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I liked the pictures than the story It is a nice harvest time book. Download Book ♳ Nuts ♦ Autumn Is In The Air When Mouse Sets Out To Gather Nuts From The Distant Nut Tree She Has Spotted From Her Hilltop Home The Tree Is Far, Far Away Across The Fields, Meadows, And Farms Heedless Of Her Friends Warnings About The Dangers In Her Path, She Makes Her Way To The Tree After A Long Blustery Journey, Mouse Is Disappointed With What She Finds She Makes Her Way Home Sadly, But When She Gts There Gull Is Waiting For Her With A Pleasant Surprise A short but cute story of a mouse making her autumnal pilgrimage to a faraway nut tree to gather nuts for the winter Then a storm comes through and blows all the nuts away But fortunately, the storm blew the nuts to her own front door Cute illustrations. Mouse has a long journey to the nut tree through a meadow, past the farm, and through the field Mouse is determined to get nuts for winter, but a storm is coming She seeks shelter in the nut tree The next morning the nuts are gone Now, Mouse must walk all the way without any delicious food.Don t worry young listeners, the story ends on a very happy if abrupt note The storm might have blown away the leaves and the nuts, but they arrived at Mouse s hill Gull announces the news and Mouse jumps onto a pile of nuts I would have liked Mouse to say something at the end of the story or even a active reaction then sitting on the nut pile Up until the end, it s a fun story that can be portrayed very dramatically Theme nutsAdditional themes fall autumn, mice, wind stormReviewed from a library copy. Great story time book for fall Mouse goes to gather nuts in her extra large pockets for extra lots of nuts , but a storm is brewing She doesn t hear her friends warnings to go back home When she makes it to the nut tree, it is very windy She goes in a hole under the tree to get out of the wind, and is very disappointed to find the nuts are all gone when she awakens She sadly walks home, but has a very pleasant surprise waiting for her when when she gets there.