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A sequel to the House by the Dvinanot quite as good but worth reading. The sequel to The House by the Dvina This book completes the story with Eugenie Fraser s first return visit to Russia 50 years after her family fled to Scotland due to the Revolution It was another 18 years before she was allowed to visit Archangel and make contact with relatives. Fascinating follow up to The House by the Dvina In the first book, the author escaped from Russia to Scotland with her mother and brother after the Russian Revolution 50 years passed before she was able to set foot in Russia again, then another 20 years passed before she could visit her hometown in Russia The Dvina Remains recounts these visits and also includes many letters from her cousin which tell about the suffering of people through the years of communist rule and their current living conditions Absolutely fascinatingso because I have a daughter living in and loving Russia, and a son in Ukraine. The Dvina Remains is a must read for anyone who read and enjoyed The House by the Dvina.It does not really have the in depth fascination and appeal of The House by the Dvina which so colourfully conjures up the bygone era of an early 20th century privilged childhood in Russia, but it does satisfy the curiosity as to what came to pass in the years after the family fled Archangel In some ways a rather depressing account of the changes that Eugenie found on her return, but heart warming that she was well received all those years later by her long lost family in Russia. (KINDLE) ⚡ The Dvina Remains ê The Sequel To The House By The Dvina This Book Completes The Story With Eugenie Fraser S First Return Visit To RussiaYears After Her Family Fled To Scotland Due To The Revolution But, It Was AnotherYears Before She Was Allowed To Visit Archangel And Make Contact With Relatives