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This story is told mostly through the pictures The reader helps write the story as they watch this young man watching and waiting to be reunited with his soldier This story includes small stories of the other soldiers families who we see being reunited With a surprising ending, the reader gains an appreciation for the hardship of war, and the reader recognizes that war effects all types of people. Although this picture book has sparing text fewer than twenty words those words are very well chosen, and add to the story s suspense Along with others, a young boy waits anxiously for the return of his loved one from military service As he waits, he notices other reunions taking place around him Drenched in color, the lovely illustrations are filled with emotion and make the final page have even impact as the boy is engulfed in his mother s arms I love the fact that it s a mother returning from service, and I appreciate this sentimental tribute to those who serve our county Surely, many young readers will be moved by this particular story As the author illustrator pointes out, military service involves the families of those who serve as well as the men and women who enlist. [Read Epub] ☾ Coming Home ☩ Best Books, Coming Home Author Greg Ruth This Is Very Good And Becomes The Main Topic To Read, The Readers Are Very Takjup And Always Take Inspiration From The Contents Of The Book Coming Home , Essay By Greg Ruth Is Now On Our Website And You Can Download It By Register What Are You Waiting For Please Read And Make A Refission For You This mostly wordless picture books shows beautiful, heartwarming illustrations of a young boy waiting for a military parent to return from overseas This is a great book to have in the classroom library, since so many of our students have family members serving in the military. Coming Home is about a young boy who is waiting for someone probably a family member to get off of the plane and come home The drawings show everybody eagerly waiting for their military loved ones to greet them The boy sees loved ones starting to reunite, and gets impatient Then he finally sees his mom, and he lights up with happiness I really enjoyed this sweet story of a boy waiting for him mother to return home This is a wordless book, so readers have to look at the pictures to reveal the story s meaning I loved the drawings throughout the book and the attention to detail I would love to use Coming Home in my class The first time I would show the book to the students, but not say anything, just let them look at the pages I would go through the book again and start asking questions and pointing out details I want the students to make connections to the story and understand the emotions I would have them share stories of a time they were waiting for something someone. This is the story of a little boy at an airport waiting on someone to return home He sees everybody else get their hugs, but can t seem to find the person he is looking for He gets lost in a large crowd surrounded by everybody, but still unable to find who he is looking for until the last couple of pages when he finds his mother who has been deployed for an unknown amount of time I really liked this book It s one of the best military books I ve found, and I connected with it almost immediately There are two pages in particular that I absolutely fell in love with I love the page where the man and woman hug I love this because I saw this almost every time my dad came off the submarine It reminded me of the love shared between them The other page I really liked was the last one The one where the little boy hugs his mother for the first time after a long time I love this page because it shows what it feels like to have that hug It reminds me of every time I would hug my dad even it was just a duty day he slept on the submarine It reminds me of how I almost always cried and the warmth of a parent It also reminds me of boat smell, how my dad would smell after a deployment It reminds of what homecoming feels like This entire book is awesome because of the connections a military kid can make with the book Not many of our books do that It depicts in few words what homecoming feels like and what it feels like to be the child of a navy nuke, who has to shut down the submarine They are ALWAYS the LAST one off the submarine The pictures are absolutely wonderful and well drawn I wouldn t change anything about this book, but can we have a navy one I wanna see the same story, but with a submarine and ocean instead because that would help navy kids relate this book even better I think it is quite obvious how I would use this book I would use it to model making connections with my students I can connect to this book really easily This is a book shows what my life was like, even if it s set at an airport and not the lower docks on base, even if its an airplane and not a submarine I would also use it in a military town to help my students learn to make connections to themselves Another way I could use this is to teach emotions The boy really shows all of his emotions There is a page where the boy looks really anxious and a page where the boy is really happy This is good to model what emotions my students might need to learn I can also use this as a math activity I can do this by having my students make a bar graph of how many students have ever missed somebody or have ever been sad I can have them make a bar graph of how many students have parents in the military I could also use this book to teach my students about the military Then I can have them write letters to soldiers and sailors and marines and airmen etc Then I can really send them There are many ways I could use this book and with many grades. Coming from a family who serves, this is a touching book for so many I remember hearing my mother s and grandmothers stories of when my grandfather and my Dad were away at see during WWII and Korea As a young girl waiting on my older brother to come home from Vietnam as the bullets rained down on those helicopters, my brother a gunner aboard the ones evacuating so many the last days.My other brothers and husband served in times of threatening war, and then during the first desert invasions My youngest brother still serves as a civilian in foreign countries Korea right now as a helicopter electrician I remember praying for safety and the homecomings were wonderful, but lives were so changed.Thank you for this book. This book is great My favorite part was the suspense as the boy is running around trying to find his mom after she comes home from a deployment, and he sees all the people with their loved ones There is a moment where you think oh no is he gonna see his mom , because war and deployments are scary, especially for young children But he does indeed find his mom, and it was beautiful You could share this with a student individually if one or both of their parents are in the armed forces, and even read it aloud in class to all of the students Copyright 2014 1 I love this book, mostly because it is mainly composed of pictures that tell the story of a reunion between many different families There is a blonde headed boy around 7 years old that stands back and watches through the pictures at an airport Once the rope is released, and everyone is allowed through, he darts toward the people coming off of the plane As he is maneuvering through everyone he sees many other happy moments, such as solider touching his wife s pregnant belly for the first time, a father bends down to give his daughter his hat, and all of these pictures are portrayed through the eye level of the little boy putting it even in perspective for the students At last, the boy finds his mom and gives her a big hug, when everyone was expecting his dad, it was a good kind of plot twist though 2 Age Level 4 7 years old Grade level Preschool 2nd grade3 Appropriate classroom use To show the importance of fighting in the war for our country and all that these soldiers sacrifice4 Individual students who might benefit from this book might be students that might have family fighting over seas and are waiting for them to come home5 Small group use Each group will be assigned a couple of pages from the book and they will write sentences that they think would fit on the particular page, or something that the boy was thinking Then we will all share as a class 6 Whole class use Read as a class look a pictures Then each student will write a letter to a soldier, especially if they have family over seas, or it can be to anyone 7 Related books Beautiful Moon, Hero Mom, The Wall8 Multimedia connections Show the students videos of children reuniting with their parents, so that they can get an aspect of how it feels to finally see you mom dad after that long. One of the most highly charged times of waiting is for the return of loved ones A hole in the fabric of lives is plainly felt by their absence Coming Home Feiwel and Friends, an imprint of Macmillan, November 4, 2014 written and illustrated by Greg Ruth vividly portrays the arrival of soldiers My full recommendation