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4 1 2 Pedo zombie Stars What can I say Matt Shaw is a fucking genius when it comes to horrifying his readers Not only can he make you squirm from his words of gore and horror but he nails it with the squirms of distaste of a character.In this book that character happens to be Ted when you first meet Ted, he seems a bit off the wall, crazy, and sex starved But the you read about Ted s story the you will shudder with revulsion and hatred for the things he continues to think and do Racist comments that will have you laughing and then feeling guilty about getting a kick out of it Then we have the pedophile tendencies which by Ted s standardshe hits the nail on the head when he says that it will be the fucked up, crazies that will rule the end of the world he will be King I can t praise Matt enough with his writing style and imagination when thinking these stories up he is definitely a KING of HORROR Matt Shaw is relatively new on my reading radar After reading Sick B stards, I was morbidly impressed Here s an author who pushes the boundaries of taste and violence, and seems to enjoy doing it With passion comes great writing and this is one of the most obvious things I get from Shaw s books It might not be everyone s cup of tea but there s no doubt the man can write a great horror novel When I read Rotting Dead F cks, I wasn t disappointed either.Sick B stards took some normal, everyday taboos and utilised them to great, disgusting effect Did he offend people Probably, but he warned them about the content But surely any horror writer can scribble about incest and cannibalism, right I mean, some people can jump on the exploitation band wagon just for shits and giggles, to cash in on the topic itself See, with Matt Shaw, I don t think this is the case True, he uses topics that garner interest for possibly the wrong reasons but they never seem forced or shoved in just for the sake of it They have a purpose in the story.The reason I say this is simple Rotting Dead F cks has content that people will find offensive Even I winced at one particular scene which borders on extremely indecent and taboo, particularly in today s society where Facebook and Twitter expose our children to all kinds of terrible people Incest and cannibalism are out if you discount the zombies and racism and human zombie sex yep, you heard that right are in As well as a few other topics best discovered for yourself But none of them are forced, all have a place in this story about a particularly nasty zombie outbreak enveloping a town We get swept up into the utter chaos along with the characters Now, sure, you re thinking Zombies Urgh, not again. Right It s an easy decision to make since they ve been saturated in books and movies in modern times, but Shaw tackles it from a new angleor multiple angles After an explosive beginning that has you begging to read , five characters weave effortlessly as they traverse the new born apocalypse All are flawed Ted in particular, an amazing character, hate filled and all too real and just want nothing but to get back to their normal lives except Ted, a psychotic who revels in the chaos It s been done before but Shaw writes the characters with mature conviction and social commentary that seemswell, relatable At times I wanted to punch one character and cheer for another If this isn t evidence of solid, interesting writing, I don t know what is.Some of the material will have your eyes widening Some of the content is offensive and in the UK, these particularly taboos rule the headlines on a daily basis but it suits the tone of the horror expertly In a zombie outbreak, nothing would be out of bounds There would be no law, no justice Matt ushers in some issues that other films and shows are just to nervous to introduce It s refreshing to see the rules shattered and the result paints a stark, scary picture of a scenario all too familiar to horror readers 5 Bold, brazen, gory, boundary pushing come on, it s Matt Shaw and quite original considering the concept, Rotting Dead F cks is a breath of fresh air A zombie story with a bit of everything, this book deserves to be read Shaw has a knack for writing about crumbling societies as he did with Sick B stards and this lives up to the hype If the name doesn t hook you, well, you must be dead inside Great stuff Some call them the Walking Dead, others call them Zombie s, Ted, now he s of the slightly sick and twisted variety and prefers Rotting Dead Fucks, of an impact and even a small chuckle you see, when you use the words Rotting Dead Fucks and the words lots of in one sentence, along with a scream.Rotting Dead Fucks just rolls off the tongue, the you say it, the you ll use it and if that s not the best name for a book I ve ever heard, then maybe I need my head examining.First chapter to Rotting Dead Fucks can t stop saying it now takes us to the end of the story and Ted just about to do something, well he s hearing voices and they are influencing his actions somewhat and he s just about to Fuck, yes proper Fuck, a Rotting Dead Fuck ok think it s out of my system now.We then go back to the start of the outbreak and Michael with his daughter travelling to school, traffic stops and things are happening in the distance, it s getting closer and people are attacking other people, they re biting them, eating them and everything just goes mental Michael does an about turn and heads for home with immediate plans to get out of the city.The infection and the speed it took for the victim to change reminded me of World War Z, this passage described it perfectly An agonised expression on his face twisted and tormented as though he was desperately trying to fight the infection killing his body as it surged through his bloodstream And then the man went still Deadly still Stood bolt upright A second or two later and he moved again jarred movements Dr Platt is with a patient, a particularly worrying patient named Ted, he tells of his fantasies, his anger issues and he s definitely one sick dude Ted, however might just be the best person to cope with what s about to erupt in this city and he s the character who provides the laughs, the violence, he s the character you sort of want to hear about even though you know you shouldn t.The final character is Dr Platt herself and we see what happens when the infected reach her doorstep, the argument s within the group as they turn on each other and when it comes down to it, escape is the only option left to them.It s intriguing to see how these characters cope with the outbreak and you just know they re all going to meet at some point and it s not going to be pretty.Rotting Dead Fucks is another of the extreme horror series that is now a definite must read, the next is out in October called Psychopath For Hire and I can t wait If you ve not read any of these then what are you waiting for.Recommended.http paulnelson.booklikes.com post Wow That was some disturbing shit I just read and I love it Another hit from Matt Shaw, I just know when I buy a Matt Shaw book I m never disappointed If you like your books on the gory side then pick this up Wow Yep, this was an extreme horror living dead story that was twisted, sick, violent, full of colorful characters, and hard to put down Also, as sick as they are, some scenes are really difficult to get out of your head cause you ll be like, Did I just really read that I think if Matt Shaw and Quentin Tarantino got together, a film of this would be really special. Why I want to read this book 1 Look at the title.2 Read the blurb.3 Zombies.4 Zombies.5 Zombies.6. Just a tad tame for Matt Shaw, yet it still had some gore and suspense to it Typical zombie book. *Download Book ✐ Rotting Dead F*cks ✙ One Psychopath, One Doctor, One Father, A F Ck Load Of Rotting Dead F Cks And One Hell Of A Couple Of Days Told Through The Eyes Of The Three Mains Characters Trying To Survive The First Few Days Of An Unknown Outbreak Only One Thing Is Guaranteed This Is Matt Shaw At His Darkest And Most Depraved This is the story of Ted He is the worst type of racist bigot ever to walk the earth and has psychopathic tendencies on top of that One day the world goes to hell literally when a virus is unleashed and the dead start to walk again For most people this would be a nightmare, but for someone like Ted it is an opportunity for him to indulge in his darker side without fear of repercussion..I really enjoyed this Matt clearly had great fun writing it, and it shows in the standard of the writing For those familiar to Matt s work, I would say Ted is a lot like Peter but without any of his likeable qualities Ted really is an odious character Be warned, some of the things he does may upset some readers But then that s why Matt has included a warning on the front of the book The story flowed well, going from one characters story to the next by chapter The ending was brilliant, with one character receiving a richly deserved come uppance I recommend this for fans of extreme horror. Another job well done by Matt Shaw.Gruesome, sickening, disturbing at times, but definitely extreme, as the cover says.The world goes to hell, and Ted seems to be in the middle of it all He is a disturbed individual who seems to thrive in an environment full of zombies and death If you are into zombies, gore, and the disturbing, then this is the book for you.