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4.5 Stars Perfect bonus scene to More Jed Max please Would love to know if Jed does actually volunteer to help the psych patientsit would definitely be a two way thing Nice to get some hot sex in this one 5 stars Perfect epilogueThis is pretty much an epilogue for Only Love and it firmly cements Jed and Max s relationship into a HEA.Lots goes on in such a short number of pages and there s a rather sparky sex scene which turns up the heat big time.I love this pair. A lovely set of outtakes from before the epilogue of 5 starsThe extra snippets that Garrett gives us are always so so awesome Mare Slitsread Awake and Alive is the free missing moment that accompanies Only Love It will be free from Dreamspinner Press and All Romance Books until the end of time. |READ KINDLE ⚈ Awake and Alive (Only Love #1.5) ⚓ After A Successful Surgery Relieves Jed Of The Illness That Nearly Killed Him, He Returns Home To Slowly Recover With Max With Time To Reconnect, Max Shows Him A New Way To Love Now At A Crossroads And Facing A New Life, Jed Must Listen To His Friends And Family To Learn How To Move Forward I mean, what can I say Here I am, having just read Only Love, and then I get to have this.It may be a missing scene but I see it as a bonus to Jed and Max s story Believe me, there is nothing missing.The same gorgeous writing, fully realized characters and gut punch level of emotion.If you read Only Love and don t read this I dunno, whatchu spect me to say Yeah, don t even tempt me, just read this.ETA Read Only Love and then read this it s like the honeycomb on top of your ice cream. A missing snippet from Only Love Loved the glimpse into Jed s mind He and Max are so wonderful together Awesome done Sometimes I buy sight unseen and influenced by my f list whole series of books of an author everyone raves about Then they languish on my kindle, and when I get to read them, I am completely astonished, because I can t at all understand why everyone raved about these books Of course by that time it is also over a year or so too late to return such a book.Everyone goes on about the writing and the characterisations of Leigh alas, I find neither the latter, nor the former palatable The writing is a twitter style staccato of too many often too short sentences thrown together in what apparently is supposed to being manly or gritty , but is in the end just a gimmick seen mostly in fanfic writing We are much too often just told what the character feels, and at other times the author waxes esoteric and expects the reader to divine what she means, or the people in her book experience.When she gets to the fundamentals, this is often of the flat and stale sort of thing sex I ve read a gazillion times like that, often far too feminised in emotional content emotions supposed to document the angsty background of a character, but rather making me detest or even disdain them The general stance towards warfare and war is one of war porn exploited for the angst , and a war positive one, which I can t condine and never have condoned or even just found tolerable A telling quote It had been a long time that Max had taken a man inside his body, but though the intrusion stung, everything about it felt right So right Like there d never been anyone else. These two books I ve also read Only Love , book 1 of this small series leave me completely flabbergasted at the amount of positive reviews this author gets Possibly because she seems to cater to a pro war and pro veterans feeling among a large part of the current readership.Give me a real conchie instead, and leaven your angst with some relief.