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I ve enjoyed two of Denise Jaden s other novels, and I love the foreign travel setting, so I had high hopes for this one Unfortunately, I didn t really care for Foreign Exchange Although the plot centered around locating protagonist Jamie s best friend, Tristan, who seems to have disappeared on a trip to Italy, most of the pages seemed dedicated to a very lackluster romance between Jamie and Tristan s brother, Sawyer For those who might be confused about the names, Jamie and Tristan are both girls Since I have never heard of a female Tristan before, I stumbled over the name every time I read it When Jamie and Sawyer finally get to Europe to look for her, the action slowly picks up a bit Around the 80% mark, things really escalate, but the events are so much darker than everything prior, I found it a bit jarring view spoiler Tristan has fallen victim to a Bulgarian sex trafficking operation hide spoiler Can t wait to share this book with you Jamie and Sawyer are really special characters to me. [Read Epub] ♴ Foreign Exchange ♍ Jamie Monroe Has Always Played It Safe That Is, Until Her Live For The Moment Best Friend, Tristan, Jets Off To Italy On A Student Exchange Program Left Alone With Her Part Time Mother And Her Disabled Brother, Jamie Discovers That She Is Quite Capable Of Taking Her Own Risks, Starting With Her Best Friend S Hotter Than Hot Older Brother, Sawyer Sawyer And Tristan Have Been Neighbors For Years, But As Jamie Grows Closer To The Family She Thought She Knew, She Discovers Some Pretty Big Secrets As She Sinks Deeper Into Their Web Of Pretense, She Suspects That Her Best Friend May Not Be On A Safe Exchange Program At All Jamie Sets Off To Europe On A Class Trip With Plans To Meet Up With Tristan, But When Tristan Stops All Communication, Suddenly No One Seems Trustworthy, Least Of All The One Person She Was Starting To Trust Sawyer I love books that take place in other countries so I was really looking forward to reading Foreign Exchange by Denise Jaden.The international travel didn t start until later in the book, close to the halfway mark But it still worked for me because there had to be some time for the romance to slowly develop, and for the mystery aspect of it to piece together I found myself totally sucked into the story and wondering where the mystery aspect of it would go.Jamie was a pretty great character She felt pretty real to me and I loved how she cared for her severely disabled brother I saw her frustration with her mom and brother so well but also felt how much she loved them And her best friend Tristan Right away I knew Tristan had to have kept some serious secrets from her, but the mystery is, what is she doing in Europe and is she safe Jamie and her Tristans brother, Sawyer, are brought closer together with Tristan gone They can now communicate without Tristan getting jealous That bit right there just made me not like Tristan at all I wanted Jamie to discover that Tristan was a total crazy b tch But like always, there sto the story.I liked how things developed pretty slowly But at the same time it somehow felt fast These two have known each other for years but I had to remind myself of that because they really never were able to talk or hang out So when things started happening it almost felt weird But later in the book I realized some things and found that it all worked perfectly.I will mention that I liked Sawyer just fine But I never felt like I fully knew him Which was weird I felt like he was in the picture quite a lot So I think maybe it would have benefited from having his POV in some chapters But not a big negative.The international travel aspect was really great It was very fast as they are on the move the whole time with no time to really site see But the few minutes they were able to stop and breathe and take in the sites, I really felt it.The ending is very intense I did plenty of inner screaming of No, don t DO that, use your brain but it was done well While all decision weren t smart, they were ones I understand a teenage girl would make There is a very good message here that not everything is safe and especially when you go out of the country without your parents If you tell people you put a mark on your back It was a really great message that I think every teenage girl could use the reminder of.I highly recommend this one I had a very hard time putting it down You can find this review, and others like it, on my blog at Well That went places I didn t expect Foreign Exchange starts out much the same way as any other YA romance girl Jamie has the hots for her best friend s brother who is a model and considered the holy grail of a romantic goal for every single girl at their high school He s off limits, of course, both because Jamie is shy awkward and because her best friend Tristan would not approve.Tristan goes to Italy for a semester, and when the cat s awaySo Jamie and Sawyer immediately swoon over each other a lot, though they are occasionally thwarted by Jamie s grumpy mother, who seems to blame Jamie for not being able to be on call 24 7 to take care of her disabled brother.But then stuff gets weird Tristan s exchange programme is looking sketchier by the minute, and since Jamie is conveniently going on a school trip to Spain and conveniently already has plans to ditch the trip to meet up with Tristan and hunt down her inconveniently absentee fatherwell, Sawyer decides to tag along, and they get dragged into a seedy underworld of modelling and sex slavery.Now Okay A couple lot of things here First, I find Jamie s insecurity tiresome, but that s really no surprise Second, she and Sawyer both end up using other people basically getting into fledgling relationships with other people with no intention of being faithful NowI don t generally get up in arms about cheating in YA fiction, because frankly, it srealistic than squeaky clean characters books where only the evil asshole ex or soon to be ex cheats But this one gave me pause, just because it s not the I m with this other person but omg I like you too sort of thing, but rather I m with you, but I m totally gonna pretend I m into this other person so I can use them, which seemsratherskeevy Mind, this does not stop them from oodles of jealousy insecurity distrust I mostly let it go, but gotta say, this does not seem like the healthiest start to a relationship ever Anyway. The book gets a lot darker than the initial setup implies there s violence, and implied rape and statutory rape , and a whole mess of family problems and possible crappy friend problems not really enough time to explore them, though would have preferred to see less of the romance drama andof the family friendship stuff I m curious about Tristan s lies given that her mother pressures her so much to model act, you d think she wouldn t have needed so many layers of dishonesty Also curious about Jamie s mother, since at the end of the book it s implied that once upon a time she waspatient loving Curious about how things go with her father once they reunite Curious about whether or not her friendship with Tristan survives, and how much it might have to change to do soThere are elements here that I really loved, by the way, from Jamie s facility with languages to her having a disabled sibling who neither is an angel nor brings out Jamie s best side I m also pleased that it did go really dark but I m not sure that though you can see the sketchiness coming the back half quite fits with the front half. Jamie, the main character, is best friends with Tristan but everything is not as it seems When Tristan goes to Europe, the mystery deepens Tristan has warned Jamie to stay away from her brother Sawyer, so of course they fall in love I didn t always understand or agree with their actions but I had to remember that these were kids, not adults The narration was well done and the ending surprised me a little I liked that there was a message here for young people, not just another romance story I really enjoyed Foreign Exchange and would recommend it.I was voluntarily provided this review copy audiobook at no charge by the author, publisher and or narrator This review is my honest opinion. Foreign Exchange, by Denise Jaden, is an unexpected twist on teen romance Don t get me wrong lovers of the genre will find all they want of that in this book But there shere, too, a startling parable without the preaching, a cautionary tale that is story driven, not sermonized.Jamie Monroe is a teenager withthan a kid s fair share of responsibility A multi lingual would be world traveler, she s mired in drudgery in her less than ideal home life in suburban Michigan With no father at home and her disgruntled single mother working late most nights, it falls to Jamie to be the caregiver for her severely disabled little brother, Eddy Though she loves him, she yearns for something better for herself, and it is with no small degree of jealousy that she bids farewell to her best friend, Tristan, to a foreign exchange program that will, for the moment, leave her behind.But Jamie and Tristan have a plan A reckless, dangerous plan that the reader knows will go terribly wrong before it ultimately does and yet the suspense builds, even as the inevitable outcome edges us further and further down the road of bad decisions and their consequences.Because Jamie is going overseas, too on a class trip that she plans to abandon, all in the hopes of re uniting with Tristan and, ultimately, a father she has not seen in ten years Taking the journey with her will be Tristan s playboy brother, a surprisingly vulnerable character the reader will love as much as Jamie comes to love him all against Tristan s wishes and advice.Don t worry I haven t blown anything for you, O Reader That s all relatively early in the book What comes after, especially in its breathtaking final act, transforms a story of family conflict and, even , conflicted young love into a whirlwind thriller Along with a lot of Barcelona and Spain, the reader is plunged into a dark, seedy underworld of ruthless, bottom feeding human parasites who promise fame with one hand, holding misery and worse in the other behind their backs.There ll come a time when you want to close the book But you won t And in the end, you ll be glad you didn t.Foreign Exchange is an excellent novel of friendship, family, and love a story of victims and heroes, with the same character often alternating as both It s a fantastic read Strong 3 starsProbably my favourite thing about this book is the characters and how they interacted I thought Denise Jaden did a good job of creating layered characters who had shades of grey to them, just like real people Our main character is Jamie, an all around girl next door type However Jamie has had a pretty tough life, having to look after her little brother constantly and having a mom who doesn t make it easy on her.The secondary characters in Foreign Exchange were also very interesting I liked that Sawyer had hidden depths and he wasn t what people thought he was There s this idea we have, both in fiction and real life, that if you re a Popular Beautiful Person then you must automatically be a completely horrible person too Of course this isn t true, and this stereotype is completely proven false by his character Tristan, Jamie s best friend and Sawyer s sister, is definitely capital T Trouble She s a total control freak and is seemingly a compulsive liar, something which Jamie is just figuring out Things are never what you think they are with Tristan, and it makes for an interesting mystery to unravel.This book has a lot of good elements, but I think what I enjoyed most was seeing Jamie coming into her own and out of Tristan s shadow, making her own decisions and getting away from that toxic friendship Jamie does make some pretty sketchy decisions, but I didn t find them entirely unbelievable I could see someone who s a little desperate and naive going along that same path On the romance side of things, I definitely dug Jamie Sawyer Romance isn t the primary focus of the story, but it does make up a nice part of it I liked seeing these two truly get to know one another.Overall I definitely liked this book I didn t completely fall into the story, but it did provide an enjoyable reading experience, and I d recommend it. Foreign Exchange is about the power of friendship and love Jamie Monroe is the girl next door who s biggest accomplishment is having an uber beautiful best friend, Tristen, who also happens to have a hot older brother, Sawyer see where this is going But when Tristen tricks her parents into letting her go to Europe, where she s going to break into a career in high fashion modeling, Jamie and Sawyer smell a rat and take off across Europe to track down the wayward teen But let s not forget Jamie and Sawyer Can t have a good YA without a little romance Sawyer is the hottest guy in school, way out of Jamie s reachor so she thinks Sawyer, a man after my own heart, knows a good thing when he sees it or lives next door to it I ve read previous books by this author all great , and she changes up things with this one The end of the book is full of great suspense that will have you staying up wayyy past your bedtime to finish it disclaimer I m a wimp and my bedtime is 10pmbeauty demands sacrifice Jaden t writing is fantastic and the story flows well. Denise Jaden brings everything to the table in this feast of young adult contemporary goodness Sexual tension, longing, confusion, heartbreak And an extra bonus the fluid and engaging narration from Jamie, the vulnerable, yet determined heroine ready to start taking some risks in life and love When Jamie steps out from the rather imposing shadow her beautiful best friend casts and into her own light things get amazing and complicated A coming of age story you won t want to miss.