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Read Pdf ⚖ The Options Playbook ♈ The Options Playbook Was Created To Demystify Option Trading And Teach Investors Different Option Plays For All Market Conditions No Confusing Jargon No Unnecessary Mumbo Jumbo Just Clear, Easy To Understand Explanations Of Than Of The Most Popular Option Strategies Broken Down Into A Play By Play Format Including Play Name Long Call, Short Call Spread, Iron Condor, Etc The Setup The Goals And Reasons To Run Each Play Who Should Run It Rookies, Veterans Or All Stars, Based On Degree Of Difficulty When To Run It Describes Each Play As Bullish, Bearish Or Neutral The Strategy A Detailed Overview Of Each Strategy, Their Risks And The Specific Costs Associated With Multi Leg Strategies Description For The First Time Option Trader The Options Playbook Features A Rookie S Corner, Addressing The Basic Definitions And Concepts You Need To Understand This Market, Tips To Avoid Common Beginner S Mistakes, And Suggested Strategies To Get Your Feet Wet For Experienced Option Traders, An Expanded Section On Implied Volatility Explains How This Handy Variable Can Be Used To Find The Potential Range Of The Stock Over The Options Life A Detailed Section On Pricing Variables Greeks Helps You Understand How An Option S Price Is Affected By Changes In Market Conditions You Will Also Learn How Time Decay And A Change In Implied Volatility Can Affect Your Trade After It S In Place And How To Recover If Things Don T Go According To Plan The Options Playbook Features Options Guy Tips From TradeKing Senior Analyst Brian Overby Like Any Good Coach, Overby S Handy Insights Help You Put Theory Into Successful Real World Trading This Expanded Nd Edition Includes New Plays And New Pages Of Handy Content Describing A Brief History Of Options, Five Common Mistakes Options Traders Make And How To Avoid Them, An Expanded Glossary, How To Manage Option Positions By Rolling To A Different Month And Strike, To Explaining The Difference Between Index And Stock Options, Managing Early Exercise And Assignment And How To Calculate Position Delta And Use It To Manage Overall Position Risk Of A Multi Leg Option Strategy Options Involve Risk And Are Not Suitable For All Investors It Is Possible To Lose Money Than Invested Before Making Any Investment Decisions, Please Read Characteristics And Risks Of Standardized Options That Accompanies The Options Playbook And Available At Tradeking ODD C TradeKing Group, Inc All Rights Reserved Securities Offered Through TradeKing, LLC, Member FINRA And SIPC GreatThis book is well organized, comprehensive, and jovial The author explains in detail what he has learned and a man Quick, right to the point, strategies presented clearlyExample uses of each strategy would have been nice Otherwise super quick initial read and will surely serve as a resource in subsequent options trading. Good but not enough for meI personally wasn t a fan Time value, Greeks and implied value could ve been better explained and in depth It also felt mostly basic for options set ups.