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~FREE DOWNLOAD ⚖ The Fateful Years ♭ Poncet In August , Was Named Undersecretary Of State And Ambassador To Weimar Germany From His Post In Berlin, Fran Ois Poncet Witnessed The Rise Of Hitler, And Later Observed The Signs Of Germany S Plans For World War II The Insightful Fran Ois Poncet Was Described By American Journalist William Shirer In His The Rise And Fall Of The Third Reich As The Best Informed Ambassador In Berlin , But The French Government Generally Did Not Heed The Ambassador S Many Warnings About Hitler S Intentions Fran Ois Poncet Was Inadvertently Involved In The Purge Of The Night Of The Long Knives When, In Hitler S Justification For The Killings, He Referred To A Dinner Fran Ois Poncet Had Attended With Ernst R Hm And Kurt Von Schleicher As Evidence That The Men Had Been Conspiring With The French To Overthrow The German Government As This Evidence Was Manufactured, Fran Ois Poncet Himself Was Never Named Nor Charged With Anything Shortly After The Munich Agreement Was Signed In , Fran Ois Poncet Left His Post As French Ambassador To Germany After A Farewell Visit To Hitler At The Eagle S Nest On October He Was Then Reassigned To Rome As Ambassador To Fascist Italy He Served In That Position Until Arrested By The Gestapo During The Wartime German Occupation Of France, Fran Ois Poncet Was Imprisoned For Three Years