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Started this without realizing it is based off of an older work, The Night Land by William Hope Hodgson So I have now downloaded that one and will add it to my TBR The world in this one was DARK There was hope, of a sort, but it was DARK And characters that were, literally, TSTL Not quite my cup of tea Not bad, but I m into hope and cheer in my fiction now That s too much to expect from non fiction, but I do try to find hope and light out there There is hope and light in this story, but a little to Little for my tastes 3 solid stars An interesting read Worth dipping into Just don t expect sunshine and rainbows. [[ Pdf ]] ☞ Awake in the Night ⇱ AWAKE IN THE NIGHT Is The First Of John C Wright S Four Brilliant Forays Into The Dark Fantasy World Of William Hope Hodgson S Novel, The Night Land Widely Considered To Be The Finest Tribute To Hodgson Ever Written, This Novella Was Previously Published In In The Year S Best Science Fiction Twenty First Annual Collection The Five Million Year Epic That Begins With Awake In The Night Continues In AWAKE IN THE NIGHT LAND, Which In Addition To Awake In The Night Contains The Cry Of The Night Hound , Silence Of The Night , And The Last Of All Suns , Which Collectively Tell The Haunting Tale Of The Last Redoubt Of Man And The End Of The Human Race John C Wright Has Been Described By Reviewers As One Of The Most Important And Audacious Authors In Science Fiction Today In A Recent Poll Of Than , Science Fiction Readers, He Was Chosen As The Sixth Greatest Living Science Fiction Writer One of the few pastiche which surpasses the original.Hodgson s The Night Land is a masterpiece of imagination, with a truly fleshed out, functional secondary world Unfortunately, the story told in that world has no driving force it s a there and back again plot and the style its told in is unreadable unless you re acquainted with, and prepared for, a hodge podge of Anglo Saxon, Elizabethan, Regency, Victorian, and Edwardian styles into a nearly impenetrable haze But, even as I write this, I m mindful to use one of Hodgson s overused words of the gorgeous prose used to describe the way the Narrator and Mirdath are soulmates, and the small passages scattered through the book.Awake in the Night, however, is a perfectly written novella and deserves all the praise heaped upon it.The culture of the world is used much effectively than in Hodgson perhaps because so little time is spent among other people, in The Night Land , and is used to inform the actions and beliefs of the characters The pro tradition debates were well done.By all means, read this Meanwhile, I ll be reading Wright. In 1912 Hodgson written The Night Land Times were dark pun intended given that source of energy for the stars was yet unknown and Lord Kelvin s prospects for the sun were quite dire This inspired Hodgson to write about a future dying world with a dark sun A century later John C Wright decided to pay that world and Hodgson an homage with revisiting that gloomy place I haven t read the original and don t think I want to, turns out I m not a huge fan of this particular type of dark fantasy I don t care for the overstylized archaic language or sentiments I find it too dense and too dialogue deprived On a purely aesthetic level I was able to appreciate the uniqueness of the world and the craft that went into creating it although that s mostly on Hodgson, Wright s just recycling here really , the particular cadence of the writing and such, but it just wasn t for me It seems like it was well done for what it was and fans of The Night World and or this particular kind of tales would probably enjoy this one. This is the closest I ve thing I ve read to something by Gene Wolfe other than, you know, something BY Gene Wolfe Written in the far future world of William Hodgson s The Night Land, we get the same sorts of archaic future language told by a narrator who lives in this fantastic place, only describing things that are strange to him. John Wright s eerie short story homage convinced me to check out the original The Night Land by William Hope Hodgson, which is one of the creepiest horror stories I ve ever come across Wright does great justice to the original Both are worth reading. This is one of JCW s four short stories in the collection Awake in the Night Land If you re on the fence about picking that up, try this first It s cheap and it s the best of the four they re all good though, I also gave the collection five stars. Superb Awake In The Night is a brilliant continuation of the Hodgson classic fantasy It is set even further into the future than The Night Land and is consequently even darker It is also included with three linked novellas in a single volume entitled Awake in the Night Land. Science changes as we learn a little bit This Dying Earth horror comes from a time when everyone believed the sun would burn out William Hope Hodgson imagined a post sun world a hundred years ago and Mr Wright grabs that cinder and blows new life into it This book is only the Hugo nominated story For the entire offering see Awake In The Night Land. Made the mistake of buying this hope I didn t spend much before realizing it was penned by a bigot No thanks.