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Another amazing story from Sarra Cannon We follow Franki being taken under the wing of hunky bartender Rend What is really going on here at this ultra exclusive club Venom Franki begins to find out I ve read all of Sarra s books twice and I RARELY read books a second time Best author out there IMO Love all her books so far and this is my twelfth book of hers. Venom sounds like a club I d like to check out The descriptions kind of remind me of a rave I m starting to notice how much this series is connecting with the peachville high demons series I really hope they intersect somewhere. I made it about halfway, but the instant love thing seemed to overshadow everything else I decided to set it aside for now I might end up revisiting this series at a later date I think I m just over instant love right now. This explained a littlehow it ties into the Peachville Demons world I really am loving the series I don t think Sarra Cannon is capable of writing a bad book I can t wait for the next one to be released in two weeks, and to see where the story goes from here. Just OkI expectedfrom this episode It was now as exciting as the other episode I will keep reading, because I know the author is amazing. Straight into the next oneA great second episode of the spin off series I am thoroughly enjoying these Still wish they were a bit longer Loved this book I loved this second book Keeps me wanting to continue reading to find outabout this character She s not your cookie cutter mc and I love that. &Read Book ↠ The Dream (Sacrifice Me, #2) ⇘ EpisodeOf Sarra Cannon S New Adult Paranormal Serial Working At Venom Wasn T Originally Part Of Franki S Plans, But Her Encounter With The Vampire Demons In The Alley Last Night Has Her Rattled Besides, She Can T Get The Club S Sexy And Mysterious Bartender, Rend, Out Of Her Mind If She Wants To Stay Alive, She Needs His Protection But Working At The Club Means Coming Face To Face With The Truth About Who She Really Is Return To World Of The Peachville High Demons Series, This Time From The Viewpoint Of A Brand New, Kickass Heroine You Do NOT Need To Have Read The Original Peachville Series To Understand This One Sacrifice Me Is A Serial New Adult Paranormal Romance With Twists And Turns That Will Pull You In And Keep You Guessing Until The Last Installment There Are Six Episodes Total Unlike The Peachville Series, This Is NOT A Young Adult Story Due To Some Language And Sexual Situations, It Is Appropriate For Readers Fast readAnother fast read These books fly by too fast Once you start, you can t stop until you hit the end I m pretty sure I m addicted. I do not even understand what is going on in this book Not one dang clue All I know is, these books are really freaking uneventful, in every single aspect Boon two of our little emphasis on LITTLE journey with one Franki no last name Who even is this little Witchling thrust into the world of darkness and light I have no idea, but I suppose that Ms Cannon will get to it eventually Finally Franki receives some answers to the seemingly infinite amount of questions that she has about this new and dangerous world of hers And her new job at Venom is proving to be a serious pain in the neck Between her sexy, attractive boss and bitchy bartending manager, she might not survive the night Forget about the three vampires and mysterious and powerful invite sender Forget about her mommy issues Rend boss and Azure bartender alone will be the sure death of her Also, still no clue yet as to what in the freakish heck the previous book s prologue might have been referring to in all aspects of its foreshadowing As I said above, I suppose that Ms Cannon will get to iteventually.