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Beautiful patterns, but come on what is with all the errors Were there ANY test knitters After much frustration I abandoned my project from this book Later I came to find out that the reason I couldn t make it work was the errors Folk Shawls is mostly a pattern book There are many great anecdotes about the countries the shawls derive from, and historical information about how the shawls were derived The shawls are all lovely, and range from simple to complex.Oberle does not waste the experienced knitter s time with a how to section There is a techniques chapter, but it only gives instructions for specific methods used in the patterns These are methods that will probably be familiar to experts, but the chapter is informative for beginning and intermediate knitters.I say it s mostly a pattern book, but the construction of each design is broken down in such a way that a knitter of intermediate or higher skill level could adapt it for a different yarn and gauge So in that sense, it is also a book of inspiration. @Free Epub õ Folk Shawls (Folk Knitting series) ó Shawls Are Currently Making A Huge Comeback In The Fashion World, But Many People Do Not Realize That The Shawl Has Been Worn For Many Centuries And In Many Cultures This Collection Of Patterns And Traditions Features Shawls From Around The World From The Himalayas To Spain, From Iceland To Japan, And From Mexico To Norway, Many Of The Shawls Featured Here Have Been Taken From Examples Of Historic Knitted Shawls Other Designs Have Been Translated Into Knitwear From Patterns For Woven Or Lace Shawls Included Are Patterns As Well As Historical And Cultural Information About Shawls That Have Been Used For Prayer And Mourning, As Bridal Veils, And As Christening Garments Each Design Is Presented With A Full Page Color Photo, Written Instructions, And Charts The premise of this book is that each of the 25 patterns is tied to a location knitting tradition I felt the tie ins were a little weak For example, the Aran Pocket shawl s tie in is Women on the Aran Islands often wear woven plaid shawls from Scotland The basket weave pattern and the pockets on this shawl are based on a modern Scottish woven plaid shawl That s it The pattern itself is a nice, basket weave, rectangular shawl with pockets Nothing fancy but good simple pattern It would be one thing if the book were called something like Simple shawls inspired by textile traditions , but Folk Shawls I expected pattern inspired by traditional, locally knitted shawls, so I was disappointed in the book.But that doesn t make it a bad book It has some nice basic shawls and a good section on techniques Nothing stunning or unique, but a decent reference for the beginning shawl knitter. I first flipped through this collection a few years ago and was not impressed nothing stood out to me at all However, I checked it out again at the library recently and liked it a lot The knits are very traditional lace designs mostly, inspired by different parts of the world I am glad that Interweave Press has stepped up their photography in the recent books The photography in this book is pretty bad there are no details shots, but fully modeled shots on the author from a distance Designs get 4 starsBook layout gets 3So, that equals 3.5 stars Most books that contain knitting patterns have only a few worth knitting This one makes a person want to knit them ALL The background of each shawl is given providing each a personality Some are plain to show off a beautiful yarn, and some are of an intricate stitch for a plain yarn, but all of the shawls are interesting in their own way.There are shawls for the beginning knitter and a couple of challenging shawls where you have to turn off the television and concentrate.The book is a bargain for all the useful patterns, the ease in which it is written, and the good photography If you belong to Ravelry, you can see all the patterns before you buy Check it out. Have long wanted to read this book and treated myself to it recently It does not disappoint So far I have bookmarked 4 shawls and stoles I want to knit Wonder how I ll feel about it after I ve attempted them.The book includes interesting information about the various styles and fashions for shawls and stoles in various cultures, and the patterns look interesting Some are fairly daunting due to size, but none look impossibly difficult.Another adventure in knitting coming up Mostly for experienced knitters I borrowed this from the library and worked up the Prairie shawl once and the Butterfly inspired by Native American Pow wow twice, then used the lace pattern from that for a cardigan just this last year. Lovely, lovely, lovely book of possibilities I got to meet the author after reading the book and she is just as lovely A lovely book on the craft This book is definitely intended for the intermediate to advanced knitter, depending on the pattern itself If you have never knitted something before, or are a total crocheter, I do not recommend this book Do yourself a favor and knit a simple garter stitch scarf before attempting these pretty gems.Having knitted the Spanish Christening Shawl as a tester, and tried a few others out, I love this book 4 stars because some of the techniques could have been a little better explained, but the important thing is how well the patterns work out.The layout is simple with beautiful pictures that accurately capture what the finished project will like like when finished, a drawing to give the overall idea of the completed work, as well as written and charted instructions, depending on your preference and comfort level Cheryl Oberle has helped to design and create a staple book that I recommend for anyone looking to expand their repertoire, especially if you are looking to get into lace work The instructions are clean, very precise, and work out well It is also excellent practice to learn to read charts, which are clear, and have a very concise legend at the front of the book explaining each symbol.The diversity of shawls is enough that if you want a simple block style shawl, one without frills and extensive lace work that is solid like a throw, those shawls are included in this collection The lacy, very delicate, feminine, and yes, somewhat complicated lace patterns we imagine grace the shoulders of Victorian and aristocrat women are also contained in this book Folk shawls from different cultures you may not expect or consider having a tradition of shawls and knitting are included Russia, the South American countries, Japan and other east Asian countries Each is beautiful and complex in its own way, and each technique used to construct your masterpiece is explained Although, another caution, knitted explanations of techniques are not always clear, so look a video tutorial up if you can, should you get stuck I know I did a few times.A word to the wise and inexperienced If you really don t care about how big the shawl comes out, I wouldn t generally worry about the gauge swatch, as shawls are rather forgiving in their dimensions, unlike some other pieces of knitted clothing you may want to work up.You might say Eh, shawls are too hard, I can t do the complicated stuff Truth is, everything in knitting has some level of difficulty Don t be afraid to dive in and try it out there is a whole world of awesome things you can do with yarn, and especially, as Oberle shows, shawls.Happy knitting Cheers, Oberle, cheers.