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Disturbing to read the part that greed and prejudice played in the suffering of poor people. It s hard to rate a book as really liked, when it s the story of such a terrible portion of history However, it gave me a far clear understanding of the devastating potato famine, including historic background and outcomes The descriptions were very vivid as were the illustrations not always agreeable to read.Choosing not to see famine is no an acceptable option now than it was in the 1840 s. This book was totally indispensable during my research, even if it doesn t classify as scholarly Had some bits of bias but overall just full of information, totally readable, and seriously helpful. The subject matter wasn t always easy reading but the structure of the book made it very easy to navigate I read this some years ago but would still recommend it Lots of info and while I m not sure it s entirely without bias, I have found this book to be particularly memorable due to the simplicity of its layout and the shocking events told Unforgivable consequences of greed along with colonial and religious bigotry. ^Epub ⇰ Great Famine: Ireland's Potato Famine 1845-51 ☃ The Irish Famine Of Was The Greatest Tragedy Of Its Day A Million Irish Men, Women And Children Died, Mostly From Disease Resulting From Months Of Slow Starvation Hundreds Of Thousands Were Evicted And Left Destitute One And A Half Million Fled The Country, Mainly To The United States, Taking With Them The Horrors Of Hunger, Disease And DespairThe Great Famine Tells The Story Of This Huge Tragedy, From The Social Background To The Famine In The Impoverished Ireland Of The Day, Through Its Devastating Course As People Died In Their Starving Thousands, To Its Lasting Legacy In Fueling The Irish Independence Movement The Author Draws On The Oral Traditions Which Have Passed Stories Of The Famine Down Through Generations In Story And Song As Well As Original Letters And First Hand Accounts To Try To Separate Myths From History Percival S Book Is Essential To A Deeper Understanding Of The Irish Question And The Roots Of The Troubles Today