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A good story that ended too fastloved the erotic tale my only complaint, I wish the author would have made this intoof longer story. Hot and sexy quick read via Kindle Unlimited. @Download Book Ø Ridden by the Griffin Prince ð After Hiking All Day Through The Mountains Of Greece, Emily And Her College Group Settle For The Night As The Night Deepens, Emily Hears An Ethereal Song Drifting Among The Mountain Walls No One Else Notices It But Her At Its Source, Shadowed On The Bank Of A Lake, Is A Prince, And A Future She Never Thought Possible WARNING This Short Story Has Intense Scenes Of Graphic Sex ADULTS ONLY I read this book because of the wildly different reviews of others.I wish I had passed It was a waste of my time.This is a short story, which I like I love griffins And erotica It started out great However, I like romance too this didn t have it And I gagged not the reaction I was hoping for If you enjoy reading about forceful BJs, rough anal and vaginal sex, and being filled with gallons of cum give this a try Maybe I will like something else by this author. Such a steamy read Emily goes on a hiking trip to Greece and she s very excited Emily is a college student and ready to have the time of her life Emily hears a song in the mountains Only she can hear it, so she decides to follow it She finds a beautiful prince by the water The sexy and kinky adventure begins I love how the book was about fantasy It was so hot and steamy I couldn t put this one down It was just that great. Okay. Fantasy sex at its bestThis author is quickly becoming one of my favorites The writing is so vivid and creative, a breath of fresh air after reading many books that have not expanded my imagination Emily s experience with her friend Nancy in the beginning reminded me of an incident I had with an old friend of mine I loved the description of the griffin and the rough sex between him and Emily was very erotic Good short story. o m g I haven t read something that cheesy in a loooooooooong time I m giving it two stars because it s hot in its own ridiculous way An unintentionally humorous tale to pass 20 minutes if you read slow due to eye rolls and chuckling. Book source Free on Emily is a virgin on a hiking excursion with a college group She only went because her best friend, who makes fun of her virginity on a regular basis, begged her to come along Her slutty friend gets it on with some dude in the group, so Emily wanders off At night In a foreign country that she doesn t know Yeah.Not horribly written but I m taking points off for Emily s stupidity, gallons of cum and yet another hymen located deep in a vagina In addition, the story starts at 11% and ends at 88% Short changed yet again Though the Griffin Prince isn t short changed at all He s huge and yet does no damage to her virgin hole Or throat How convenient Though this is the first time I ve ever seen a sentence like this Cum bubbles foamed from my pussy Especially since the position she was in, there was no way she could have seen cum of any kind, bubbly or otherwise, foaming from her pussy Excuse me, I must now bleach my brain of cummy foam visuals. I m writing this to save others like me Ugh gross I love abduction romance and H that are different However, there is no romance other than the H claiming the h as his mate The poor virgin Loads literally of cum and an impossibly large long penis I was so distracted by these that the rest of the story was left behind It was not arousing I m still grossed out Read in kindle unlimited if that interests you.