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Review from Tenacious Reader starsI just love this series It is filled with action and intrigue as well as amazing, real characters and relationships Oh, and humor The conclusion to the series was every bit as fun and addictive as the rest the first two books In short, this is a highly addictive, unputdownable, laugh out loud action packed series with memorable and enjoyable characters.The Tan family is settled in a home base in the Northwest, where Jill who is now known as The Great Betrayer for outing the Quasing existence helps lead the Prophus Roen is still trying to compensate for his shortcomings as a husband father in Cameron s early life while still acting as an agent And Cameron, well, Cameron is training like an agent and trying to be normal at the same time.I love Cameron s chapters For me, these provided the most fun since he is still young and a bit naive You get that great interplay between Tao and him as well as between his parents There is also a bit of angst but not in a bad way He excels so much in his private life, but in school he just doesn t find a way to feel like he belongs or fits in As much as Jill and Roen tried to provide him with the opportunity for a typical teenage life, he is in no way a typical teenager As much as I have always loved and still love the other characters in this series, I can t help but feel like Cameron grabs me in way the others don t I had a clear preference for his sections while reading, which is saying something when I still love Jill and Roen I just want everything good for Cameron I want his peers to appreciate how amazing he is, I want him to have the girl of his dreams, I want his parents to recognize how hard he works and allow him some say But I also want to see him safe and out of danger kind of a conflict when he wants to be an agent, I want him to have that, but I want him to be safe It is hard to be both an agent and safe Most likely it is impossible.If I have to find a weakness in this, for me it would be the sections that focus on Enzo and Jacob These are Genjix agents, and ones that have I often love getting the bad guy perspective, but I think it is very tricky to find that balance to keep me fully engaged during them And when they have to compete with characters like Roen, Jill and Cameron, it is especially hard So, I don t want to sound like these sections were a chore to read, they certainly weren t But I never had the same connection with Enzo or Jacob as the other characters and so I just felt less engaged These sections for me were almost informational or about plot progression than the sections were I felt truly invested in the characters They still moved at a good pace and had their moments of humor and action.Another point of love in this series is the political games The power struggle between the Prophus and Genjix and how they see humans and our planet makes for very interesting motives and conflicts And I have to confess to enjoying speculating who in real life would be likely to serve as a host to a Genjix or a Prophus Quasing This book delivers some series Prophus Genjix humanity conflict.Highly recommend this series to anyone who enjoys fun Also recommended for those who enjoy action, politics and or humans Honestly, unless you are a Genjix Quasing aka evil , I think you will love this book. What is the best thing about Wesley Chu He makes reading a story about a parasitic alien race, plotting to terraform the earth, funny and riveting He could have gone for frightening but Chu made his aliens lovable They have, after all, been around since the dinosaurs, inhabiting a large assortment of creatures across evolution, until they found the human race Through humans they found intelligent creatures, or I should say intelligent enough creatures, they could use to realize their dreams A dream of making the earth a nice soupy mess for aliens to live in It s unfortunate that it will be unlivable for humans As a human this sounds terribly wrong, but they were here before us They are smarter than us and as a famous Genjix leader, Zoras, would say, humans to aliens are like ants to humans You wouldn t be concerned if you crushed an ant beneath your feet would you Human jumps in evolution, our inventions, our societal growth were judged to be born out of conflict Napolean, Tao, and countless others were alien hosts Some aliens would even say the fact humans are civilized at all is due to their coaxing In this installment of the Tao series we follow our favorite alien Tao and Roan s family Tao is part of a group of rogue aliens that believe that humans have a right to earth as well They are the Prophus The aliens who want to create as much conflict as possible and eventually eliminate us are the Genjix Welcome to an alien war on earth.If you have not read the previous Tao books stop now, and I do mean now This is not a series you can start in the middle If you ve been reading you have been waiting on the edge of your seat since Chu s latest painful cliffhanger in book two Tao has been with Roan s family since Tao s skilled host was killed suddenly It was his unfortunate fortunate luck that he found a unsuccessful, overweight, IT guy who left a nearby nightclub early to down his sorrows in pizza This was Roan Tao somehow formed this sweet, but socially inept guy, into a Prophus agent He also helped him meet his wife, who also got sucked into the Prophus As always, the Genjix have the good toys, the money, and the Prophus are once again on the verge of losing the war.In this installment of Chu s series, Cameron, Jill and Roan s son gets pulled into the family business In truth, he s been in training for it since he was four as there wasn t really an option After Jill and Baji were forced into exposing the existance of aliens to the humans, life got hard There was no sleeping in the same place twice and despite the hopes of all three of his parents he had no hope for a normal childhood This story is about Tao, Roan, and even Cameron fighting their nemesis as Jill rules the world Hey, someone has to do it, and Jill is than competent In this story Chu has the women rule the world from the Keeper, to Jill, to the IXTF I have to give credit to Chu for being progressive.Let s just get this over with I loved it Every single moment of it I m in love with Tao, Roan and his whole family because it is a family I hold out hopes that there is fourth I know it s not likely but Chu left himself some room and he could keep it going Roan created a relationship with the IXTF Join me on this little dream so we can encourage Chu to keep going No one, and I do mean no one, wants to see this series end This is the best I can do for a spoilerless review. Fifteen years have passed since the events in The Deaths of Tao and the battle between the Prophus and the Genjix has reached a fever pitch Moving forward with their plan to transform Earth into a habitable planet for the Quasing, the Genjix have established terraforming facilities in all corners of the globe Can the Prophus prevent global destruction or will life as we know it cease to exist I received an advanced copy for Angry Robot Books in exchange for an honest review.Keeping that teaser as vague as possible was incredibly difficult as I didn t want to spoil the story for those who haven t read the first two books side note get on that, people The dynamic amongst the Tan family was just as entertaining as ever as the dialogue crackles and the character development is top notch.While Chu keeps things consistent with the third person narrative, he does move among focused individuals with each chapter While I usually prefer a story to follow one person, as readers, we re spoiled by the number of compelling and interesting characters contained within the Tao universe and Chu would be doing us a disservice by not showcasing as many as possible.I should also note that not only is Rebirths of Tao jam packed with action and espionage, it s hilarious to boot Chu has a great sense of humour and uses it to great effect in both breaking tension and entertaining his audience.The Rebirths of Tao brings a close to a very rich trilogy I m happy to see that both Wesley Chu and Angry Robot books have committed to one another in announcing a separate stand alone trilogy that will take place within the Tao universe The first book hits shelves in 2016 and I couldn t be excited.Also posted Every Read Thing. Me BUYING a book thats how much I wanted to get my mitts on this new shiny read Even started reading it first day its delivered MUCH anticipationMaybe that has a play in the 3.5 stars award as was slightly disappointing in parts the least enjoyable of the trilogy overall The next question is do I round up OR down from thereA little actually a lot spy craft in this than Alien interaction s I find the interaction of the bad aliens with their vessels not entertaining at all The bad aliens are like automatons, omnipotent ones at that it would seem totally devoid of any empathy in contrast with the good well better aliens perhaps is a better term reading about them was at times a stodgy affair, all very thriller spy craft with little to interest me BUT it is a necessity for the story to move forward to one of two conclusions The raids fight scenes were very difficult to picture confusing in some ways, then over with surprising ease of victory or escape I won t tip yer hat but it s quite obvious from the get go where it s all heading that too made for a disappointment a general feeling that the trilogy was going out with a whimper rather than pulling me forward relentlessly to an exciting conclusion s.Also missed Tao Roen s interaction very much so the dynamics of the characters changed significantly for me I got used to the shift come mid book there s certainly enough humour from Tao in a chip off the old block vein I liked the idea of the extended family through aliens.But was it enoughThe trilogy is still a good read jus not so enthralled with the Rebirths of Tao as the first 2 books as Tao Roen ARE what makes the story work for this reader So I m going to round Rebirths of Tao down to 3 Stars give the Trilogy an overall 4 Stars.Addendum On reflection A bit too much nitpicking so its a round up to a four as the excellant bits far outweigh the niggley bits 7 Top Ten Reads of 2015 at timothycward.comWow That s it The last book for Roen Tan Thankfully, this isn t the last book for Wesley Chu, and not even the last in this universe of alien hosting humans and their not so secret war to save Earth Thankfully thankfully, this isn t even the last book Wesley will publish this year Tor will release his next novel, Time Salvager, July 7, 2015.Wesley was also recently nominated for the Campbell Award for best new writer I have my Hugo nominees packet, but it will be hard pressed for one of the other nominees to outperform Wes.Do you like spies I do Jason Bourne is a favorite Imagine the next Bourne film started with him dying and loses the alien spirit that had taught him everything, from philosophy, to the ancient history of alien influence, to fighting, to you name it The alien spirit, Tao, requires a human host to survive It is late at night and Tao, a Prophus the good guys of aliens , can t afford to be picky on its next host A cab door opens up and an overweight computer programer throws up on the sidewalk.Poor Tao He inhabits the out of shape body of someone unwilling to outgrow his teenage fears and weaknesses.I won t go through all of the first two books aside from saying they are among my highest recommendations for someone looking for an easy to enjoy, butt kick exciting, light scifi adventure with a surprisingly strong character devotion Roen Tan may never have become Jason Bourne in his fighting ability, but what became so much important was how he became what I d like to become as a husband and father.Read on only if you ve read the first two books, The Lives of Tao review and The Deaths of Tao review.Again, Wes starts his book after a significant time lapse from the previous edition When he did this after the second book, The Deaths of Tao, I wondered if I d miss experiencing the events of those years He d gone from revealing his secret of the alien inside him to starting the book with a son around four and he s split from his wife, Jill Deaths was a great book, and had moving moments between Roen and his wife, including the cute reference to their baseball game first date as his password It s been awhile since I read that book, but did they ever have a face to face moment of reconciliation It was surely implied that it would happen I m just reflecting on Wesley s ability to move the story forward without unnecessary events, and I m impressed by it.In The Rebirths of Tao, Roen s son, Cameron, is now a teenager and takes on a POV role now that he has Tao I don t know if Wes planned the trilogy this way, but this element worked perfectly We get to see Roen struggling without his best friend, Tao, which illustrated a strange jealousy he had with his son and one that his wife had grown used to This dynamic places Roan in a new kind of trial as he must continue on in this war without the help of his alien mentor Roen has also gone from the difficulty of balancing being with his family versus fighting in the war to trying to keep his upstart son from getting in over his head Cameron s alien assimilation at such a young age has allowed Tao to train him into the best symbiotic human alien warrior ever I really enjoyed experiencing Cameron s ambition and courage along with his dad s fear The character arc for Roen through this stage makes him one of the most well rounded character experiences I ve read Wesley s injection of life events into Roen s life, and the way he pulls out all the difficult emotions along the way, made for a deep and complete story among the best I ve read Add to that intelligence and excitement of the unique war between alien hosted humans and their plot to transform Earth while destroying humanity Now that Roen s story concludes, we get the continued privilege of seeing how this complicated war plays out with a new set of characters.The main criticism I have about Rebirths is that I had times when I didn t need to pick it from my queue This isn t to say the pacing was bad it is rare to find a book that can stay at the top of my queue from first page to last but there were times through the story when I wished its excitement was greater I am not sure where to pinpoint these waning moments, but it could be parts of the enemy s POV as he goes back and forth between who will and won t support him It could also be that some of the missions evoked the same feeling It s a spy book and agents will defend or invade, and some of those scenes came and went without as much interest as I d like My excitement picked up as Roen and his family were directly in danger, and the ending was great However, I wonder if some of the battle scenes in the end could have been descriptive.These picky criticisms didn t take away from me giving a strong recommendation to this book and the series I just see them as areas I think could be improved in Wesley s future books He s a heck of a writer and as an aspiring author I was often jealous of his ability I m just sharing my experience as a reader.The narration by Michael Nara continued on from his dominance in the first two books This guy is one of the best I ve heard His characters evoke personality that seamlessly transport us into the story without the barrier of realizing we re being read to His pacing and ability to inject tension at the right moments are also among the best I hope he sticks around for the next series.That s enough of my review now go out and read some Chu Reviewed at Adventures in SciFi Publishing The Rebirths of Tao picks up about 13 years after the events of The Deaths of Tao spoilers for that book to follow Things are not going well for the Prophus They re still fighting the Gengix but now that their Quasing secret is out, the Interpol Extraterrestrial Task Force is after them as well.The best aspect of this book is the characters Roen gets fleshed out as he has to deal with the aftereffects of losing Tao to his son Cameron at the end of Deaths Wesley Chu has gotten consistently better at developing his characters and giving them depth I had issues with the characterization of Jill in Deaths of Tao but Chu did a much better job with her this time around In Deaths, I felt like Jill did stuff because That s What Girls Do and it didn t feel natural In Rebirth, Jill felt realistic and grounded.I was most looking forward to the ramifications of Tao moving to Cameron thank the Flying Spaghetti Monster for the time jump I did not want to read about Tao in a 4 year old Chu did an excellent job with Cameron as a character He s 15 years old but he s never angsty or whiney He s mature largely thanks to Tao s influence but Chu allows him to be a typical teenaged boy Cam has a crush and makes unwise purchases of video games It makes Cam relatable and likeable.I had some issues with the plotting This is the last in this Tao series but it didn t feel like it There was a lack of urgency and focus for me, considering they re trying to save the world That said, I didn t really care all that much because Chu s characters are so entertaining and fun to read about I m okay with less plot and better characters There will be another series set in this world so maybe there will be closure in those books.I really enjoyed the entire series and I m gonna miss these characters, though I hope they pop up in the next few books.B I finished this book today and in turn I got a massive sunburn because of it I was so transfixed by the damn book that I wasn t paying attention to the fact that my skin was taking a beating and literally roasting off my body.There s no getting around itWesley Chu owes me a bottle of aloe vera As for the book itself WOW WOW WOW This was the final instalment of the trilogy and lemme tell ya, it ends with a very satisfying BANG The three novels are incredibly fun reads on their own, but when you finish this one and see them all collectively as a whole it really shows the talent and skill that went into putting them all together They are all so different from one another, and yet at the same time very in sync as well.I don t really know what else to say I m not one of those reviewers that take you through, step by step, telling you what happened there are plenty of other reviews out there if that s what you are looking for I just prefer to babble on and on about what I liked or didn t like.In the case of the Tao bookswell hellI liked it all I ll say this, however The characters that start off in the first book are completely changed by the time they reach the last their journey is intense and full of high risks and insurmountable odds Along the way, there is plenty of action, tragedy, and suspense there are also quite a few laughs and some very heart warming scenes.I m actually kinda sad torn into a million little pieces that it s all over and done with.I want a Tao Or at the very least, I wanna toss back a few beers with Roen Tan and hear him tell me a tale or two. The nitty gritty A perfectly paced, action packed ending to a top notch series, with characters you won t want to say goodbye to.There s nothing better than a favorite series ending on a high note, and I m happy to report that The Rebirths of Tao has accomplished just that For those of you who have started reading the Tao books, you are in for a treat And for those of you who haven t, well now you have a great excuse to binge read the whole thing at once I enjoyed the hell out of this book, from the first page to the last All my favorite characters from the first two books are back Roen, Tao, and Jill and they are joined by some new characters that I absolutely loved In The Lives of Tao, Chu is developing his unique world, and so a lot of time is spent on introducing the reader to the Prophus and the Genjix and exactly why and how the Quasing aliens came to Earth But now in the third book, with the details of the world building well established, he spends time on characterization.By the time you get to the third book in a series, it s very hard to avoid spoilers, so instead of laying out the story for you, I m going to focus on talking about the things I love most, especially the characters, since they are the main reason I want you all to GO OUT AND READ THIS SERIES Let s just say the stakes are higher than ever this time around, with the war between the Genjix and the Prophus about to spill over and affect the survival of the human race That s right, people, humans are in terrible danger, so you can imagine how intense the action is in this story Chu s pacing, just like it was in the other two books, is nearly flawless I don t know if I ve ever said that in a review before, but I ll say it again Chu s pacing is PERFECT I wouldn t change a thing about it And even though I would describe the story as fast paced, it never felt as if he were rushing his story.Chu has created quite the tangled web of political intrigue and the consequences of what happens when an alien race is set on taking over a planet Not only are the two factions of Quasing fighting the Prophus want to live in harmony with humans, and the Genjix want to wipe out the entire human race but humans are now aware that the Quasing are living among them, and so a government organization called the Interpol Extraterrestrial Task Force or IXTF as they call themselves has formed to find those people who are Quasing hosts and round them up Add in some complex interpersonal relationships between the characters and you have one juicy story.By far the best parts of this book for me were the interactions between characters I ve already mentioned how much I love Chu s pacing, but even than that, I adore his dialog Wesley Chu needs to be writing screen plays, because I think he d be really good at it But keep writing books too, Wesley My favorite new character this time around was a guy named Marco, who has a history with Roen and not a good one He and Roen are reluctantly thrown together on a mission, and the resulting scenes with the two of them are priceless It s a screamingly funny buddy story that only gets funnier as it goes along My favorite scene between the two of them has to be when they are forced to share a bed one night, and Roen wakes up with Marco hugging him OMG I nearly peed my pants One of the interesting relationships was the one between Cameron and a Genjix host named Alex Alex is an Adonis vessel and you need to read the other books to understand what that is who is supposedly defecting, and so she comes to the Tan s place for safety Because Cameron and Alex are the same age, it s inevitable that a romance will start to develop between them, but I loved that it s a sort of Romeo and Juliet scenario, since the Genjix and the Prophus are mortal enemies But don t expect smooth sailing for these two luckily Chu gives us a twist to keep us on our toes But still, my favorite relationship is the one between Tao and his host In the first two books, we had wonderful interactions between Tao and Roen But after Roen lost Tao at the end of book two, Cameron is now Tao s host, and their relationship is almost like a father and son Tao drives Cameron to constantly train and prepare for battle, but he is still a teenaged boy, and he s very good at tuning Tao out when he s trying to spend time with Alex.And Roen, without Tao in his head all the time, is something quite different in this book He s often uncertain of what he should be doing, after years of Tao guiding his every move Now he must think for himself, even if his decisions are not always the right ones I loved that Roen still hears Tao s voice in his head He knows him so well that he can imagine exactly what Tao might say in certain situations Roen is quite sad that Tao is no longer with him, and it was poignant and sad and added another great layer to the story.I could go on and on, but I d rather you spend your time reading this series than reading my review, LOL Start at the beginning, and I guarantee you ll be hooked Wesley Chu recently announced that Angry Robot has bought a new stand alone trilogy set in Tao s world, and the first book, called The Rise of Io, will be published next spring Great news for his fans, old and new.Big thanks to Angry Robot for supplying a review copy The above quote was taken from an uncorrected proof and may differ in the final version of the book.This review originally appeared on Books, Bones Buffy. Executive Summary This series is a lot of fun This book was no different, and I had a hard time putting it down Full Review I only found this series last year after Mr Chu did an interview with Sword Laser I really enjoyed the first two books It was a great find.The Lives of Tao almost reads like a stand alone The Deaths of Tao on the other hand ended in the worst possible place So I was really excited to find out this book would be out in December and I only had to wait a few months Only the book got delayed due to issues with the publisher NERD RAGE This built up an even bigger sense of anticipation In the meantime I kept recommending the series to friends As a result by the time this came out a handful of us did a group read over in my group The Not a Book Club Club.This ended up being the best one yet I had been reading it only a bit at a time in order to savor it Then I realized that Daredevil was out on Netflix and I suddenly was conflicted I didn t have enough time to do both By the end of the weekend this won out Easily I read the last 40% in one day, which for me is a lot I couldn t put it down It s for that reason I ve given it only my second 5 star rating of the year so far.In a genre overrun with gritty dark fantasy and post apocalyptic stories, this series is a breath of fresh air That isn t to say everything is sunshine and unicorns, but Mr Chu does an excellent job of mixing action, adventure with humor to keep the seriousness of events from weighing you down too much as you read.The one thing I missed in this book was all the really excellent Retconning of Human history to fit the Quasings in However in it s place we finally get some history of the Quasings themselves prior to their arrival on earth.For anyone hoping for everything to be wrapped up in a nice pretty package, you may find yourself disappointed Often times that s how I like my series to end However, I think that things ended in a good place I m happy to know their will be a sequel series set in the same universe, because I m eager to read Quasing stories I m a bit sad it won t be focused on Tao, but hopefully this won t be the last we hear of him. `Download Book ⇹ The Rebirths of Tao (Tao, #3) ☜ The Tao Trilogy Is Over But The Story Continues With The Rise Of Io In Many Years Have Passed Since The Events In The Deaths Of Tao The World Is Split Into Pro Prophus And Pro Genjix Factions, And Is Poised On The Edge Of A Devastating New World War A Genjix Scientist Who Defects To The Other Side Holds The Key To Preventing Bloodshed On An Almost Unimaginable ScaleWith The Might Of The Genjix In Active Pursuit, Roen Is The Only Person Who Can Help Him Save The World, And The Quasing Race, TooAnd You Thought You Were Having A Stressful Day