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I feel disgusted because though I loved it, it was stolen work and not that I am upset about the few dollars I am mad about the fact the douche waffle changed some names around..put her name behind it and caller it her own work Fucking people these days I was really enjoying this one when it was brought to my attention that this is actually originally fanfic that has been stolen and plagiarised by Portia Gray all that is changed are the names It seems to be taken word for word from the fanfic Unbelievable Tried to PM Ms Gray but hey, ho, she cannot be contacted by message on here Thanks Jill for the lend and the information Will just have to read it on fanfic now.Fanfic free online..https www.fanfiction.net s 9594168 Link where the REAL author says it has been stolen.https www.fanfiction.net s 9594168 Some reviews and comments from readers.https www.fanfiction.net r 9594168 Not available from kindle any.http www The Sweet Under @Free Pdf ò The Sweet Under His Skin ⚡ After Winning A Custody Battle Arielle Taylor Moves To Portus Felix To Start A New Life With Her Nephew While She Undergoes Surgery For Breast Cancer But When Her Junkie Sister Finds Her, Jolene Brings The Attention Of An Angry Outlaw Biker Straight To Arielle S Doorstep Bent On Payback Deadly, Strong And Fiercely Loyal, Quentin S Unassuming Calm Belies A Man Willing To Get His Hands Dirty For The Dead Men Riders MC Who D Been His Only Family When A Biker Groupie Seduces Him Into His Bed, He Gets Than A Night Of Pleasure After She Drugs Him Unconscious And Steals His Money, Leading Him Straight To His Neighbor S House But When He First Sets Eyes On Arielle, He Is Blown Away By Her Beauty And Innocence And When He Accidentally Strikes Up A Relationship With Her Eight Year Old Nephew, He Finds Himself Falling Hard For A Woman Who Manages To Get Under His Skin And Crack His Hard Exterior He Doesn T Do Sweet He Doesn T Like Sweet He Owes It To Sweet To Just Leave It Alone And Walk Away But Their Attraction Is Instant And Explosive And One Neither Of Them Can Afford Nor Resist But When The Club Finds A Connection Between A Current Threat And Arielle, It Jeopardizes Everything That He Has Ever Believed In And Soon He Finds Himself Not Only Having To Keep Arielle Safe From A Mysterious Drug Lord But His Own Club His Family Threatens The Only Woman He S Ever Fallen In Love With Will Quentin Choose Duty Over Love Or Will He Betray His Own Club To Save A Woman Who Is Already Dying Suitable For Ages For Strong Language, Scenes Of Violence And Scenes Of A Sexual Nature Stand Alone Full Length Novel Caution Apparently this very popular story is nothing than plagiarized Sons of Anarchy fanfiction.If you don t mind reading and paying for something that was stolen, go for it This author will not see a penny of my money Ms Gray if that s your real name , for the record AND Who the hell is Portia Gray and what has she done Stolen fan fic If that s true, shame on you So obviously as news starting circulating online last night that The Sweet Under His Skin was stolen from fanfiction.net and that the real author that posted at fanfiction was in no way affiliated with this book, I truly felt bad I don t have a blog or a million followers or anything but I really liked this book and posted about it, recommended it, etc It makes me sad that someone would take someone else s work and put it out there as their own, trying to make a buck, and that I had encouraged my GR friends to buy it That said, if Portia Gray did steal this book, I suggest that the real author of the fanfiction capitalize on what s happened immediately Spread the word that the book is stolen, take your fan fiction down, hire an editor proofreader, and release your own damn book under your own name People have read the book and liked it, reviews are out there Do some edits, clean it up, and release I ve read a shit ton of biker books, some are guilty pleasures, some are comfort reads, and some are just great reads period This had the potential to be a great fucking read, period Below was my brief review I m not taking it down I m hopeful that if the author isn t Portia Gray, and it s looking like it isn t, the real author can use the reviews that are out there to be motivated to re publish her story herself Brief Review It was good I m kind of marinating on what I think before I post a full review It was a great debut and for fans of biker MC romances, I totally recommend I feel like this is of a grown up book then some of the wham bam MC books that have come out lately You don t get to page ten and you re in the middle of a shit storm of drama and sex There s a story here and you have to read it to get to it which some readers my not appreciate but I did There was alot of layers to the story and I liked that too There s a romance developing, there s club business that must be dealt with, family dynamics, health issuesThere were some issues, editing throughout, typos that need to be addressed The pacing in the last quarter of the book seemed to be a little off as well And for as much as I loved the story, I didn t love how it ended Overall, I d put it at the top of my biker mc reads and was excited to read it I really enjoyed it. FYI, the rumor is that this book was actually stolen from a Sons of Anarchy fanfic NOT P2P, but plagiarized from the legit author. DO NOT BUY THIS BOOK The original Sons of Anarchy fanfic is available Plagiarized Proof It was burned from fan fict here, and only the names were changed Plagiarism Oh, I have now lost complete interest in this book I only mean this illegal version The legit version looks pretty good To the REAL author of this work of romantic fiction I enjoyed this a lot Thankyou However, I ve been informed this is a plagiarised copy of a Sons of Anarchy fanfiction Here s the original 4 star rating for your work remains Since The Sweet Under His Skin is plagiarism, 1 star I encourage everyone to return their copies to for a refund.