Aurora gets than superficial damage As is typical for these books the writing is crisp and intense, with battles in land and space All the characters are in genuine danger This is a great series, which you should borrow from your local library. I love Ryk Brown s Frontier series This book doesn t disappoint It s almost all action and strategy, flying by the seat of your pants, deceit, treachery, particle torpedoes, and vertical jumps The book doesn t let up.Jessica tries to get back to Earth to contact the resistance, but things don t go as planned Nathan must protect the Celestia from the Jung, as he fights for Liberation. Okay, i can suspend disbelief when the story is good But you can t pretend to not know something which you already knew about in the first book There were several inconsistencies which a good editor would have picked up Also, didn t understand the reason to send Jessica back to earth she accomplished nothing but get good people dead I would have given 2.5 just because of that.