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The most fiscally responsible thing I did was to check this out from the library and save myself the cost of the book.Barbara Stanny came to my attention in a USA Today For the most part, she s a interesting interview than author The points she made in the interview that intrigued me are nearly 2 3rds through the book, until then the few practical items are masked by a lot of the metaphysical It s sort of a if you build it, they will come for women and finance.As someone who fell for the mantra, Do what you love and the money will follow I m not sure who it s following, it s not me So I m a hard sell on if you believe, all will be well It s also hard to follow someone who is an heir to the HR Block fortune Yes, she made bad choices but always had a cushion, I could not take a 9 month sabbatical as the author did.My hope when reading books like this is to pick up a few nuggets which I did and found myself already doing some positives. Barbara Stanny has produced a very accessible and inspiring read on the relationship of women with success, money, wealth, and power I wish I had read it twenty years ago Not to worry, it is never too late to accept success She presents so many lives of women in the seven figure range that are useful and heartening It s not anti patriarchy, merely states facts and experiences, letting the reader choose her own conclusions Interestingly, the last two non fiction books I have read bring in The Course in Miracles, a book I have not read in decades Stanny refers to it occasionally, and not obnoxiously Two memorable quotes from her book According to Tibetan Buddhist tradition, a warrior is one who is not afraid of herself The next is from Erich Fromm The main task in life is to give birth to our self to become who we actually are Sacred Success is indeed warrior building. Blown away is seldom something I write about business books If I hadn t read an interview about how her husband gambled away her huge inheritance while she continued to believe that men should handle the finances, I would have never have picked this up.Talk about a 180 And now Stanny appears on business shows plus wants to help other women achieve the same success.The process described can work if people follow the steps Excellent It took me a while to warm up to Stanny s writing style and her brand of self help ehactually maybe I never really did The whole thing felt very Corporate Retreat to me, complete with lots of Four Steps to insert aspirational state of being here , plentiful quotes pulled from A Course in Miracles and even a few Bible quotes Blech Stanny s been through her own trials and tribulations when it comes to money and finding her way professionally, but she started out with a sizable trust fund, so I felt kind of skeptical from the beginning.This book wasn t quite what I thought it was, which also frustrated me when I started reading obviously, not the book s fault, but I was going into it with certain expectations I was expecting something like a book length version of Chapter 6 Disciplined Action, Part 2 The Discipline of Affluence , which breaks down wealth building from the bottom up in practical understandable terms I thought that chapter was great and well written, but she starts it off by saying I suspect, for some of you, pairing money with discipline is a definite turnoff In fact, you re probably tempted to skip this chapter altogether To which my response was, Are you kidding That s the whole reason I m still reading this damn book So, I feel like maybe I wasn t exactly the primary audience.With that said, I think this book is still a worthwhile read and has useful exercises for figuring out your career and financial trajectory A lot of the ideas in this book are basically mindfulness techniques, but they re presented in a way that makes them relevant to career and financial planning specifically While reading I pasted the exercises and some excerpts into a Word document and by the end I had 15 pages that I think distill the parts of this book that I ll come back to in the future I also think the templates provided for tracking expenses are useful and I ll probably use parts of them.My inclination is to give this book 2 stars, because I really did find it incredibly annoying a lot of the time could I roll my eyes any harder at the notion of taking a 9 month sabbatical, as if that s a totally normal thing that normal people can do But I think the content is important and, most significantly, accessible and geared toward the challenges that women face Also, even though I felt like a lot of what Stanny was talking about was way beyond where I am in my own career, it was kind of interesting to read and think well, that s something to look forward to and not in a snarky wayI mean, it did help me see what s possible even if I m not there now AnywayI think the underlying message is a good one and there are useful tools embedded in this book I just had to get past the way it all was packaged. I thought this was going to be just about getting my financial act together, so had been putting it off Finally picked up the audio version, and wow There is so much wisdom in here about all of life Some of the exercises I ve done in earlier periods of my life, so didn t need to repeat Others were new to me All were valuable I ve incorporated some things and plan to re read this book later this year so other practices can better sink in and become part of my day to day.Highly recommend this One note the narration is odd Speeds are occasionally wonky, and the speaker can be a little too perky for my tastes But the information is worth it, so stick with it. Holistic spiritual approach the term financial success A large part of the book introduces major concepts from the Course in Miracles I love this because it helped me break through a ton of doubts I had about my relationship with money.There s a ton of excellent quotes and themes in the books that are taken from many different types of figures Religious, political, historical, professional etcOnly towards the very end does the book start to cover actual financial advice The advice is pretty basic and not anything I ve never heard of before It is however, presented in a spiritual framework that addresses some of our deepest concerns about money Do we deserve it How do men and women think differently about money What is my core purpose in life .FREE DOWNLOAD ⚉ Sacred Success ♀ Sacred Success A Course In Financial Miracles Shows Women There Is A Better Way To Achieve Wealth And Power On Your Own Terms As A WomanBarbara Stanny, The Leading Expert On Women And Money, Has Helped Women Take Control Of Their Finances For Two Decades And She Knows There Is Much To Success Than How Much You Earn In Her Work With Powerful, Successful Women Over The Last Years, Bestselling Author And Financial Educator Stanny Has Found That Most Women S Problems With Money Have Little To Do With Money Itself, But Rather With Their Fear Of, Or Ambivalence Toward, Power Instead Of Pushing Women To Pursue Financial Success In The Traditional Fashion, Sacred Success Seeks To Redefine Power From A Feminine PerspectiveMore Than A Financial Guide, Sacred Success Is A Primer On Power For Women A Tutorial For Taking Charge Of Your Life By Taking Charge Of Your Finances, And Not Only Growing Your Money But Creating A Deeper, Richer, And Meaningful Life Best Described As A Course In Miracles Meets The Wall Street Journal, Sacred Success Gives You A Proven Process That Uniquely Blends The Practical, Psychological, And Spiritual Work Of WealthYou Can Be Financially Successful Without Sacrificing Your Soul Or Compromising Your Values You Can Create Wealth And Exercise Power By Staying True To Your Authentic Self And Personal Mission Start Now Reads very much like a day seminar or one of those programs they put in during a PBS telethon but that s not necessarily a bad thing For me, based in other books I ve read recently though, it felt very prescribed and almost like a textbook.But there are also some great nuggets in there too that were just enough to make me finish the book and not just move on Women and finances has a lot of dynamics to unpack, and Stanny s willingness to share her own stories made for compelling examples. Excellent readBarbara Stanny takes you on a personal journey to find yourself and bring back your roar I couldn t put it down and I didn t want it to end This is a must read for all women I will read it over and over to find the warrior within as I continue my journey to Greatness Findyour greatnessA book about empowerment that is a little stuck in binary discussions of gender but still has a useful set mindful practices Ithought the beginning of the book was very inspiring but the rest of the book maybe wasn t as concrete as I was hoping.