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[E-pub] ♷ Two Flutes Playing ☪ We Had Many Saints, Many Heroes, Both Female And Male, But I Want To Speak Here Of The Saints And Heroes Of The Gay Tribes For This Is A Period Of Human History That Has Been Lost Through Time, Whose Return Is Vitally Needed For You Know The Heroes Of The Other Tribes But Of This Small, Sacred Tribe, Whose History Has Been Obscured, You Remember Nothing So Tells Acclaimed Author Andrew Ramer In Two Flutes Playing Within These Pages Can Be Found Insight And Wisdom Ramer Serves As A Mythologist For Gay Men, Providing Evidence To The Harmony Of Gender, Love And Sex A New Introduction By The Author Reveals Why This Book S Timeless Message Has Once Returned To Print As The Inaugural Title In The White Crane Spirituality Series Although we like to think of traditions going back into the mists of time, they are often created by a gifted story teller For example a lot of what is seen as Scottish culture today comes from Sir Walter Scott Ramer describes himself as a Maggid a sacred story teller and he has created a whole mythology for men who love men which spans back into prehistory ie ice age which he has received a term he prefers to channelling I know this sounds strange and probably twelve months ago I would have thrown this book against the wall in disgust How can you prove that However, I ve becomeopen and thank goodness As well as laying out an important role for men who love men in our wider culture, he has exercises for increasing intimacy and talks about midwives for the dying who keep people on their death beds company, listen to their confessions and fears and help them forgive themselves for their failures It is a book which need a life time to unpack I will probably be returning and reading it again.