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I think Mr Midnight is a very exciting and scary stories.I always read it I read this book because everyone who has reviewed it already sounds a bit like they re writing wtih rocks in their mouths, or that they live the majority of their time in mountains without anyone to speak to P anyway, I didn t like this book I thought it would be like RL Stien s goosebumps, but it wasn t This might have just been a bad one, so I ll try another of these Mr Midnight books, I think there are a million of them or something, and see if I just picked the one stinker in teh bunch So, for a reccomendation I d say Not this one, but maybe one of the other ones. ive been reading this book in my secondary school and now i love to flashback all the moments with this scary book love it Hdjdu Interesting and fun to read This book has two stories The first one is all about two kids finding ghosts in their pictures and the ghost comes to say hi to them It asks them for help to go into the woods and the kids got lost.The second story is all about a boy who has a computer which is alive Find out what happens |DOWNLOAD KINDLE ♾ Mr Midnight #4: My Creepy Computer ♴ Turn Off Your Lights, Get Ready For Frights When The Clock Strikes Midnight And The Moon S Full And Bright, It S Time For Dread And Fear For Midnight Is Here Double The Danger And Twice The Terror STORYAshraf S Computer Does All His Homework For Him But Then The Strange Creature Inside It Wants To Control Him Can Ting Xuan And Hafiz Save Him From MY CREEPY CREATURE STORYTHERE S A GHOST IN MY PHOTO Perlyn And Jamie Come Face To Face With Angelina, A Very Pretty Ghost Who Is Wet, Weird And Very Dangerous just finish this book not really nice the story My Creepy Computer make me feel this book like science faction book.. I think this book is really awesome, even all of the series..wish there s , but this really help actually. luv it D well, pretty scary for children..