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~Epub ☩ Do-Over (Simon Romantic Comedies) ⚖ When It Comes To Love, How Many Chances Do You Get Girl Meets Prince Girl Looses Prince Girl Gets Prince Back Right Well, That S What Valerie Is Hoping She S Back In Schwerinborg After Spending Some Time With Her Mother In The Good Ol US Of A, And Hopes That Sparks Are Still Flying Between Her And Georg At First It Looks Like Things Are Going Great, Until A Ski Trip To The Alps Has Val And Georg S Romance Hitting Some Moguls Could Val S Love Life Be Heading For A Face Plant Dating a prince isn t easy, but Val is trying In this book, she also tries to deal with accepting her mom s new life and girlfriend Good book great magical ending What a werid way to end the series. 3.5 STARS Do Over Simon Pulse, 2006., 229 pp.Niki Burnham ISBN 978 1 442 42762 4 Do Over isn t like any other books, its has something special, the background of the characters really hook us in as readers This book is apart of a series, actually its the last book of a series I didn t even know that when I picked it up, and I have to say I didn t notice that until I finished reading it Not once did I feel like I was missing out on something, so if you for whatever reason can t find the other books, still give this book a try Valerie s parents are divorced, divorced because all of a sudden her mother realized she was a lesbian and left to live with the girl who helped her realize her true self Her dad decides to move out of the U.S to live in Schwerinborg a tiny European country Val is given a choice, to live with her mother or her father, trying to regain some balance of normalcy she chooses to live with her dad Val quickly realizes that this was the better choice as she starts getting closer to the prince, Prince Georg Being the girlfriend of a prince has its perks, but it also has its downfalls I recommend this book to girls 12 and up The main character is a girl who is growing up , showing maturity, and having familial problems Throughout the entire book she is always emailing her best friends, all girls, and they always problem solve all their problems together This book is really good, so if you re interested in reading something new, something fresh, then pick this book up because it when you re done reading it, you ll be in a better mood. This is a review of both Spin Control and Do Over.In these last two books in the trilogy now compiled as Royally Crushed, Valerie continues to experience the ups and downs of her relationship with Prince Georg In Spin Control, she believes she has been dumped, so when she heads home to Virginia for Winter Break, she goes on a date with David Anderson, only to discover that she loves Georgthan ever In Do Over, she returns to Schwerinborg to reconcile with Georg, and to work on gaining confidence in his feelings for her, even if they can t always demonstrate their affections where the press can see Before the end of the trilogy, Valerie also sees her dad start dating again, and finally finds a way to come clean with her friends about her mother s newly revealed homosexuality.I know this trilogy is not the best written in the world, but I really loved reading it The ultimate outcome was fairly predictable, but the emails between Val and her friends in Virginia, and her awkward uncertainty around Georg, as well as the cattiness of the girls in her Schweringborgian school, all made for great entertainment I was distracted repeatedly by references to Heath Ledger, who has died since the publication of these books, but the Google books preview of the new edition shows that this problem has been corrected with several passing references to Ledger resting in peace The only other thing that felt vaguely out of place was the fact that Val and her friends email rather than text or send Facebook messages, but I am sure there are teenagers out there somewhere for whom this is still the norm, so it doesn t ruin the books by any means.All in all, these are light reads, even at their most serious moments, and they provide insight into all the drama of first relationships without ever becoming too weepy, or losing hope that the ending would be happy The series was definitely worth finishing, and I ll be looking forfrom Niki Burnham, starting with her latest book for teens, Shot Through the Heart. It was two years ago when I ve read about this series on Goodreads and I was hooked I wanted to read it so bad and it s only this week that I got my copies I was ecstatic At the same time I was telling myself not to expect too much but telling myself not to expect too much when I ve waited two years to finally read this series is just crazy I mean, come on You can t just tell a person who ve waited years to read this book to not expect For fuck s sake, I was excited I read Royally Jacked and thought it was cute Then I read Spin Control and asked myself What is this Is this even necessary Then I read Do Over and finally concluded that waiting two years to read this series isn t worth it I m so mad at myself and so so disappointed It doesn t even make sense that this series got three books You can put all three into one and it wouldn t really make that much of a difference anyway.And does Val really have to point out in each book that it s Coke Light and not Diet Coke Or elaborate why she s in smorgasbord I mean, it s a series Or that she s a geek Or explain the Valerie Shrug all the time PS I had to wait two years because these book are to be found nowhere in my country, or atleast in the bookstores that I ve visited.PPS I m very much disappointed I m probably gonna remember this series as the series that I thought I will like but ended up disappointing me. I didn t think that I could get any bored than I already was on the second book, but I was wrong This was nothing interesting going on from her dad getting a girlfriend and the letters between Valerie and her friends family I started to skim over the emails because they talked about a lot of pointless stuff in their daily lives I was really waiting for a lot a drama to happen to pick up the book, but it never happened I had to force myself to continue reading this book to see what would happen I also got disinterested because of the way that the main character, Valerie, was acting towards her father having a girlfriend since he wasn t flanting it and he cared about what she thought I really didn t understand why she couldn t just let her dad be happy Towards the end, I just flipped through the pages to see what would happen in the end, since there really was no real drama going on. Reviewed by JenJen for TeensReadToo.comPoor Valerie has had a tough year, what with her mom asking her diplomat father for a divorce and then dropping a bomb on them that she has been dating another woman on the side and they want to move in together Then, as if things can t get any worse, because of her father s high profile job at the White House and the President running for re election, having your ex wife come out of the closet is not a good thing where your job is concerned So Val s dad has quietly, until after the election, taken an equally great job as a diplomat in Europe.This leaves Val torn between staying with her friends and moving in with her mom and her girlfriend or moving millions of miles away with her dad and having to learn a totally different language and way of life.She opts for the latter, and there she meets him the prince They immediately form a friendship, as they are close in age, will be attending the same school, and are even living under the same roof, even if it is a huge palace with lots and lots of wings I enjoyed the quiet relationship between Val and Prince Georg, but like them, long for the day when they can go public with their romance and have fun like other kids their age I felt so sad for Val, who was longing for her old home and friends to be near but not wanting to lose this newfound puppy love with Prince Georg, either.I look forward to seeing what happens next, but also hope to soon get the opportunity to go back and read the first part of this series I almost liked this series The writing is good, I can get on board with the characters, especially as the series goes on Problem The shape of the stories seems off somehow It s been a while since I ve read the first book, so I can t remember well enough to comment on it, but both the second and third books in the series bugged me The second seemed to quietly foreshadow a possible Big Fat Problem The thread remained pretty much untied at the end of the book, but I had faith that that was because it was going to be a main point of the third book.The third book built up evento this Big Fat Problem It practically screamed that This Was Going To Be A Big Fat Problem And then it wasn t It all got brushed under the rug again, and everything was hunky dory.Irritating I want to love these books, but I can t.