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4.5 stars rounded up.Why I read it The author contacted me requesting a review and sent me a NetGalley link.What worked for me and what didn t I probably accept less than 10% of direct review requests I have limited time and a massive TBR so the email has to get my attention and blurb has to hook me This one did I finished a book last night and was flailing about for something to read Sometimes, when I can t decide what I should read next because having so many books can feel paralysing as Liz eloquently says here , I choose a novella It s not a big commitment and it works as a kind of palate cleanser for me So, I opened Indecent Exposure.I suppose the first couple of paragraphs were just a little on the clunky side but after that, I was completely reeled in to complete the fishing metaphor The story is told in the first person present tense POV of Ellie Smithson, photographer by day, erotic photographer by night well, sometimes that s during the day too She kind of fell into it to pay the bills and she s found it s not only lucrative, she s very good at it Basically, people come and have sex alone, with someone else, etc in front of her and she takes classy photographs of them It turns her on unbearably but she feels safe behind the camera.Read the rest of the review here #READ E-PUB ⚨ Indecent... Exposure (Indecent, #1) ë Setting Up The Money Shot Quiet, Sensible Ellie Smithson Is A Highly Respectable Photographer By Day But There Are Only So Many Wedding Photo Shoots You Can Take Without Your Mind Wandering To What Happens When The Blissfully Happy Bride Is Swept Off Her Feet And Straight To The Honeymoon Suite S Sumptuous Four Poster Bed So After Dark, Ellie Takes Pictures Of A Intimate Nature A Dirty Little Secret She S Kept From Her Accountant Tom Until Now It Seems Tom Is The Subject Of Her Next Racy Shoot It Isn T Just The Blurring Of Work And Personal Boundaries That S The Problem Secretly Ellie Has Always Had Fantasies Of A Most Unprofessional Nature About The Almost Illegally Gorgeous Tom With Such Temptation On Display, How Will She Ever Stay Behind The Camera The First Book In The Indecent Trilogy A quick, dirty read that I couldn t put down We ve got a little voyeurism fun going on, by means of erotic photography, an office quickie, and an alleyway BJ, just to name a few highlights It s so good I m glad this was recommended to me thanks Amanda and thanks Heather for gifted it to me right after that Now I think I need to go treat myself to the 2 and 3 installment For science Omg this book is Hot, Ranchy awesome Elle is a quite, reserved photographer that takes naughty pictures if couples When her best friend drags her accountant in for a photo session not only is Elle highly aroused but jealous too Something happens during the session that makes Elle think that maybe her account has the same feeling as she does Elle decides to stop living behind the camera and start living in front of it she just hopes that her accountant will take the plunge with her Things get hot and dirty, but Elle still does not know Tom s true feelings Things blow up in her face Elle is tired of being reserved, she needs to give it oneshot with Tom It is time for her to live her life to the fullest, even if that means getting her heart broken Fabulous ending. Naughty Naughty Naughty fun Whew Indecent Exposure, the breakout erotic romance by Jane O Reilly Carina Press UK knocked my socks off Man, does this plot start off with a BANG Right out of the box I was blushing, curious and captivated The fact that the heroine is a shy, British people pleaser made this naughty plot evendelicious Review at www.bookcrack.com..Quiet, sensible Ellie Smithson is a highly respectable wedding photographer by day, but she has a dirty little secret that helps keep the electric on and the bills paid she s an occasional erotic photographer at night.In a life filled with engagement shots, family portraits, and wedding photo shoots, Ellie can t help but feel her mind wander and her single soul wilting a little Still, she s managed to keep this little side job a secret from everyone but her BFF Amber, that is until now It s not every day that your best friend crashes into your place of work and asks you to take photos of her sucking off someone you d really rather she didn t, and who absolutely shouldn t know that you re the sort of person who takes photos of that sort of thing And that s the opener O.O LOVED this quick, smexy, smart romance Fans of Cara McKenna and Charlotte Stein are sure to LOVE this series For , check out this and other smexy reviews at www.bookcrack.com.ARC received from author in exchange for fair review. Whew While that was hot, it was short and rushed in places A great super quick read if you are looking for some spice I d would have liked to seewith these characters do things didn t seem so fast Great story idea Oh my goodness this was hot And dirty Wow The writing reminded me a lot of Charlotte Stein, which is definitely a good thing since I m going through Stein withdrawals waiting for her next book Definitely continuing this series Mandi at SmexyBooks put a scene from Indecent Exposure up on her Smex Scene Sunday feature a little while back and after reading it, I one clicked this book ten seconds later This book is super hot, totally dirty, and written with a level of sexual tension that was near paralyzing while reading it I don t even want to give any details about it, because you should just read it and enjoy It reminds me of the best Charlotte Stein, keeping us deep in the heroine s POV as she dives deep into experiences she never expected to have It s great. Super hot erotic novellahas a bit of a Charlotte Stein feel to it Awkward accountant hero Erotic Photographer heroine but then not so awkward Kinky Hot Recommend