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I enjoyed this book Sam in my opinion was selfish I think things would have turned out differently had she let Sasha become a little stronger I had several moments when I stopped reading to fuss out loud about this book. Wounded addresses some very emotional and deep rooted issues that Sam carries from a tragically abusive childhood into adolescence With every relationship and action, Sam displays HELP WANTED but was so broken she didn t know where to begin asking or how to accept it As in Monster..Ben Burgess Jr does an awesome job developing relatable characters, complicated relationships and showcasing the healing power of love By the end, you are sure to be left emotionally drained yet thoroughly satisfied You can accept or reject the way you are treated by other people, but until you heal the wounds of your past, you will continue to bleed Ben Burgess Jr.Ebony EyeCU ReadingApproved Recommended Emotional readThis was a very emotional read for me It had me crying before I could get to the end of it The title says it all Sam had a very traumatizing life growing up and it spilled over into adulthood So naturally she had trust issues The saying goes that time heals all wounds, but that is not necessarily true in her case This book will take you through all of her hurt and pain and you might just be like me and shed a few tears I highly recommend this book VIP book reviewer Love is Patient, Love is Kind Wounded is a standalone novel by Monster Author Ben Burgess Jr., telling the story of Samantha Miller and her journey to leaving behind her tragic past and leading herself into a brighter future.Samantha is a dancer with a dark past, the only thing giving her life any true meaning the women she took to bed and turned out Haunted by the molestation she endured as a child, Sam refuses to trust anyone other than her friends Silka and Jaime But when a new bartender at the strip club she works at comes along, her beliefs are shaken.It starts off as just another conquest, but quickly turns into a love affair that has the potential to break or make Samantha forever.I have read Author Ben Burgess Jr s other novel, Monster, and greatly enjoyed that When I learned of this book I knew I needed to read it The true, raw emotion in this novel is awe inspiring The author creates such deep characters that you can t help but fall in love with, flaws and all I felt a deep connection with Sam, truly weeping for her when things got to be hard for her She is a complicated character, layered with so much strife and untapped potential that by the end of the book she has brought out in full.This is a fantastic book, through and through Fantastic characters, each with their own tale to tell, and a masterfully crafted story of taking tragedy and surviving it This author is to be applauded, and I definitely plan on keeping up with him and all of his other works. Ben Burgess Jr is back with his sopho literary effort, Wounded Readers will meet Samantha Miller a females with a lot of issues and many unresolved that has her living a lifestyle many would never consider Samantha learned at an early age to use what you got to get what you want and with that mentality, she is unstoppable in a sense You will read the pages eagerly anticipating what was going to happen next The story was a true emotional roller coaster due to the subject matters There was violence, suspense and taboo topics were definitely examined and brought to the forefront.I truly enjoyed Wounded The story line was great and just enough suspense to keep me engrossed Definitely a emotionally accurate story about life and the consequences that occur from the decisions we make Ben Burgess Jr definitely was writing outside the box with this story and I without a doubt look forward to the author s future work Job well done Mr Burgess Reviewed By Kisha Green for Literary JewelsReview Copy Supplied By AuthorFormat Paperback Hurt People Hurt PeopleStarted Wounded and immediately had an Oh Lawd here we go again moment Readers know that moment that d j vu feeling when you re reading the same thing over again Same storyline Same characters In this case, it s the same storyline of a woman raped molested in her childhood who grows up to be a man hating lesbian or a stripper Readers get two for one with this book Same character a green eyed vixen with a flawless body sigh Although like so many books today, Ben Burgess does set himself apart with his tale Going beyond the basic premise, Wounded is the journey of one woman, who true to the title is wounded As the saying goes, Hurt people hurt people And that s just what Samantha does until she realizes she is actually hurting herself with her actions and behaviors It takes a lot for her to get to the realization but readers ride shot gun on that journey The writing takes us into the heart and mind of Samantha I applaud Burgess for being able to so effectively write from the point of view of a woman The interaction between the main character and others easily holds readers attention.The end resolved too simply, too neatly There are quirks in the editing I urge the author find an editor who has a good understanding of punctuation in connection with quotation marks.Reviewed by Toni3.5 stars Where do I start This was another awesome read by Ben Burgess Jr He has done it once again This book Wounded was phenomenal It was about a women name Sam who never heals from her trouble childhood She had been through so much that she ran away from foster homes and had to make it on her own Being that she never healed from her past affected her relationships Why was it hard for Sam to be in a committed relationship Did same really know who she was This book will have you emotional you can just feel what the characters were going throughNo matter who you love, love is love It s also show how people feel when they been rejected by whom they love the most.Would I recommend this book YesWould I read of this author work YesSistah on Lit In the very beginning of the novel I was introduced to a lesbian Samantha Miller who enjoyed conquering straight women as a hobby I went on to sympathize with her because if her dark, troubled and traumatic past I saw that it ultimately bred led to her behavior Her best friends are her only family.You go through a multitude of emotional ecstasy in this book as sex, relationships, religion, sexual preferences, and even death is explored This author makes this a treat to read with explicit, raw, uninhibited topics I would definitely read it over and over again Majesti BurroughsAAMBC Reviewer E book gifted by author for reviewSamantha Miller had anything but an easy start in life, sexually molested by men to feed her mother s drug habit The trauma turned her against all men and subsequently caused her to go from one lot of trouble to the next Ending up in jail she is taken under the protection of a woman named Cheryl, who shows her that not everyone is out to hurt her and that being able to care for another person is possible But even Cheryl in Samantha s eyes hurts her When Samantha is nearing her release date, Cheryl tells her that she used her to pass the time Hurt and confused even further, she throws herself into a job as a stripper and becomes a sexual predator, hunting for women she feels can be turned from loving men Samantha meets Sasha, a gorgeous woman that has been hired as a bartender in the club where she strips At first, Samantha sees her as nothing than another target, but once she gets to know her things change for Samantha Once she realises Sasha wants nothing from her other than to be her friend and help her better her life Samantha starts to wonder could the feelings she has for Sasha be love There are so many things that Samantha doubts because she has never had a person care for her and want to help her the way that Sasha does Could this be the new start for Samantha or will the ghosts of her past get in the way of her finding happiness Wounded is another great offering from author Ben Burgess Jr, it makes you really delve into the very essence of what makes us the way we are as people He does not sugar coat his portray of this damaged woman There are many people in this world that would have gone through what Samantha has been through and he captures the very essence of the struggles she faced as a child and still faces in her adult life.In the beginning of the story I had a feeling I would not like Samantha s character but as the story evolves I found myself wondering what would I do in her position Would I accept the help that Sasha was offering me or would I throw it all away and continue on a path of self destruction In the last few chapters I was in tears as the emotional journey Samantha is on took a sudden and unexpected turn.If you enjoy stories that make you delve into yourself and, make you think of what could be if you were in the character s situation This is definitely a book worth taking the time to read.Warning contains explicit sexual descriptions. ^EPUB ⇨ Wounded ⇴ Samantha Miller Didn T Have An Easy Start Molested As A Child And Subsequently Forced Into Prostitution By Her Drug Addicted Mother, Samantha Learned At An Early Age That Men Were Not To Be Trusted Being Constantly Preyed Upon Taught Her To Be A Predator Her Target Was Women Specifically, Straight Or Married Women As The Headliner At A Local Strip Club, Samantha Capitalized On The Gifts She Was Cursed With In Turn, Her Life Quickly Spiraled Down A Dangerous Path Of Violence, Seduction, And Exploitation When Sasha Is Brought On As The New Bartender, She Becomes Samantha S Newest Target The Last Thing Samantha Anticipated Was Falling In Love When Tragedy Strikes, What Was Once A Challenge May Prove To Be Her Downfall Can Samantha Heal From Her Abusive Past, Or Will She Always Be Wounded