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This book lives in my backpack Unimpressed As another reviewer stated, it does indeed look like an Evernote dump This really is just a list of consolidated syntax notes for someone who might want to experiment with many CTF Capture the Flag type events I can t imagine a truly seasoned and experienced penetration tester physically carrying around a book like this and using it as a practical reference No way I really didn t get much value out of this book If you re reading this review and you are trying to come to a decision point for purchase if you have an above average knowledge base I would not recommend You would be better off using free and accessible online resources. #FREE Í Red Team Field Manual ë The Red Team Field Manual RTFM Is A No Fluff, But Thorough Reference Guide For Serious Red Team Members Who Routinely Find Themselves On A Mission Without Google Or The Time To Scan Through A Man Page The RTFM Contains The Basic Syntax For Commonly Used Linux And Windows Command Line Tools, But It Also Encapsulates Unique Use Cases For Powerful Tools Such As Python And Windows PowerShell The RTFM Will Repeatedly Save You Time Looking Up The Hard To Remember Windows Nuances Such As Windows Wmic And Dsquery Command Line Tools, Key Registry Values, Scheduled Tasks Syntax, Startup Locations And Windows Scripting More Importantly, It Should Teach You Some New Red Team Techniques This book is essentially a decade s worth of notes from an experienced network security engineer or pen tester It looks like someone published an evernote notebook Formatting is inconsistent and at times confusing There is a fair amount of duplication Placeholders are inconsistent There is no descriptive text or explanatory notes It is a list of commands, and nothing. Great manual with good.code Use this book on a daily basis Has a good foundation for a variety of commands and example syntax, flags and other useful knowledge Must have for anyone who does this sort of work. One of our textbook in class It s useful when you know what you are doing and looking for Don t get deployed in the field without it. Best book ever. Perfect little reference manual when you can t remember certain commands. What s that switch for udb only and grabbing headers in Nmap What s the Powershell command to up priveliges and check running procs Ncat in stego for shell I keep my RTFM right next to my BTFM RTF RTFM BTFM