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Great story Wish they would have discussed the backdrop of Chicago . [Read E-pub] ☨ Powder Blu ♿ What Do You Do When You Have To Choose Between True Love And The Love Of Money Blu Thinks She Knows All There Is To Know About The Dope Game She S Watched Her Momma Serve Out Of The Same Place They Lay Their Heads Since She Was A Little Girl Then Her Brother S Best Friend, Budz, Steps Up And Shows Her That There Is To The Game Than Just Selling DrugsWith Love, Loyalty, And Wealth On Her Side, What Could She Want Blu Quickly Finds Out When She Is Introduced To Black, A Mysterious, Sexy Trinidadian Who Is Every Girl S Dream Blu Is Determined To Make Him Her Reality Torn Between Two Men Who Have Secrets And Motives Of Their Own, Blu Has No Idea What She S Gotten Herself Into, But She Knows There Is Only One Way Out I have it 4 stars because of the way it ended Will there be a part 2 l this was a good book Ended like there is a part 2 Good book I hope it s a part 2. This book was a page turner to me at times I felt so bad for Blu like damn man is this really happening her mother wasn t shit man. Once i started reading i cudnt stop The mystery around Blu father keep me intrigued Glad Blu came to her senses about her friends n Budz ass Dont know if theres a prt 2 but if there is can sumine let me know I wud recommend this book 3.5This was written in first person but u didn t know who was speaking until u got a few sentences into the paragraph It was kind of predictable but my issue was a 16 yr old kingpin taking over a whole city Other than that, I was entertained