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!DOWNLOAD BOOK ⚕ The Fang ☨ Dracula Never Died In EuropeHis Remains Lie Deep In The Belly Of Erebus, A Ship Ready To Depart An English Port No One Can Explain The Disappearance Of Sailors As They Arrive In New York, A Brave New World Governed By Anonymity Soon Word Of The Vampire Legend Spreads And Reaches England, Where The Fellowship Of Hunters Gets To Hear Of ItAnd The Hunt Resumes A piece of extraordinary artwork and great writing Quite an experience in both languages English, French , either in color or in black and white. The Fang was a Great Read it was a dark comic that travels you back to the days where all this movies released about Dracula As the artist Christos Martinis dedicate this book to all the creators that bring to life The Dark Prince K.I.Zachopoulos make a great job narrating the story and make a great atmosphere Well done to both of you It started good and artworks were great, but storyline of this what if dracula was not killed in Transylvania but escaped to New York to be killed there by Van Helsing s gang went quickly downfall for good.And the freak characterization of the vampire was just not appealing to me Meh. I love comic books I also love a darker monster hunter narrative So when KI Zachopoulos put the two together, I was in heaven albeit a dark heaven The graphic novel The Fang follows a trio of vampire hunters as they take on none other than Dracula himself Both well drawn and well written, this is a must for anyone who enjoys a darkerserious hunter s tale I know I certainly did